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Sex & Nudity

  • Kamen and Fiona are shown in bed during a flashback, both nude. While not all that graphic, bare breasts and buttocks are briefly depicted.
  • Azi and Mia Kiss passionately.
  • A couple is shown in the bed. The female's breast is exposed while getting up.

Violence & Gore

  • Intense, animated graphic violence is depicted throughout the series, ranging from sci-fi based body horror to realistic injuries.
  • In the various fictional ecosystems the series presents, we see multiple instances of predation and feeding, some of which contain blood and gore.
  • While searching an old escape pod for a charged battery, Ursula and Sam stumble upon the remains of the pod's crew. Their bodies have been infested by alien fungi, and seem to be in varying stages of decomposition.
  • In order to harvest a light source, Sam makes an incision in the side of a large creature and climbs into its organs. He and Ursula leave the creature in this state after recovering the material, and we briefly see its decomposed remains much later.


  • The language generally ranges by episode, but stronger profanity is used more as the series progresses, especially as situations become more dire.
  • A majority of episodes contain infrequent usage of words such as "fuck" and "shit", paired with tamer profanity. Overall, it's kept at a moderate level.
  • Many religious exclamations are used, such as "Jesus" and "God", mainly by Sam.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The psychic creatures, including Hollow, feed their prey a black substance, putting them under their control and, in Kamen's case, cause visions. Some may interpret or compare this to hallucinogenic drugs, in a way.
  • Kamen and Fiona are briefly depicted drinking champagne.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series as a whole maintains a highly visceral, surreal, and depressive atmosphere.
  • Besides the surreal body horror and creature design, the series deals with multiple psychological and existential themes, which may prove to be too heavy for some viewers.
  • Numerous major characters die throughout the series, often in harrowing or violent ways.
  • The flora and fauna of planet Vesta, as depicted in the series, is highly alien, and many of the creatures the crew encounters could be frightening or bizarre in both appearance and behavior.
  • While it starts off small and seemingly harmless, Hollow quickly evolves into an intense antagonist, emotionally manipulating Kamen and persistently hunting down the rest of the Demeter's crew.
  • The narrative of the show frequently crosses into psychological / body horror territory, with many disturbing sequences and themes touched upon.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Terrence is unexpectedly ensnared by a predatory alien plant, and is horrifically mangled, albeit still alive and conscious. After Azi unsuccessfully tries to cut him free, Kris decides to end his suffering.
  • After her breathing mask gives out deep within a cave, Ursula hallucinates her body being infected with fungus-like growths, gruesomely sprouting from her orifices and skin.
  • During a surreal, tense sequence, Sam briefly lifts open a hole in his chest, allowing a glimpse at a parasitic organism infecting him. His flesh and viscera are gruesomely exposed.
  • While Sam's infection is being treated, the arm where he was bit is depicted as badly discolored and mutated. Likewise, the cure he is given, despite seemingly helping in the moment, is shown to have a painful effect on him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • During a flashback induced by Hollow, Kamen recollects how he unintentionally left his wife, Fiona, to die on the Demeter during the emergency evacuation, breaking down as a result. This sequence could be emotional or hard to watch.
  • Sam is unexpectedly "bit" by an alien lifeform, which not only causes his arm to become infected, but also creates a twisted, inhuman clone of him, which hunts him and Ursula down. We later witness the clone burning alive as a result of Ursula fighting back.
  • Despite being within close proximity to the Demeter, Sam becomes aware that his infection is far too serious to be treated, and has turned him into something that isn't him. As a result, he chooses to stay behind on the planet and die with dignity, tearing out the parasite before it infects his brain. This sequence is very emotional.

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