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Sex & Nudity

  • In episode 7, Jacuzzi, a character in the show kisses Nice in the lips. This scene only lasts about 2 seconds.
  • A few of the guys pull guns out on people in a party and say "Show us your tits" nothing happens after that and the scene was mostly comedic
  • No nudity or sexual situations whatsoever.

Violence & Gore

  • There is some kind of violent act or depicted death in almost every episode in the series.
  • Many bloody shootings/stabbings, most of which are fatal.
  • Many fistfights. Some only result in injuries while others are fatal. A lot of blood during these, as well.
  • Anytime someone dies, there is almost always a realistic amount of blood and/or gore present.
  • Some characters are known as "immortals," which means they cannot truly die through any means. If they happen to be killed by someone or something, their wounds instantly heal and they return to life moments later. Their spilled blood or severed body parts return to their bodies as well. One of the immortals is drowned in concrete repeatedly due to his immortality.
  • Any time an immortal is injured or killed, we see the injury and also the blood and/or body parts returning to the person's body and reattaching itself
  • A man has his fingers cut off
  • A man's arm is reduced to a bloody stump with a bone protruding from the wound
  • A man has his fingers broken, we see his hand afterwards, with bones sticking out of most of his fingers
  • A man punches another man's face until it becomes a bloody pulp, we see many of the impacts and the end result of the beating
  • Two men have their throats slit, very bloody
  • A man is shot in the forehead onscreen, very bloody, a large exit-wound is visible on the back of his head
  • A small child is shot in the head with a shotgun on-screen, causing his head to explode and a large amount of blood to spatter the room (he is an immortal who is hundreds of years old and cannot die from his, but the visual is what it is)
  • This same child has his throat crushed by another character who grabs it and digs his fingers into his flesh, also very bloody
  • This child has his fingers bitten off by another character, we see the fingers spat out onto the floor and the bloody hand
  • This child also has his hand held down onto railway tracks while on a moving train, we see his fingers become mangled and his whole hand is bloodily destroyed onscreen.
  • a man is decapitated
  • Many characters are riddled with bullet-holes
  • A man has his arm and face held down onto railway tracks, while on a moving train, very bloody. We see his disfigured corpse thrown back into the train and in many other scenes
  • Some immortals kill each other by "consuming" each other, involving the victim's body literally being sucked into their killer's. All that's left behind are their clothes.
  • Some characters also die through other means, such as being ripped apart, burnt to death, killed in explosions, falling to their deaths, hit by vehicles, etc.
  • Some torture, both implied and seen.


  • Only one or two uses of "fuck" in the entire series and maybe one "shit" every episode or so.
  • "Bitch" or "son of a bitch" is used sparingly. "Ass" and "piss" are used several times. And many milder terms such as "damn" and "hell" are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters drink alcohol, though it's illegal throughout most of the series (most of it takes place during the Prohibition Era).
  • Lots of smoking, as well.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A particularly sadistic scene involves a man being beating to death with many punches and we see blood everywhere, including on the attacker.
  • Some of the characters are violent, murderous maniacs who either are mentally unstable or have certain mental problems, especially the ones who love violence and enjoy killing whenever they can. This is especially attributed to one of the main characters and a few assassins, who often get anxious and excited by it.
  • Many characters have dark backgrounds and may unsettle some viewers due to the topics (i.e. a character describes being tortured daily for years by his older brother).
  • There's a lot of emotionally intense scenes between friends, family members, and lovers throughout the course of the series. Some end happily while others are quite tragic.
  • A certain character enjoys dismantling vehicles and sometimes people, though he doesn't kill them due to not wanting to. His mannerisms and verbalizations are meant to be humorous, but he might frighten some younger viewers due to the fact that he has some bipolar-like traits.
  • One character is known to stalk passengers on trains and kill them off one by one, and is also a professional assassin. He enjoys leaving his victim's bodies and the crime scenes soaked in their own blood and even goes so far as to put it on himself sometimes. Even though he's one of the heroes, some viewers may find his appearance and mannerisms unsettling.
  • Though a lot of the violence and death in Baccano! is stylized and meant to be darkly humorous, it's probably too intense for younger viewers.
  • There's some horror in the series, but it's more unsettling than frightening.

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