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Very good movie indeed,worthy of watching
tahmidrahman199520 January 2014
I know its gonna sound bloody insane,but for me(no critics,as an average human being like you) it was the best Hindi romantic movie i've ever seen.

Nice chemistry between Shahrukh & Anushka(I'm their fan :P ),plaudits for Aditya chopra for this masterpiece,amazing music & Cinematography.Some questions will rise,how someone can't recognize her own husband without mustache,and some silly others.But the fact is i don't know how,but somehow this movie just touch your heart deeply,i mean u have to..u have to smile and cry in the meantime while watching this movie....for not only me,my friends and companions,almost 90% were having same feeling.credit goes to the whole team for this kind of creation.

Thank you for your time and reading this review.hope,u would be kind enough to forget if i made any mistake.Stay blessed :)
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Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai- Yaara main Kya Karu!!!!!
musicmansurana19 April 2011
With Aditya Chopra Directing this Sharukh Khan starrer I obviously had huge expectations from this movie the first time its promo was aired...

The Music was marvelous. Great work by Salim-Sulaiman that made me more eager to watch the film. I remember that while I was lining up for the tickets, a friend of mine who was coming out after watching the movie said that it was absolutely pathetic. According to him, the entire movie was stupid because it was about a wife not recognizing his husband without a mustache & having a flick with him thinking it was some one else.....

his review did make sense & i was a bit demoralized coz I had just purchased the tickets. But when I did watch the movie, I realized ho beautiful it actually was...

The movie was not about a stupid wife not recognizing his husband without a mustache. In fact, though they were husband & wife the reason she could never figure out the difference between Raj & Suri was that she was never that close to Suri in the first place.

The message that the movie tries to convey that "If one has to love me then it's got to be the real me & not the person that I can pretend to be"

Sharukh's best work after Chak De India!!!!

God Bless the Makers of this Film!!!!!
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So what if she didn't recognise him?
rushda29 July 2012
I didn't love this movie, but I'm frustrated at how most of the negative reviews are focused on the wife not recognising her husband. Have none of you seen Superman? In that, Lois Lane doesn't recognise that Clark Kent is Superman, and yet I doubt any of you would complain there. It is a trivial plot element that can be overlooked - and in the film's defence, they did try and justify it by making romance a bit magical (though probably didn't need to go that far).

The film was sweet, colourful, and fun to watch. The music was great and the acting was decent. Having said that, I think there were some fundamental flaws in the films and tricks they missed:

1. Why should the girl love Suri when he offers her none of the love and fun that Raj does? I don't understand why she is supposed to settle for the 'real' Suri when he is so boring. If Taani is supposed to compromise for her husband, should he not also become a bit more like Raj and meet her half way? It would have been great if he had started dressing a bit more fashionably for her even in his 'Suri' self.

2. We are told that Taani is a loyal and decent wife. Yet it is completely out of character for her to think about running away with another man. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't even tell Raj she was married and spent so much time with him outside home.

3. A perfect twist to the film would be for Taani to have known all along - it would have been a nice way of showing that Taani did recognise his heart from the start but she also wanted to see how far Suri could go. But without this twist, the story was very predictable.

These things make the film very frustrating for me. But at the same time, I don't want to fault it too much as I think it is still on the right path - I'm fed up of the show-offy 'Don's of Bollywood today. Romance is still where it's at.
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Not Typical, but treat to watch
hassanalizaidi15 December 2008
First of all i would like to comment on the dare step taken by the A. Chopra to make a movie on such a middle class topic.It's an excellent movie with very different approach. I am amazed after reading different reviews. Come on folks, don't expect King khan all the time doing the Millionaire roles.

Excellent direction, outstanding performances with average music. Script of the movie might be a much tighter. I am not a SRK fan by any mean, but after this movie, i started thinking by doing this.

In the end, very good family drama movie and treat to watch. Come on folks stop dreaming Glamour all the time. These low budgets and middle class story movies are the real time facts of our lives.
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Aditya Ne Banadi Wonderful film
springsunnywinter12 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was already the most hotly anticipated film of the year when it was announced in March because it is finally the third directorial outing of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein director Aditya Chopra. Aditya's films always turn out to be good and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is his next movie 8 years after Mohabbatein.

