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Sex & Nudity

  • Overall there is quite a bit of sex scenes and intimacy shown with female nudity to various degrees.
  • Near the opening scene of the first episode, a young couple is shown nude and having sex. Partial nudity of the woman is seen including the side of her nude body and buttocks along with the shirtless man.
  • A man and a woman kiss a few times throughout the series. In one episode, they wake up in bed together, implying they had sex, they kiss a couple of times while in bed. In another episode, they are seen in bed together, kissing and cuddling, implying they had sex with a lot of skin showing.
  • A woman kisses a man twice. In one case he pushes her away. The same woman mentions how in the past they stayed together in a room (having sex) for two days. Before that she told him that she knows he's been screwing a widow.
  • Teenagers sometimes make references and jokes about sex. A teenage girl tells her ex-boyfriend that another man ''screwed her brains out'' to upset him.
  • Two teenagers kiss a few times.
  • One teenage boy asks his ex what she was doing with a adult man. She says having a fun time referring to either sex or making out.

Violence & Gore

  • Several characters die throughout the series, some in bloody ways: a woman is hit in the head with a baseball bat (offscreen) and dies, there is a pool of blood next to her head; a man has an heart attack, his pacemaker explodes and he dies; a man's hearing aid goes on short circuit and kills him, lots of blood pours from his ear; a woman is shot to death by a man; a woman is violently crashed onto the dome by a SUV and dies (no graphic detail, later we see her face with blood on it); a girl is killed by an axe (offscreen, we see blood splattering and her hand smeared in blood, and afterwards we partially see her dead body).
  • There are some fistfights and beatings throughout the series. Two men fight brutally while people watch and bet; their clothes have blood on them. A riot forms in front of a supermarket: people steal and get violent, they yell and punch others.
  • Two groups of people attack each other with guns and rifles. Some people get shot, 5 of them die. A man is shot in the shoulder; we later see a bandage, drenched in blood, on the area.
  • In the first episode, a plane and a truck crash against the dome, a cut arm falls out of the plane, and a cow is graphically cut in half by the dome.
  • A man kills another man, then buries him in the woods.
  • A teenage boy tries to cut himself after his girlfriend breaks up with him.
  • A man shoots a guy in the knee.
  • A young woman shoots a young man to death.
  • A young man shoots another man to death.
  • A guy shoots a man to death.
  • A woman shoots another woman in the shoulder (we see the bloody wound). Later we see the woman on the hospital bed with blood on her clothes. Her bloody wound is shown again later on.
  • A man shoots two people to death.
  • A woman gives birth helped by some people. No graphic detail is shown, but the event is lenghty and difficult, as they say the baby has the umbilical cord around her neck. The baby is alive and a man's hands are then seen covered in blood.
  • Some medical shots are shown.
  • A boy gets his hand pierced by a nail which goes through it (blood is seen as well as the hole).
  • A young man hits a man in the head. He has blood on his face.
  • A man punches a young man. His nose bleeds.


  • The following words are sometimes heard in the show: Damn, Hell, Bitch, Ass

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some random smoking.
  • A man drinks alcohol several times.
  • A young man says to have drunk so much he fell asleep, and doesn't remember anything about the previous night. In one scene a bottle is shown nearby him.
  • Another man implies to be an alcoholic and to have lost his job because of that.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the first episode, many people are seen with missing arms and legs, a cow is seen cut in half, and a small airplane crashes into the dome.
  • A girl experiences kidnapping and one (implied) attempted rape.
  • A woman gives birth.
  • Several characters die, and some of the deaths are emotional, violent, sudden and/or sad.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Some blood in season 3, people are shot and stabbed. In season 3, people have their minds controlled and pain is used to turn them back.

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