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Good movie, just don't expect "Amadeus" for chrissake
rooprect4 June 2014
After reading some of these reviews I started thinking a better use of my time would be to hunt down all copies of "Plush" and destroy them to make the world a better place. So glad I didn't.

While this movie certainly won't solve world hunger and seal the ozone layer, it did provide some interesting thoughts to ponder, and of course the story, though yes cliché at times (what rock n roll movie isn't??), it had enough suspense and twists to keep me riveted.

I won't say much about the plot because almost anything is a spoiler. I'll just say that it's a story of a somewhat naïve young singer falling prey to the darker elements of the music business. But what makes it compelling is the subtle theme that these "darker elements" (pain, cruelty and other vices) are what make a successful artist. More about that later...

I think some people came away with negative opinions because none of the characters are perfect, and you may find yourself hating them for stupid things they do. The main character "Hayley" (Emily Browning) is not a strong individual; she's no badass like Joan Jett or Siouxie or Amy Winehouse. No, Hayley is deliberately portrayed as a sort of fragile leaf in the wind who is easily coerced into doing unwise things. The story begins by implying that the death of her brother leaves her adrift, insecure and vulnerable. I think Emily Browning did a great job of playing such a character, foolish yet intelligent, and despite her questionable choices, we can still associate with her as someone who is trying to find her footing in life.

Oh but don't expect the ABC afterschool special because "Plush" isn't afraid to get down & dirty. While there's not a lot of blood, gore & nudity shown on screen, violence and sexual situations are clearly implied. Not a good date movie, since most of the "intimate" scenes border on rape. But, going back to what I said earlier, these "darker elements" are central to the theme of the artist's passion.

My only real gripe with the movie was that they didn't explore that more for us. I suppose the film plants the idea and we are supposed to ponder it ourselves. But still, I would've loved to see some powerful, chilling monologues (like in "Amadeus" where Salieri declares war on god for not giving him enough talent). But I suppose dramatic monologues like that would've sacrificed the plot's momentum. And the plot is clearly designed to be a roller-coaster from the very opening scene to the very last.

That very same breakneck pace might be what turns some people off, thinking it's too unrealistic. But hey folks, this is rock n roll. Anything goes.

I thought the soundtrack was nicely done. I didn't recognize any bands on the list, but the overall vibe was something like the dark 90s bands Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence & Tool. With just a splash of Hilary Duff. I think I read that Emily Browning actually sang vocals. If so she did a fine job. One thing to note is how the music gets more & more messed up as the film spirals down. The last song, "Half of Me (Enzo remix)" is so positively screwed up that it's almost a joke, but that's the point.

If you like this movie I highly recommend other films that delve into the theme of depraved artists and what fuels them: "Art School Confidential", the Aussie rock n roll comedy "Garage Days", and sure why not... Oliver Stone's "The Doors".
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Too Much and Predictable!!
with_blackstars19 June 2014
Being a HUGE movie buff and having a soft side for Indie movies I was expecting a lot.Why? The banging trailer and Emily Browning made me anticipate the movie very much until I watched it and was disappointed to the maximum. Beginning with the direction style, the movie looked like a first-timer's project which they could care about less. The style isn't that bad actually, but its so many other factors that make this movie unbearable and a pain to watch. The intertwined and unrealistic plots are taxing on the mind and what's more,they are all PREDICTABLE. The acting is below average to say the least, apart from Emily Browning of course, who was very convincing in her role and the only thing that kept me from stopping the movie. The music used was quite good at times, IF you're into the Indie Electronic,Electronica etc..genres. Only watch this if you have lots of time on your hands.
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kosmasp22 May 2014
Sometimes its easy to push another persons buttons. It's even easier to do so, when you're not showing your full self. In this case this happens to a young female singer who seems to be very vulnerable. Though that seems to be a stretch considering she is married to Cam Gigandet (well the character he is portraying).