The story is about an 'odd' couple played by Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma who find true love in the backdrop of a dance competition called "Dancing Jodi". Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan), a man working for Punjab Power, who falls in love with Taani (Anushka Sharma) the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious girl for whom the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together. They get married and lead a not-so happy life due to huge age difference between Surinder and Taani. Taani, meanwhile, wants to participate in a reality dance show called "Dancing Jodi," which is the main backdrop of the movie. The dance contest showcases couples of all races, colours, backgrounds and sexual preferences. Taani wants to take part for the show, but she is not able to due to her husband's lack of fashion statement. Later on when Surinder finds out about his wife's wish to participate in the reality dance show, he undergoes a major change. Taani keeps falling in love with her changed husband.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is such a beautiful film that touches your heart that makes you cry and laugh in some points like Shahrukh against a sumo wrestler. Some of my friends thought that it looked rubbish because in the promos Shahrukh Khan had a moustache, and comb over and was wearing bad cloths but is truly the best the best Bollywood movie of the year after a long list of turkeys. It is also the first Shahrukh film of the year and before this he made special appearances in Krazzy 4 and Bhootnath.

The music is brilliant although they can't match with the classic soundtracks of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein but there were about 5 songs and every single song was good and I don't know what the best songs are.

It is a must see unless you do not like Shahrukh or have a heart of stone because there is no way you are going to like it.
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just go watch it!!!
kc-amith15 December 2008
The first thing that come to my mind after watching the movie is.........!NO WORDS!, simply mind blowing. A Fantastic movie which worth every pi of my money and every second of my time.

SRK's performance and the odd look as Surinder Sahni is simply superb!. Surinder Sahni is a non active normal Indian guy who was forced to marry the beautiful Desi Taani(Anushka Sharma). The story is full of expressing Surinder's pure love towards Taani.

Surinder changes himself completely to get the attention of his love Taani. The story runs with twist and turns, dance and music, comedy and drama and with a little action! by Taani.

Finally an expected-unexpected climax steals the heart of every audience and make them to forget themselves in the emotion of love.

Thats all about the movie. My suggestion is to simply just go and watch it. You will really appreciate the performance of King Khan and Anusuka.
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Made in heaven
BiswajitSince20055 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A couple who have got nothing in common. A couple who were never destined to be married and got married. The love that blossoms in their life. This is a simple movie about a couple whose marriage starts as a compromise to grow as a love story.

Surinder Sahni works for Punjan Powers with a very simpleton look. He goes to attend the wedding of his college professor's daughter with whom he fall in love himself at the first sight. The scene changes when the news reached about the accident of the groom and his entire family. The professor makes Surinder marry to Tani as he relied completely on him. Surinder promises to take care of Tani.

Tani always dreamnt of a fairytale life and love. She was never happy with Surinder and merely stretching her life with him. Then comes a dance show called Dancing Jodi which changes their life forever. Tani wants to take part in the show but she doesn't want to do so with Surinder. Surinder understands this and goes for a makeover and in the new look tries to woo her. And then she lifts her from her feet and by the time the show is mid-day, Tani is in love with Raj, the makeover version of Surinder. But Tani is married to Surinder; how can she fall in love? She doesn't want to cheat on her husband, and she can't stay away from Raj too. What will happen when she will understand that both Surinder and Raj are the same person. One she doesn't love and the other she is madly in love with.

Aditya Chopra returns to direction after DDLJ in 99. Though Mohabattein was good but it wasn't a box office success. The movie has got just 4 characters and all of them have delivered their best.
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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is Extraordinary!!
arkasamanta12 December 2008
Superb!! Is the first thing that comes into your mind when you are going to see this film!!! Perfect is the second exclamation that will follow! Everything about this film is perfect (Even Anushka Sharma, on whom I didn't have much expectation!).

The story is about a regular guy Surinder Sahani who works for Punjab Power and leads a regular, monotonous life. But Rab (God) had different plans for him. His life undergoes a complete change when Tani (Anushka) comes into his life.

