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Sex & Nudity

  • Full frontal female nudity of a naked corpse is featured during a post-mortem examination.
  • A male attempts to rape a female.
  • Decapitated naked corpses are seen hanging on meat hooks.
  • Two males kiss with implied oral sex & lesbian kissing is present throughout.
  • A porn magazine is shown & a young girl jokes about the pages being sticky.

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple people are shot in the head with blood and gore visible
  • Many infected people are seen cannibalising other people, We see large blood pools forming with occasional graphic wound detail
  • People are seen burning dead bodies (offscreen)
  • Less blood and gore than the game, but still pretty violent.
  • A soldier is tackled and then beaten to death. This is brutal and lingered on.
  • The opening sequences shows a skull being overtaken by fungi. May be disturbing to the viewer.
  • Many people are seen with massive fungal infections.
  • A room full of soldiers are seen shot, and dead on the floor, with a lot of blood
  • A man is graphically decapitated by an infected during an ambush. His head is violently ripped off. Pretty graphic.
  • Naked and decapitated bodies are seen hanging from meat hooks in episode 8.
  • Multiple people are seen light on fire and burning to death.
  • You see many instances of men being shot in the head by guns at very close range. Sometimes details like blood spray are visible.
  • A man is seen being hanged.
  • A dead man is being drug behind a vehicle with dozens of knives in him.
  • A man has his head smashed by an infected.
  • A man has his neck broken in a fight.
  • A man is stabbed in the neck with a knife. This scene is graphic and prolonged. You watch as he bleeds from the mouth and dies slowly.
  • A man is hit in the face with a rifle.
  • A man is repeatedly punched in the face.
  • A man is stabbed in the leg with a knife.
  • A man twists a knife that is embedded in another man's leg.
  • A man is stabbed in the chest with a knife.
  • A man is hit over the head with a pipe. The hit happens as the scene ends.
  • A girl stabs a man in the stomach.
  • A girl grabs a cleaver and stabs a man in the head about 23 times off screen. We see her jam the cleaver over and over again into the man's head and see blood spray on her face.
  • Scenes have a frequent focus on blood and strong gory images.
  • Severe graphic violence in almost every single episode in the show so far.
  • One is killed by a bloater. The bloater rips the upper half of their head off by grabbing their upper jaw. This is seen from a distance, but what is happening is clear.
  • Not as brutal as the game, the violence and gore isn't lingered on.


  • Plenty of uses of "fuck", "shit" and "asshole" among others.
  • A moderate amount of language, along with some middle fingers.
  • 172 uses of fuck in season 1 and 1 use of cunt in season 1.
  • 1 use of cunt in the 1st series.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is seen drinking and using sleeping pills
  • Couple scenes where characters smoke
  • A man sells a bag of Hydroxy (painkillers) to a soldier
  • A man commits suicide by mixing pills and alcohol together. We are only shown the aftermath.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Although lighter than the game, this show is incredibly bleak and violent with a very depressing story.
  • The bloater is very intense, as it's stage 4 of the fungal infection.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In Season 1 people can be seen burning deceased bodies to prevent infections. At one point a deceased child is seen, and one person says, "I can't." (Talking about burning it.) Right after, another character proceeds to pick it up and throw it into a fire full of bodies.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a dark scene where a soldier scans a young boy for the virus. The scanner confirms he has it. The FEDRA soldier tells the boy that he will be safe and that they are going to give him his favourite food. After this reassuring dialogue, another soldier injects the young boy with a poison. Later, the dead boy is shown being placed in a burning stubble. This scene is incredibly bleak and may be frightening to some viewers.
  • A woman dies in a man's arms. The scene is very depressing
  • Clickers - an advanced stage of the Cordyceps virus - are introduced in episode two. They are very scary.
  • A woman's death scene may be intense for people, as a infected inserts it's fungi tendrils into her mouth forcefully. she then commits suicide by explosion in an attempt to kill the pursuing infected.
  • Henry is forced to shoot Sam to keep him from killing Ellie. After he does this he takes his own life. Offscreen, but the camera focuses on Ellie's shocked expression as she gasps.
  • A man is a child predator who attempts to rape an underage teen. He is unsuccessful but still may be frightening/triggering to some viewers.
  • A man tortures two men then executes them with a knife and metal bar.

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