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Sex & Nudity

  • Brief, non-sexual, male rear nudity.
  • The series includes suggestive dialogue between characters.
  • Two characters have sex in a ball pit on two occasions. While there is some moaning and movement, no nudity is depicted.
  • A man is shown sitting in a chair and masturbating briefly. The scene is not explicit as it only shows the character from behind.
  • There are a few drawings of sex acts in the series, but they are not overly graphic.
  • References to porn in multiple episodes.
  • A man crushes a watermelon with his oversized penis. There is a cloth over it, but the shape is still visible. Includes a close up shot of that shape swinging around in slow motion.

Violence & Gore

  • Blood and gore is shown in almost every episode.
  • A man is shot repeatedly in the crotch off-screen, blood is shown spraying.
  • A man commits suicide off-screen by shooting himself in the head, the gunshot is heard.
  • A man is suddenly shot in the temple, blood is shown spraying and gushing from the other side of his head after the bullet went all the way through. Several other people are then shot in the head and face as blood splatters in graphic closeups.
  • A man is shot in the back with a sniper rifle, some blood is seen pooling under his shirt. Another man is shot in the head while in a car and blood and brains are shown splattering onto the windshield but this is from far away.
  • A police officer shoots several people in the eye and head, some blood is shown but this is dimly lit and hard to see.
  • A man's head is blown up with a grenade and some blood spray is shown but this is in a wide shot and isn't graphic.
  • A woman is impaled through the back by a masked man with a large blade, who then bisects and decapitates several people; very bloody.
  • Two men fight and it's revealed that when one of them fell, he accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with his own knife.
  • A dog is stabbed repeatedly off-screen, the sounds are heard and lots of blood is shown splattering.
  • A man is struck in the face by an axe that's thrown at him, it's shown being lodged in his bloodied jaw. He is later forced to shoot himself but only the gunshot is heard.


  • Frequent uses of "f-ck" and "sh-t"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Uses of cigarettes and alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lots of murder and people getting chased.

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