This film is about Love in its purest form, and everything that expresses love, Dance, Music...

Coming to the technical staff! Everything here were perfect too! Lyrics, Music, Direction, Camera, Cinematography!

Acting of everyone was natural and proportionate.

Lastly, A film For Everyone, Go and Watch this movie and then You'll see that I am not Overreacting here!!
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A movie made from Rab!
nitap6 January 2009
I went to see RNBDJ because of Shah Rukh Khan first of all, but did not know what to expect since I made a point not to read any reviews or synopsis of the film. I only knew that the audience seemed to give good review but critics were not friendly with their reviews. I must say they have become to jaded upon watching numerous films that they missed the beauty of this film. I love Aditya Chopra for directing such a brave and bold film that comes straight from his heart! SRK portrayed Surih and Raj with sheer perfection. I loved him as both characters; they both made me smile and also drove me to tears! Anuksha did a brilliant job as her debut character and I couldn't believe this was only her first film. She was marvelous and fresh as Taani. The songs are just beautiful and they will either make you get up and dance or lay down and just cry tears of happiness. The climax was mesmerizing and surprising, the comedy was wonderful and the message was very important that we need to love our "jodi" for who they are and not who we wish they are. We are all made from God so we have to remember to see God in everybody! What a brilliant and different film Yash Raj Films made; I love you guys for this gift!
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Rab ne is a lot of fun...don't miss this one
maheshkoneru14 December 2008
Rab ne is an absolutely entertaining film. Have no doubts about that...

But before I go on to review the film, I would like to say a thing or two about the so called professional reviewers of our online media. Each genre and each storyline will have a different yardstick depending on what the film is setting out to achieve. Don't go looking for logic and 'intelligence' in a film when its primary motive is to make people laugh and have a good time.

And I will host a grand party the day rediff ditches Mr.raja sen.

That aside, Rab ne is a film which will make you feel good and happy and Shahrukh absolutely deserves credit for this. His performance as Mr.Surinder is an absolute delight to watch and the mannerisms will leave you in splits of laughter. And then, the performance as Raj is the icing on the cake.I wont say anything more about this as it will spoil the experience for you.

Shahrukh Khan, take a bow.This is amongst your best performances to date.

The new face of the film, Anushka deserves special mention for the way she acted and carried off the role of Taani. There is innocence,charm,a certain vulnerability and tenderness in the character but at the same time she can be quite a force to reckon with if provoked. And Anushka lived in the role. For a debutant, its amazing.

Vinay pathak as usual was his excellent self as the best friend of Shahrukh and their moments on screen are truly rib tickling.

'Haule Haule' song is very good and so is the background score. It adds weight to the film and to the comedy. All the other songs are pretty decent.

The way the city of Amritsar was shown is also very nice and the rich production values of yashraj films is clearly visible in each and every frame.

And finally, for the director. Welcome back Mr. Aditya. We missed you and we hope that you make movies a little more often than you do.

Maybe, the ending could have been handled slightly better but then its not a major gripe. Some parts of the story may defy conventional logic like the way Shahrukh manages to juggle his different 'careers'. But as I said earlier,these kinds of films are not about logic or intelligence.They are about making you laugh and have a good time and in that Rab ne is eminently successful.

All in all, Rab ne is a very feel good film that you can go out and watch with your whole family. 100% Paisa Vasool film
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Very entertaining and interesting throughout
shariq_forever18 December 2008
This is very different from DDLJ 1995 and Mohabbtaein. RNBDJ 2008 is very entertaining and different film. We have not seen such a good movie for a long time. This film is not about a dance competition but it is about a human being who can be so natural that do not need any artificial pomp and show to be an honest lover. Shah Rukh Khan has done his job brilliantly. He is such a solid actor and no one in Indian cinema can match his character playing and emotions portraying. He can even make a dumb movie like Om Shanti Om look good and be hit. Must watch this movie in theater, and you will definitely want to see it again.
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Its a good movie
prianka-guru14 July 2013
This storyline is nice, so is the idea. But there are some ignorable flaws in the direction like when Shahrukh brings his bride home and lifts the suitcase, one can easily tell that it is an empty one. But then again they have paid so much attention to details, like the usage of 'yellow' color in every possible way. The chemistry between the lead pair is good nothing over the top. Shahrukh's character is extremely sweet and lovable.