Of course there is more than a few moments where the viewer will be shaking their head, at what the singer is doing. But then again, this is way better than some other recent movies with a same story line. The sex scenes are not very steamy, which is intended, but the very first one could easily be discussed and ripped apart. Other movies have had problems with similar evolving scenes ... Whatever the case, this is a decent effort, until the end (with some extra juice and some extra twists)
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a hidden gem!!
flitz3522 October 2013
Wow reading some of the reviews in don't understand how this movie was slammed. I think the biggest flaw was the marketing. Just look at the cover. If you judge it by the cover I can see not giving it a chance. But believe me this movie was more then you'll ever bargain for.

A movie does a few things that make men like it. Such as keeping my interest for the entire time and not being able to get up out of your seat. Plush did that for me. The acting was great the story was great and everything else. I would of spent money to see this especially if more money was spent on marketing and I wouldn't if been disappointed and neither would you. Give it a shot.
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A Pleasant Surprise...
kenziemay21 December 2013
A tale of obsession that turns dangerous. I actually quite liked this, then again I wasn't expecting much out of it (hence the cover) but I adore Emily Browning and I knew this role would be a lot different for her. She was terrific! The music was surprisingly catchy (call me a cheese-ball, but it's true), I found myself humming to some of the songs long after watching. It's definitely not boring and pretty much covered everything from romance and music to mystery and thriller with a hard learned lesson on family and marriage. I liked that it felt realistic. The American accents were done well from some of the Australian cast, but not perfect. The acting was above average. The ending was predictable and little cliché, yet necessary. The punk rock vibe was genuine.

Was it scary? Hell no. Creepy? Yes, having a psycho band member stalk you, seduce you, who looks almost identical to your deceased brother is pretty messed up. If you like thrillers with a bit of edge, it's definitely worth a watch.
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WORST movie I have seen all year...
arachnostyle24 January 2014
Maybe I am just getting too old, but this seems like a flick for moody teen wanna be rock stars. Cam Gigandet and Dawn Olivieri are the only people that add any substance to this disaster. Their contributions are drowned in a sea of dark infant edginess. Elizabeth Pena and Francis Fisher play such small roles that they are not allowed to really support them. It is almost sad to see two veteran actresses get caught in this web and have to take a backseat to immaturity. The film made less than $3,000 from what IMDb says. Apparently I am not alone in not liking this movie. IMDb says this review has to contain at least 10 lines of text but I find myself having trouble writing any more. I have liked Catherine Hardwicke's other works but this one seems juvenile and underdeveloped. Maybe she can stop living in the past and user her vision to evolve into something more.
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Not Bad At All
vip-danii13 January 2017
I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Griping, entertaining, and not as clichéd as you'd expect a stalker movie to be.

Emily Browning was probably a poor choice to play the lead - she doesn't look like a mother-of-two and stepmother to a teenager (she doesn't look a day over 12 herself to be honest). Actually, she can't really pull off the whole rock star look, either. However, her acting more than made up for the less-than-convincing physical appearance; I was impressed.

The rest of the cast were tolerable, but not top notch. Except for the antagonist, who did a pretty good job overall.

I appreciate a movie that isn't boring and predictable, and "Plush" meets my requirements, so I won't hesitate to recommend it.
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A thrilling story
Gordon-117 January 2014
This film tells the story of a young woman in a rock band with her brother. After her brother died of drug overdose, a guitarist is hired to be a part of the band. Unfortunately, the guitarist turns out to be a freak. The story then concentrates on how she deals with the drastic consequences.

The plot is thrilling and well told. There are some clues to the freaky guitarist in the beginning but they are quite subtle, so the story is not spoilt. Emily Browning gives a good performance as a rock chick, and the guitarist is convincing too. The husband, played by Cam Gigandet, is not so convincing though, but that's a minor problem. I also like the songs too, and I can feel the filmmakers' respect for music because the songs are played in its entirety. I liked "Plush" and enjoyed it.
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Rodrigo_Amaro25 October 2013
Catherine Hardwicke's latest venture echoes back from a not so distant memory, the mega-hit "Twilight". Not just because of the casting two of its memorable villains - Cam Gigandet and Xavier Samuel, the latter one wasn't directed by her in the third film - but because it deals with a female divided between two men. On a "real" level this time without vampires and wolves this is also a story about obsession confused with love, adoration confused care. "Plush" carelessly enters into the world of Pop/Rock stars where sometimes average bands like the one presented in the movie can make it big in business by composing mediocre songs. And it's in that world that everything takes place: life changes to lead singer Hayley (Emily Browning) when she decides to keep moving with her band with a new guitarist, Enzo (Samuel) after the former member and her brother (Thomas Dekker) die of an overdose, creating a huge block on her since they were great together as a band.

