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Sex & Nudity

  • During a comedic sequence, a prostitute imitates her moans. The sequence is short, lasting around 5 seconds. This is later remixed into a track in the background score, which plays for an extended period of time.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence with severe injury detail including blood spurts and occasional gory detail (i.e. brains, cartilage) is a regular occurrence, particularly during the latter half of the film.
  • A man is beheaded off for no apparent reason, blood sprays onto nearby furniture and the killer's face. Although offscreen, the decapitated head (detailed with bone sticking out from the point of decapitation, surrounded by blood) and the headless corpse are seen briefly. The killer laughs maniacally at this.
  • A woman is beheaded offscreen and the headless corpse shown onscreen, with extensive blood flowing from the site of decapitation. Though bloody, this is not graphic in detail.
  • Slitting of throats is very common in the movie. Many stabbings and gunshots are brutal in this movie. Stylised fight scenes with brutal kills are very common.
  • A henchman of Sandhanam's cuts people's heel bones with bolt cutters to immobilise them and proceeds to stab them multiple times in the chest. Blood spurts onto his face.
  • After an explosion, a man's ripped leg is seen. Not bloody or detailed.
  • Karnan gets stabbed in the chest and the knife gets dragged right to his stomach. Very brutal
  • Santhanam immolates a man with crude oil and his body is fully charred.
  • A man charges at Vikram with his tongue out of his mouth and as Vikram punches his lower mouth his tongue gets cut because of his teeth nothing very explicit but the cut tongue is show for a second
  • During a fight scene Vikram forces a man's mouth into a jar of pointy things and we can see all the needles type things in his mouth and Vikram pushes it even more into his mouth. Not so bloody and it's so fast


  • Nature of swearing changes from mild to really offensive as the film progresses.
  • Lot of cuss words from tamil and malayalam are used.
  • F word is used by the main characters.."Myre" is frequently used others cuss words like soo** moditu poda "pola**di mone" are also used
  • F word is used many times
  • Madar***d is said before the ending of the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several parts of the cocaine and methamphetamine making process are shown clearly, the antagonist (a drug abuser himself) is the head of a drug-based syndicate.
  • Smoking and drinking define characters during the earlier half of the film, and are common throughout the whole feature.
  • The antagonist is seen taking a "blue" drug, presumably crystal methamphetamine.
  • The full movie is about drugs!!

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A major part of the film revolves around drug syndicates which can be eerie and dark.
  • Few characters are beheaded , their torso is shown clearly. Brutal fights with intense sounds. Many characters are shot by a pistol and their spilled blood is shown


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • During an investigation, one of the protagonists visits a brothel. He meets the female pimp and eventually pays for time with a prostitute. Although comical, the sequence is prolonged and serves a purpose within the story.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence is severe throughout the film. Not for the faint hearted.
  • Agent tina kills the gang members with knife, fork, and kitchen utensils. This scene is very bloody and full of gore.
  • The decapitated body of Amar's wife is shown. This scene is gory and can be extremely upsetting.
  • Vikram is stabbed in the chest and also in the back.
  • A man is clearly set on fire the aftermath of it is brutal
  • Agent Tina fights some gangsters with Forks and kitchen knives the scene is extremely bloody
  • During Agent Tina's Fight Scene, she is slashed with knives and later has her throat slit and dies.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Antagonist use drugs during fights

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