My suggestions: 1. Watch this movie when you are feeling hopelessly romantic. 2. Don't watch it keeping DDLJ in mind, DDLJ is beyond comparison.
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rocky_200917 December 2008
after seeing shah rukh khan in om shanti om i completely lost faith in him...the second half in which he tried to act cool was painful to watch...but his performance is this movie is simply mind blowing.

Aditya chopra has done it again.its a very simple film with a simple plot but u leave the hall with a smile on your face. anoushka sharma gives an excellent performance way better than deepika.this movie reminds me of the old greats which yash raj studios used to make. please go watch this movie.simply fantastic.

also watch out for vinay pathak who gives a funny performance as shahrukhs best friend bobby.
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Beautiful Film.Excellent Work.
durga_187816 December 2008
A true masterpiece.

A truly different love story from the Aditya after a long time.

SRK is truly the KING of Bollywood.

No actor could have carried the role with such elegance as he did.

I just loved every bit of it.

Anuska as a new comer has done really very very well.

Vinay Pathak is as usual very good.

3 characters Srk, Anushka, Vinay carried the whole film so well.

Marvelous! Performance are at par excellence.

Refreshing film with refreshing sets,direction,music,choreography.

Everything is so brilliantly done , no words for praising.

Watch it ! Or you will repent. Haule Haule Very very well executed for the global audience.

So bye.Opps....! Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte.
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Who says Rab Ne is Boring!!!!Go Watch It!!!!!
arunkesi12 December 2008
Well...Inspite of all the reviews going around of Rab Ne being clichéd,sluggish and what not,the movie according to me is top notch.I would give it a 8 on 10 "jeee".Admitted I adore SRK, but even if you are not a fan you would invariably become one by the time the end titles start rolling.And if u still believe even after watching Chak de and Rab Ne that SRK is good only playing Raj and he is no good actor,then forget it!!!U must be having serious,serious reservations against the actor. Swades,Chak De and now Rab Ne.His performance in Rab Ne is right up there and no other actor could portray the character of Surinder with such élan as SRK did. Well I've heard SRK say in some interview prior to Rab ne release of how his previous 6 Yashraj Films had contributed in making him 90% superstar. Well,now you could make it 7 in a row and YRF has made him 100% superstar. The Yahraj,SRK saga continues and it is now in the form of its life. Aditya Chopra after a historic DDLJ,a mediocre Mohabbatein is back with Rab Ne.It doesn't get bigger and better than Rab Ne.Well after watching this film you would curse yourself on how Adi betrayed all the Indiam movie lovers by directing just 3 films in the last 14 years.How rich could Indian cinema have been had he directed a few more gems ala Rab Ne.

C'mon Adi..We would want to see you in the director's chair rather than producing those horrific movies Roadside Romeo.

Darr,DDLJ,DTPH,Mohabbatein,Veer Zaara,Chak De and now Rab Ne.SRK is back with YRF.

What is it that makes this combo churn out the most memorable movies we would ever watch on the silver screen year after year.

Rab Ne inspite of being a good 2 1/2 hour long movie rivets you in every single frame.It is a movie which would take you into a different world,a world of Surinder Sahni.As promised by the makers one would identify themselves with the protagonist,feel for him,live with him and when u start living with the character and forget everything around u know pretty well that the film is working big time.

A simple love story where every scene is so convincingly shot that one wonders on how the shooting was completed in just 47 days and the script written in 12 days. It would be immature of me to even comment about SRK's performance.Anushka Sharma, Well she couldn't have asked for more.And she performed with such confidence that would have made even the likes of the Kajols and Madhuris proud Vinay Pathak enters the big league as well and we will now start seeing him taking center stage in the more prominent movies.

Little moments from this film leave such a lasting impression.Be it the scene on the dining table with the rose,The back ground tune and the score of "Haule Haule" being played intermittently at regular intervals for little triumphs of Suri, Taania greeting Suri's friends on the Reception night,the Holi scene,the "Yellow Tiffin Box",the Biryani thing,The sorry episode to name a few.You would yearn for Taania to unite with Suri and not elope with Raj.

