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Sex & Nudity

  • After two episodes, there's some kissing and dancing, quite a lot of pining, but nothing explicit.
  • A man's buttocks are seen while showing frostbite on his legs below.
  • Episode 4 includes a female with partial rear and side breast nudity. Darkly lit, so nothing clearly seen. The woman sits on a man's lap and he grunts.

Violence & Gore

  • As per reality, violence comes in sharp bursts. In the opening two episodes there is one 2-3 second view of the gory after-effect of a fighter plane's bullet hitting a human face. The rest of the violence is shocking but not graphic. It's reasonable to expect more of the same over the rest of the run, based on its two sister shows.
  • Two fortresses are shot down and we see the man shot down within them. Of the men is shot in the shoulder and the man next to him is shot in face and there's a brief but graphic image of his mouth and most of the skin missing.
  • Two men are seen with frostbite but the wounds are that bad.
  • While drunk, Bucky forces Curtis to punch him in the face. More comedic than violent.
  • A fortress is forced to crash land off the coast of Scotland.
  • A bar fight is seen and a man is punched and knocked out.
  • A man has a gun pulled on him where he raises his hand but is shot through his hand and in the face. He is seen face down on the ground with an exit wound on the back of his head. He is shot again off-screen.


  • In the first episode there are 12 uses of fuck, 8 uses of shit, 4 uses of damn once as goddamn, 3 uses of hell, and two uses each of Christ and SOB.
  • In the second episode, there is one use of fuck, 5 uses of shit, 4 uses of damn half being goddamn, 3 uses of ass, 2 uses each of SOB, Christ, and bastard, and one use of prick.
  • In the third episode, there 4 uses of fuck, 9 uses of shit, 2 uses of goddamn, 1 use of Christ, and 4 uses each of hell and SOB.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are frequently seeing smoking.
  • There is historical smoking present through the show and also a few seems involving pubs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two flying scenes in the pilot are very intense. The filmmakers do an excellent job of showing us that these men were scared up there, and for good reason. A lot of that passes downstream to the viewer. The effect is powerful.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • While the fortress is crashing Quinn is forced to leave baby face who is stuck in his turret. Baby face begs for help but Quinn ultimately is thrown from the plane and it explodes.
  • Smith is killed after a rocket hits his part of the plane. A crew member checks on him and it's obvious he's killed.
  • Dickie is shot in the pilot's seat. He as a chest and neck wound which bleed profusely. He is seen somewhat conscious.
  • While trying to keep Dickie alive, Curtis tries to crash land the plane however, he can't pull up at the last minute and the plane crashes and explodes killing both.

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