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Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains mild verbal sex references, including to affairs and to explicit photos.
  • However, these references are brief and undetailed.

Violence & Gore

  • Men are stabbed in the chest with the pointed end of an umbrella, and blood soaks into their shirts.
  • Moderate fight scenes feature stylised slow-motion kicks, punches and blows with metal pipes.
  • A bloodstained dead man falls out of an unzipped punchbag which another man has previously punched several times.
  • There is brief medical detail in a scene in which a man's chest wound is stitched up.
  • A woman falls from a balcony during a struggle; however there is limited detail when she is shown lying injured on the ground.
  • There are close-up images of the face of a baby who is believed to be dead; it soon transpires that the baby is actually alive and healthy.


  • There is mild bad language ('bloody', 'bullshit'), as well as milder terms (for example, 'God', 'damn').

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A child's soft toy is unzipped and unidentified pills are discovered.
  • There are brief scenes in which adults smoke cigarettes; however, smoking is neither glamorised nor promoted by the work as a whole.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are scenes in which people are threatened and kidnapped; however, these scenes are rapidly and reassuringly resolved.
  • Men who have stolen a young woman's veil and briefly comment on her physical appearance tell the woman's brother they will exchange the veil for the woman.
  • However, the woman's brother subsequently successfully fights the men off.
  • The film contains some scenes of emotional upset, including a scene in which a woman dies.
  • However, these scenes are brief and undetailed.

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