"Inspite of loving the character "Raj" all these days in DDLJ,KKHH and so many other movies we start disliking him and rather feel for the Surinder and would want him to succeed in his love.That is where the movie succeeds big time." Admitted it gets a bit dull in the middle with the dance episodes and all but u would when the entire 2 1/2 hours revolves around just 2 characters.But still the movie remains afloat thanks to all those wonderful little moments that are spread throughout.

Agreed it is no DDLJ,no KKHH but still you would not want to miss it.

Go watch it!!!!
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Shah Rukh comes to the Chopra's rescue again
Ibuk16 April 2009
After the financial disaster of Lamhe and Parampara, Yash Chopra casted a then relatively unknown actor called Shah Rukh Khan for his next venture Darr. Not only was the movie hugely successful but it made Shah Rukh an overnight sensation. Since then he has been the Chopra's lucky mascot,Dil to pagal hai,Veer Zaara(for Yash Chopra), DDLJ,Mohhabatein and Rab ne bana di jodi(for son Aditya Chopra) and Chak De India for Yash Raj films. Whilst it is not as good as DDLJ(then again what movie is?)it is a vast improvement on Mohabbatein. Yash Raj films produced 4 films last year, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom,Tara rum pum pum,Aaja Nachle and Chak De India, Chak De was their only hit and it was a massive one at that. So with Aditya Chopra going behind the camera lens Shah Rukh was the safest best.

Shah Rukh is given a very different look, he has a moustache and wears glasses. It tells a story of a very ordinary man who enters into a marriage with a lively girl after her father passes away. She despises him whilst he does everything to please her. She enters into a dancing contest but is embarrassed at the thought of having to dance with her ordinary husband. Then Shah Rukh has an idea, he takes on a completely new avtar and aims to make her fall in love with him. He cuts of his moustache and changes his look but doesn't have the courage to tell her. So he assumes two identities, one as her dancing partner and one as her husband. Things get complicated when she starts to fall in love with her dancing partner not realising that it's actually her husband. Shah Rukh realises that the dancing partner has to break her heart and she will have to go back to her husband. In the finale the ordinary husband shows off his moves he learnt from attending the dance classes and his wife falls in love with him. My enjoyment was marred by the improbable plot. I am not bearded and nor do I wear glasses, according to the logic of this movie if tomorrow I don a beard and wear glasses my own family will not be able to recognise me, that doesn't sound right to me. Now onto the music, as per usual in a Chopra production the songs are absolutely top notch. Haule Haule is very very good and Tuj me rab dikta hai is one of the best love songs I have heard in a long long time. RNBDJ is pretty entertaining leave your brains at the door fare from the Chopra's and much much better than I expected. Recommended by me,7/10
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I want my money and precious time back...
unbornpaniwala12 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Grrrr......I took my friend who is a crazy SRK fan to watch this "Rab Ne..." thing thinking at least she might enjoy and I'll enjoy her company as I already had known how bad this movie is.

But it turned out to be so pathetic that even my SRK crazy friend also couldn't bear it and decided to wait hopelessly post interval that something good might come. Eventually she quit just 15-20 minutes before the "climax" if thats what you can call it. We moved out of the theatre to do better things on a lazy Sunday evening but lost so much time already waiting for some "chamatkar"(miracle) from Rab(God) or "Rab Ne...". My friends condition was similar to that of Anoushka(Tanni) in a scene when she is watching some movie and runs out of the theatre away from SRK. I wonder if that was an ironic hint for the audience as well.

The performance of Shahrukh(Surinder Sahni) is so predictable and irritating that it would make a brain tumor look merciful. Anoushka(Tanni) forgot to join acting classes before entering this venture and Aditya Chopra needs to revisit direction classes. Even the songs seemed too forced in certain situations and the chemistry between the lead pair is flat as it was supposed to be touching. In a love story there is supposed to be love and not compromise + "good luck" which it appears to be in this case.