It turns out that the new member proves to be a good thing at first. Slightly resembling the deceased brother (in my view, the movie keeps hitting a possible incestuous relationship between bro and sis, left in the air), Enzo is another source of good inspiration for the girl who gets the band back on the run, finally releasing new material. But they're involvement it's much more than just sharing the stage and the microphone, they have an affair. If only one of the involved could keep it lightly...Hayley happens to be married with another man (Gigandet), a good guy who takes care of the kids while she's on tour having great experiences with this mysterious man. But just like many of her fans, Enzo reveals to be a bit obsessed with Hayley and already makes plans to live with her and get rid off everyone against his plans.

Don't get me wrong but what I've seen some traits of "Fatal Attraction" but slightly reversed, expanded to cause damage to another characters outside the trio and more daring in some aspects. It goes wrong with the clichés involving rock stars, fame, sex, drugs and rock n'roll with no brains, dark secrets, those are sickening to endure; then it jumps scenes that would be beneficial to the story/plot line awfully rushed and leaves unanswered questions (which might be answered in the tie-in novel, released a few months before the film).

Why I liked "Plush"? First of all, I want to be a contrarian since most of the opinions trashing the film are missing everything. Missing the point, missing the fun, overlooking the negative stuff as if qualities weren't existing. OK, in terms of suspense is quite lifeless and overdone but gotta admit there's something in it that compels you to watch it. And if it's not the 'what comes next' kind of effect, slightly predictable in almost every movie out there, at least it's because of one character and his twists. The majority of characters here (Hayley included) are really disposable, or lacking in something to make us care but the transition between guitarists and their persona (at first similar, then reversely changed) is what makes this going. Too bad the only good guy in the movie, Thomas Dekker, didn't have an appropriate timing in the movie but his replacement works nicely. Xavier Samuel is the man and Enzo is definitely the reason why this movie is something else more than just a gathering of clichés. He's not much of a blessing, just helpful when in need of a whether a musician/composer to help with her songs or a sexual partner but definitely a curse in disguise just waiting the perfect moment to shatter her settled family life. He's magnetic and knows how to seduce; but it was a bit odd to see his terrifying side. One more positive point: finally Cam is not playing a villain, was about time. It's a personal matter of his in choosing dark roles but I guess he trusted the director enough to accept the family man role. Simple, quite weakened but different.

"Plush" shouldn't aboard too many topics at the same picture cause in the end it hurt the intention of knowing what's more important: the marriage going downhill, the new relationship that could never exist or the forgotten issues with the band. The final image (a hateful one I must say) pounders that the thriller must prevail. Very enjoyable and undeserving of the bad-mouthing is getting. Guys simply didn't like this concept. 8/10
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Surprisingly one of my favorite movies of all time - a must watch
huangk-876-67773421 December 2013
I read the short synopsis of this movie and really had no idea what to expect, in other words, I didn't really expect much. But HOLY CRAP was I surprised. Plush takes you through a weird downward spiral movie that keeps you guessing at each turn as it descends into a creepy constantly changing mystery. I was never quite sure of what direction the movie was going to take (which is what I assume put off most viewers, and since the movie can't be categorized into one specific genre), but whew, it kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time and and has easily become one of my top 5 movies to date.

Regardless, everyone should give this movie a try! It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're into thrillers filled sensual danger and downright creepiness you'll absolutely love Plush. It's like a scary movie without all the gore. And lastly, people hated on the music in this movie but I thought the original songs were actually super catchy! WATCH PLUSH!
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We need to kill Xavier before it was too late
Daniel_From_LA23 June 2019
The lesson to learn is: Never think anyone is a mediocre person. Sometimes we don't know what the inside of people is.
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It could be amazing, if it was the 90's on MTV
delasernarje10 October 2014
OK, so I had never heard about this movie, and I just get it as a birthday present so I decided to watch it.

