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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 1:
  • Episode 1: a guy is shown shirtless several times and a couple kisses.
  • Episode 2: A guy is shown shirtless several times, only in a towel in one scene, and a couple kisses in another scene.
  • Episode 3: A guy is shown shirtless, a guy tries to sexually assault a teenage girl but nothing is shown.
  • Episode 4: A guy is shown shirtless.
  • Episode 5: A man is shown shirtless, a woman is shown for the majority of the episode in a dress that reveals ample cleavage.
  • Episode 6: A man grabs a woman's butt, Another scene a man and a woman kiss, another scene of kissing the guy takes off the girls shirt and vice versa, she is seen in her bra.
  • Episode 7: a couple is shown after presumably having sex, the guy is in his boxers and the woman is shown wrapped in a towel. Later a couple kisses.
  • Episode 8: A man is shown shirtless. Later a woman is shown getting out of bed in a low cut night gown.
  • Episode 9: a couple kisses. Later a man is shown shirtless.
  • Episode 10: A man is shown shirtless.
  • Episode 11: Women wear tops that reveal some cleavage but that is it.
  • Episode 12: Nothing sexual shown.
  • Episode 13: A man and woman kiss while he man is shirtless.
  • Episode 14: Women are shown dancing in a club in scantily clad outfits. Men are seen with their shirts off later in the episode.
  • Episode 15: A man is seen shirtless. Later a couple kisses.
  • Episode 16: A couple is shown taking each other clothes off, the man is shown shirtless the woman in bra and thong, she is shown lying on the bed while the man kisses up her leg close to her crotch and working his way up her body. There is writhing and she gets on top of him. They are then seen with sheets wrapped around them the next morning. In a later episode another couple is shown finishing having sex the man is shirtless and the woman's bare legs, stomach are shown while she is in a bra.
  • Episode 17: Nothing sexual.
  • Episode 18: Women are shown wearing revealing outfits to a magic show. The magician's assistants are shown walking around in scantily clad outfits. Later a man is shown standing in his boxers being seduced by a woman who then takes her clothes off and the beginning of a sex scene is shown, various body parts are shown in close ups, moaning, and writhing. In another scene a man is shown shirtless.
  • Episode 19: A woman is shown taking her coat off and revealing that she is wearing revealing lingerie and thong. They then begin to have sex and there is a close of up her cleavage and various body parts. A man is later shown with his shirt off.
  • Episode 20: Nothing
  • Episode 21: Couples kiss and a man is later shown shirtless.
  • Episode 22: A man is shown shirtless.

Violence & Gore

  • People are shot and killed Torture is shown but it is not graphic


  • Bitch, dick, and hell are said intermittently.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Overall, suitable for all ages.

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