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Sex & Nudity

  • Scenes throughout this show do have nudity -- breasts, butts, etc.
  • Several scenes featuring a very muscular man wearing no clothing, rear view only..
  • A man is hugged and his robe is lifted revealing a thong that shows his butt cheeks.
  • Scenes of making out between multiple couples, including two women, two men and one where a man grabs a woman's crotch.

Violence & Gore

  • at the beginning a woman commits suicide by jumping in front of a train offscreen. A bloody mangled corpse is seen afterwards.
  • a woman is shot in the head
  • you see a detached arm and dead body in a crime scene where a dead body is found
  • a woman self mutilates her body (she is seen with cutting her body this is fairly disturbing) We see her whole back is full of cuts in the shape of wings
  • a woman is stabbed in the stomach with rebar (she is later seen pulling it out and sewing the wound back up which are both very graphic)
  • a man has his finger cut off (nothing seen)
  • a woman drops hot glue onto a man's chest, red blistering is seen around it after a while
  • and man nails another man's hand to a chair with a nailgun
  • a man has his 'tail' cut off (fairly graphic)
  • a man's eyes are gouged out
  • a man is shot in the head
  • a woman is tied to a wooden beam and her wrists are bleeding from the ties
  • a women is strangled to death when her scarf gets pulled into the garbage disposal.
  • a woman is stabbed in the stomach (a fairly graphic bloody wound is seen along with a pool of blood later on)
  • a woman is shot (pool of blood shown)
  • A woman stumbles into a hospital, beaten, bloody, and battered.
  • Two men are shot, one in the head and the other in the abdomen.
  • Multiple people are beaten, hit, with golf clubs, guns, and hands/feet


  • Moderate use of "shit". Some use of "bitch".
  • 'Bloody' is used frequently.
  • Someone says 'twat'
  • Odd uses of 'f**k'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A bag of cocaine is talked about multiple times
  • One character has 'drug paraphernalia'
  • One character is addicted prescription drugs.
  • Multiple characters smoke cigarettes
  • One character is a drug dealer..
  • Multiple characters drink alcohol and one gets very, very drunk

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The general tone of the show is gritty and disturbing But it also have funny and lovely happy scenes.

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