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(2009 Video Game)

Cree Summer: Dr. Penelope Young


  • Dr. Penelope Young : Patient Interview #39, July 29th. Patient's name is Edward Nigma. Mr. Nigma, tell us about your childhood.

    Riddler : Miserable. Next?

    Dr. Penelope Young : But I'm sure that's when your fascination in riddles began.

    Riddler : Very well. My father hated me. He always called me a moron.

    Dr. Penelope Young : I see.

    Riddler : I was determined to prove him wrong. So I entered a contest at school. A $20 prize to the kid who can solve an almost impossible logic problem. And I won, of course.

    Dr. Penelope Young : And did that please your father?

    Riddler : Hardly. He was convinced that I had cheated. He kept yelling, "You must have cheated! Admit it, you moron, you cheated!" I swore to him that I didn't, and he hit me for lying.

    Dr. Penelope Young : Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

    Riddler : Don't be. He was right.

  • Riddler : You seem distressed, Doctor. Anything you could use my help with?

    Dr. Penelope Young : No thank you, Edward. I'm here to help you. We all are.

    Riddler : Forgive my arrogance, Doctor, but if you think I need your help, well, you're in the right place.

  • Dr. Penelope Young : That's horrible. How can you joke about that?

    Riddler : Easy, Doctor, it's not my baby.

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