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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence and some language.

Sex & Nudity

  • Several nude statues are shown.
  • Details of a female's breast are seen through her shirt.
  • A young female is shown in her panties that expose partial buttocks nudity.
  • We see a woman in her underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is held with a gun to his head while sitting in a chair and threatens the gunmen and two other men before grabbing the gunman's arm and shooting one of the other men, slamming the gun barrel into the gunman's eye (we see blood and matter) and shooting the third man; the third man crawls out of the room and the first man follows him, shoots him in the buttocks with a shotgun and then in the eye killing him (blood sprays and we see the bloody hole in his head).
  • A flashback shows many men being killed by one man using a gun, knives, and broken bottles with a lot of blood spurting.
  • Characters throughout the film are killed in brutal, gory ways and are shown in graphic detail.
  • A man with a knife threatens another man, they fight, one man breaks the other man's arms (we see bloody bone snapped in his arm), the man is then stabbed multiple times (we see blood spill) and eventually stabbed through the chin into his head (we see him with the knife in his chin and covered with blood); two other men approach the remaining man and are killed with broken bottles, which are used to slash their throats.
  • Two men argue and one man's hand is held on a desk while the other stabs a knife into it; other men hold the stabbed man and one man cuts his hand off with a large blade (the man yells and struggles as we hear squishing sounds) and we later see the severed hand in an ice bucket and a very bloody stump.
  • Several characters are murdered in a mansion at night. Some of them are stabbed to death, others are shot, and one has his head and neck impaled with an iron poker.
  • A man with an iron poker in his head is seen struggling through a hall. As another one tries to help him, he is caught off-guard, and strangled to death with a metal string.
  • A scene of surgery, where bullets are removed and wounds are stitched. Lots of blood present, very graphic.
  • A man is held at gunpoint, he gets on his knees and the gunman shoots his ear.
  • A car explodes in a crowded courtyard and many people are thrown; we see bloody wounds and charred flesh and a few bodies lie motionless.


  • Occasional use of "fuck", "shit" and "bastard"
  • Around 8 uses of fuck' only 2 are in English though.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Frequent verbal references to drug dealing throughout as it's a theme.
  • A huge amount of drug packages are shown in the movie. Some are hidden in wine bottles.
  • Several people are seen smoking cigarettes throughout the movie. Also occasional wine consumption is present.
  • Any smoking or drinking is incidental to the situation. No extremes of any substance use affecting the plot.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Intense scenes of mafias threatening and beating innocent individuals in front of their loved ones.
  • News reports of an explosion at a train station, later revealed to have taken many civilian casualties. Nothing is really shown, though.
  • A mother and child are threatened during a home invasion sequence.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man in a wheelchair is tossed over a balcony and is hung by his neck (quite intense)
  • A man gets his arm snapped and the bone sticks out, then he is stabbed repeatedly in the stomach and then throat. Very gruesome and brutal.
  • A sudden scene where a henchman is hit by a truck, being 'driven' by another (dead) henchman. A third one is then murdered with a wine bottle. Some blood is present on all three corpses.
  • A character wakes up from his sleep to find drops of blood on his face and on his pillows. A few seconds later the glass ceiling collapses to reveal a corpse of a murdered henchman, covered in blood. Very gory.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A main character is seen dying after being overdosed with his own drug. He is seen struggling to get on his feet, foaming at the mouth, hunching over in pain, vomiting etc. And finally collapsing dead in the streets. This scene is very graphic, disturbing and lasts for quite a long time (around 4-5 minutes).
  • In the end, Vincent (the villain) is fed a heavy dose of illicit pills he himself sold by Robert off-screen, causing him to vomit, he runs all over for help. Vincent is then hit by a car and his lifeless body is found on the street after he can't breathe anymore.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A sudden explosion caused by a bomb hidden in a police car. Several people die, lots of them are wounded, and a main character is seen being quite severely injured (later treated in a hospital). Quite a shocking scene, also very sudden and unexpected.
  • The main character is shot from behind by a teenager, who runs away. The main character is seen to be considering suicide for a moment afterwards, by holding his gun against his head, but he does not proceed. It is later revealed to have lost a lot of blood from his wounds.
  • A fishmonger shop, owned by innocent civilians, is torched by gangsters, and it burn down completely. Intense.

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