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Sex & Nudity

  • Six women in small bamboo cages are briefly shown being raped by Japanese soldiers. They do not scream, they are sex slaves.
  • Women at a Japanese forced labor camp are selected to be sex slaves. Men are seen coming out of huts with their pants undone. Discussions of multiple and frequent abortions.
  • A man and woman sensually kiss in a bathtub. They begin to have consensual sex but she begins to hit him the face and starts sobbing. The man holds her in his arms as she cries.

Violence & Gore

  • A prisoner is executed by hanging in front of a group of people. The build up is slow, interrupted briefly by scenes of a village being burned and its inhabitants being imprisoned.
  • Communist terrorists intrude on a woman's home. They verbally intimidate her, push her, and slap her once.
  • In one scene, men and women are shown working in a forced labor camp. There is blood spatter on walls of the cave they work in. Someone is shot and killed for passing out while working.
  • A woman is whipped by Japanese soldiers in front of her young sister. Blood spray is seen from the lashings. She later has her finger graphically cut off on camera.
  • Communist terrorists shoot at two people to stop them and then hold them at gunpoint. They are later taken prisoner.
  • In the background of a scene, men are seen lined up against a wall and being executed. Two men are shot in the back of the head, blood splatters against the wall in front of them, though it is far from the camera and not detailed.
  • Communist terrorists hold a family at gunpoint. Terrorizing them, screaming at them and shooting their guns close to the family's head. A man tries to move a gun away from his wife and he is shot in the back. Blood sprays and a bullet wound is clearly seen. Another man attempts to intervene but is also shot, this time in the leg and we see no blood or wound. The terrorists then calmly leave.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several people are seen smoking cigarettes throughout the film. In restaurants, at parties. One women is scene smoking habitually.
  • Alcohol is consumed to numb the pain of tattooing,

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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