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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violent/disturbing images, some terror, thematic elements and brief sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • In one brief scene a nude woman is examined by unseen aliens: we see her sitting on an examining table, from the bare shoulders and neck up, and a drill seems to penetrate her as she screams.
  • In a dim bedroom scene in close up, a woman and a man kiss in bed (we see her bare shoulder and his bare chest.)

Violence & Gore

  • A man holds his wife and two children hostage at gunpoint, he calls the sheriff and a psychologist, police and emergency personnel arrive, he yells through the front window that he and his family will never have to see "them" again, he fires three shots out of the front window, shoots his wife in the head (she falls), and shoots both children, pointing the gun off-screen.
  • A man is stabbed in his bedroom one night by a long blade that appears from off screen, and his wife screams for a long period; we see no blood, just the knife sticking out of the man's chest and their young daughter goes blind after this incident.
  • A huge drill appears from off screen and punctures the back of a woman's bare shoulder in a close up: she screams (we see no blood or the wound) and we later see that her shoulder has a red abrasion on it.
  • We see a huge drill pointed away, toward a point between the bare feet of a person, we hear a woman scream and the scene ends.
  • We see a photo of a dead man with a large dark patch on his temple, along with a picture of a handgun and the dead man's wife admits that he committed suicide.
  • In three scenes, hypnotized abduction victims sit upright and their open mouths become abnormally large as they growl and scream and channel a deep male voice speaking a foreign language; they each levitate, their bodies twisting violently, looking as if unseen hands are breaking their backs and twisting their necks and spines and three people collapse and are left paralyzed.
  • The forcible abduction of human beings is presented throughout this film in blurry home movies, and sometimes with what looks like old home movies.
  • In several scenes with each of three patients (2 male, 1 female), a psychologist hypnotizes each one and the patient reports seeing a white owl, then something or someone enters the bedroom and does something to each one, which none can remember; each patient screams, and the men jump off a couch and break lamps or tables before awakening from the trance.
  • In a blurry scene, we see a bedroom door open and four translucent black humanoid shapes scurry in, a woman in the room screams many times, we see her hands reaching for the bed as something pulls her away into the dark and the scene ends; the woman finds marks on the wooden floor, extending from the bed.
  • A woman and her two children are abducted (off-screen), and she and her son come back, but her daughter does not.
  • A man shows his psychologist a large abrasion on his bicep, which he said he received after he was abducted by aliens; he reports that first he thought it was an owl, but it changed into a dark humanoid shadow that grabbed him (he looks frightened, and says something is clawing his brain).
  • A home movie of a man under hypnosis shows him choking, gurgling and screaming before waking up, and he says: "I know what they are. They're not from here. There is a smell of cinnamon. No, no, no, no" and the scene ends.
  • Two 911 calls are played of a woman screaming and pleading for police to come and help her, because aliens are attacking her.
  • We hear a 911 call of a woman screaming: "No Tommy, not the kids," we hear a gunshot, and the woman screams again.
  • We hear a man on a video saying, "Oh my God, my God. Something is flying in and pulling them out.
  • Get some backup here." In a dictation recording, a doctor's voice begins to scream and a deep male voice cuts in with echoing, harsh foreign words and we later hear that the words mean "My creation... examine... ruin/destroy. I enforce my will. I am God. I am savior. End study."
  • Three victims state that something is inside them, tormenting them, suggesting demon possession.
  • In several scenes, a sheriff yells at subordinates, witnesses, and persons of interest, calls them names (especially "insane"), arrests some without due cause, illegally forbids two psychologists from practicing their trade, smashes chairs, slams his fists on tables and shouts obscenities.
  • A man picks up a chair, and smashes a standing mirror with it for emphasis.
  • One man vomits into a wastebasket.
  • A woman is shown in a hospital bed with a brace on her neck, and an IV in her arm and we understand that she has been a coma for two weeks.


  • 1 "fuck", 5 scatological references, 9 mild obscenities, stereotypical references to research scientists, psychologists, UFO witnesses, FBI agents and the mentally ill, 6 religious profanities, 16 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (faker, jerk, insane, not right in the head, rat-study, ridiculous, offensive.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A glass of wine sits on a woman's dinner table (she does not drink from it.)
  • A law enforcement officer states that people may be drinking and therefore hallucinating alien creatures.
  • A woman says that the FBI investigated missing persons in Alaska and came to no conclusions and write it off to alcohol use.
  • A medicine bottle sits on a bedside table beside a man that is sick in bed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is very, very unsettling.
  • The entire film is meant to trick your mind into believing that it is an actual documentary and will frighten viewers.
  • The hypnotism scenes are very shocking and the ending is very, very intense.
  • The experience might be less shocking at home, while watching it on DVD because of the lack of sound.
  • The majority of "scary" scenes have very loud sound effects to make you jump.
  • Many startling/surprising scenes with intense loud noises.
  • A very creepy scene is shown of an owl with its head slowly rotating along in the direction of the camera's movement while continuously staring at the audience. This scene lasts for 19 seconds and it may be very unsettling to children, because the owl (and the way it stares at the audience) doesn't seem natural at all.
  • A recording is played where a terrified woman screams and an unknown being with a frightening voice speaks in an unknown language. This may be one of the most frightening scenes in the movie.

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