Emily Browning is not a bad actress at all, and Xavier Samuel has really good acting skills but... the problem was the direction. I can guess it is an amateur filmmaker just because it was really... amateur.

I don't think it was a bad movie, I mean, I always try to reach the best part of every movie. I hate all critics going like "very brave" to put it a 1 cause... I'm not like that.

However, the story was well done for an amateur director. But it would have been better if it was the 90's, you know. Kind of like watching Ren & Stimpy while you listen to Nirvana... Really, like that.

A forgettable movie, but it didn't make me waste my time. At least, I loved the dresses in the film, overall Xavier's ones. jaja
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Plush or flush it down the toilet?
deloudelouvain18 February 2015
A thriller about a stalker? That's normally my cup of tea. So I thought I was going to have an enjoyable evening with this movie. But then it started with that more then annoying music. I thought that it was just the intro of the movie and that we would get into the story in a second. But no, after 20 - 30 minutes the bitch was still singing and it's the kind of music where I need a bucket next to my couch. So I was about to give up and turn it off, a thing that I hardly ever do, but then the story was kind of starting bit by bit. The end was much better then the beginning so that's why I gave it a 5 star rating. If it was just for the first half hour then it would get 1 star. The actors were not that bad, it was just that annoying music that bugged me. Worth a watch but that's about it.
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Predictable thriller
MattyGibbs9 August 2014
Plush follows a young star following the death of her brother. I have no idea whether it presents an accurate picture of the rock star lifestyle though it seemed authentic enough for me to swallow.

Browning does a passable impression of a rock star and the concert scenes are pretty good. The support cast are less impressive, I wasn't convinced by Xavier Samuel as the guitarist Enzo.

This is a film about obsession but it takes far too long for the plot to kick in and even when it does for me the characters are too selfish and self absorbed to care too much about. Unfortunately any originality the film may have had disintegrates as it turns into a formulaic thriller the likes of which we have seen way too many times before.

Although Plush is far from a total write off apart from a nice performance from Emily Browning there isn't too much to recommend it.
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could be better
caca1234566 October 2013
The story is mediocre, the acting is bad, the amazing thing is that a "star" in the pop can become such writing songs that bad, but well ... in reality would have it, so that part is unacceptable .... is offered as an erotic film, but it is not, if your idea is to see the film to create a good climate for having sex ... you're wrong. If you're picky this film is not for you, if you want to hang out is acceptable. It is possible to see, I give it a 5 . The story is mediocre, the acting is bad, the amazing thing is that a "star" in the pop can become such writing songs that bad, but well ... in reality would have it, so that part is unacceptable .... is offered as an erotic film, but it is not, if your idea is to see the film to create a good climate for having sex ... you're wrong. If you're picky this film is not for you, if you want to hang out is acceptable. It is possible to see, I give it a 5
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Interesting Premise, but Didn't Go Far Enough
david_rudy_lee4 April 2020
This film I'm not entirely sure how I got turned on to it. I'm a fan of Emily Browning, so I think I thought it sounded good and blinded rented it from either Netflix or Family Video. The synopsis is a young singer/songwriter, despite being married, becomes involved with her new guitarist, who she soon discovers has a dark past and may be a danger to her and those close to her.

Now this movie revolves around a band named Plush. It is headed up by a brother, Jack (Thomas Dekker) and sister Hayley (Emily Browning). They reach a level of some success and Carter (Cam Gigandet) interviews them. He hits it off with Hayley and they get married. They have two twin boys. While she is building this life, the siblings stay close. Her world comes crashing down when he overdoses on heroin.

Plush has stalled. Hayley has fallen into a depression. She has written a new album that is all about her feelings about what her brother did. She meets with her manager, Annie (Dawn Olivieri). They audition someone to replace Jack in the band. The one that catches their eye is Enzo (Xavier Samuel). He knows all of their songs and can play them all well. He's also a huge fan of the band.

They go on tour and their first show is back in Hayley's home state of Texas. They do the show and the crowd loves it. The band plays one of their new songs and it doesn't go over well. At the after party, Hayley notices Enzo hitting on a guy. She immediately assumes he's a homosexual. She goes off to be alone and runs into a fan that loves her. When he gets a little too pushy, Enzo comes to her aid. They hide in a bathroom. After they get away, they go back to the hotel together.

She invites him back to her room. She tells him her feelings and how the music is suffering because they used to bounce ideas off each other. She hasn't had that since he died. He offers to help her and to allow her to do that now. He ends up giving her a massage. She is drunk and blacks out. There are images telling us that they sleep together.

The next morning Annie and Hayley talk. Hayley learns that the new album is not doing well at the moment. She doesn't know what to do. They play another show and again the new song doesn't go over well. Hayley goes to Enzo this time and they compose a song together. He kisses her and she stops him. She doesn't realize what happened that night. She breaks down and decides it will be something that happens only on tour.

That's not the case though. Things get more complicated when with how bad the album is doing, Hayley cannot distance herself from Enzo, even though this is becoming problematic to her personal life. She really doesn't know a lot about him and this becomes a major problem with keeping her family together.

I have to say that this film was a pretty interesting take on the crazy lover concept. It poses many issues of duality and of 'forbidden fruit'. If Browning wants to continue her career, she needs inspiration. Her inspiration is similar to her brother, who she kind of had an odd, border-line incestuous relationship with. This choice makes her decide between her good husband and the bad boy.

The film started out making me think there was going to be a serial killer and we were going to try to figure it out. It definitely is not that. This is more of a fatal attraction in a rock star family. Doesn't ruin the film, but definitely knocks the rating down for me. That leads me to my biggest problem, which comes with the pacing.

My biggest problem was I wasn't sure where this film was going until it got to about 40 minutes left. I knew there was going to be an affair, but I didn't realize the take it was going to go with. I don't mind the building of the relationship, but then it becomes problematic as there's not a lot of time left in a movie that runs a bit long to begin with.

What really did hook me was the acting which I thought is good. I've already said that I'm a fan of Browning and I think how she takes on this character felt real. She can really play this broken character very well. Samuel does very well as this crazy, obsessed lover who holds a deep dark secret. I like that to help drive the tension. Gigandet I thought was fine, even though I don't think he's the greatest actor. He does seem to get by on his looks, even though it only seemed to be a stretch that it gave him parts. The rest of the cast was fine for what was needed in my eyes.

I would recommend this film if this review sounds good to you. I think Browning is a pretty solid actress that takes on tough roles. Samuel was really good in this one as well. The rest of the cast do a solid job and help round this film out. The story is good, but it does take a little too long to get to its point. There is a good twist at the end also. If you like films like fatal attraction were love is taken too far, I would recommend giving this one a viewing. This one is not the best, but definitely could do a lot worse. This isn't necessarily horror, but I do think it has enough elements to put it close, especially with Enzo and how far he'll go. If it would have leaned a bit more, I think I'd be higher for sure.
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Excellent and mind blowing
laine35124 May 2014
I think is totally the best movie with Emily Browning that I've ever seen. In my opinion her acting in this movie was brilliant. Xavier is hot but also creepy in his Enso character.But I love him a lot, too.There's so much mystic and secrets around Enso. He's sexy and caring from one side but dangerous, scary and insane from other one. Music in movie was addicting. Loved it. All movie was like… full of sex and at the end – creepy and scary scenes, too. But I loved it because in there was so much passion, danger and it was mystical. It's not like most of movies who are full of R rated scenes but tells nothing. Maybe not for others but for my taste this was like masterpiece. It's worth to watch it.
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Dance on!
adi_200210 January 2014
Hayley, a successful singer makes a perfect duo with Jack. They have many fans and peoples comes to their concerts to hear them sing. One night Jack dies after an drug overdose and in his replacement is brought Enzo, an young and talented composer and singer. But things soon get out of control and the two reaches to make more then just music so Hayley is cheating on his husband, Carter. Their adventures keeps on repeating and Hayley remains pregnant although the intimate relationship between her and Carter and almost nonexistent. He soon starts to believe that there is something going on with her wife and the new singer and now Hayley asks help from Annie in order to try and straight things up. But it will not be so easy because Enzo is not who she imagine to be.

The beginning is good, then it becomes confusing, boring and unwatchable but the last half an hour is the best and manage to save the whole movie along with the good performance from Xavier Samuel.
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