Also I heard a lot of praise about Vinay Pathak's(Sahnis friend) performance. Firstly, he doesn't fit the role of a guy who can produce a makeover by just shaving someones moustache. And then he seems to be competing with Shahrukh Khan in the over-acting business looking more like the audiences worst enemy than Surinder's best friend.

Thanks Yash Raj for proving once more that you'll are up for producing only rehashed bull which we the audience are supposed to digest at any cost.

Everyone please take a prescription from your doctor for severe headache and nausea if you plan on visiting this movie.
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Inspite of all the negative points, Rab ne is a sweet romantic movie
shaff-k19 December 2008
I was having a bad day when I was watching this movie, and I am glad that I saw this movie.

OK, the story is outdated.I mean at this era of live-in relationships and people hating the idea of marriage, this movie is about a married middle class couple. And many people do criticize the part where Shahrukh acts like two different personalities and his own wife doesn't recognize him while only his spectacles and mustache are missing and anyone can easily figure out that both are one and the same. ( When I first read the plot overview of the movie, I seriously laughed)

Well the most obvious explanation would be that Indian audience ( not all,but most of them) would not like idea of an Indian wife having an extra-marital affair especially when the movie is set in a place which is trademark of Indian culture. I do accept that Yash Raj have produced many movies like Salaam Namaste ( portraying live-in relationship) but that story wasn't set in India. It is OK to not respect your culture if you are not in India. :p

So Adi made his wife love the same person with a different personality which people will easily accept (though now we people are having difficulty in accepting it) Next negative of the movie would be its length and slow pace of the movie. But i really was glad that the movie lasted for long. :)

The movie is too predictable but actually that adds as the positive point for the movie, as somewhere in your mind you want that to happen and when it happens, you are glad that it happened. The movie has many outdated and clichéd dialogues which remind you of the Bollywood movies of the 80s, but Shahrukh's dialogue delivery just makes it seem alright ! :)

Well now the acting department. Shahrukh Khan did it again. well, I personally had this feeling that SRK normally overacts in movies directed by the chopras and johars. But this is an exception. He really did it well especially in the role of Surinder Sahni. He made everyone smile, laugh and cry. He really makes you feel for his character.

Anushka Sharma did an appreciable job doing all the justice to her role. And do watch out for Vinay Pathak!! His presence does really rock the screen.

The dialogues are smart and funny though it gets every clichéd at many parts. The music is average but the background score does deserve an appreciation.

I really guarantee you that it is a kind of movie where you will be smiling while tears roll down your cheeks!

I was really happy to see all the people in the cinema sit though the end-credits ( which is really a special part of the movie)

Its outdated typical bollywood movie, and I really hated the plot of the movie initially but now that i have watched it, I cant help but say, that is one of the sweet romantic movies Bollywood has ever delivered to us.

Its of course not an extraordinary movie, but the director has really turned a very ordinary story into a very sweet romantic movie full of heart, which is definitely worth a second watch ! :)
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A SHAME FOR BOLLYWOOD or is it a coincidental hit
jerrythres0517 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movies was one of the most predictable piece of work I have ever seen. There was absolutely nothing natural about this movie. From the first 10 minutes to the last everything happened as a coincidence and the actors keep saying it God's reason that they were together, given straight form the title RAB NE BANA DI JODI. Shah Rukh has given one of his worst performances ever. He over acted as Suri, the geek who worked for Punjab Power, and even worse while playing Raj, a cool hip guys that comes out of no where. Although the heroine in this movie, Anushka Sharma, did put a lot of effort into her debut role, but sad to say her character was not well built. I mean seriously, you wont recognize you husband if he took of his glasses and shaved his mustache? Where did she think she was going to end up with being friends with Raj? From the first time Raj and Taani met, he was flirting with her and kept talking about love and just kept overacting to be the coolest person in the planet. Everything happens coincidentally, from Day 1 of where Suri and Taani met, at her wedding, there just happened to be a bus accident where the whole family of the groom , and the groom himself, dies. Hearing this news her father has a heart attack, and then they are married shortly after all this tragedy. How realistic does this sound to you? Even a kid in Pre-school can figure out that there's something not right with this picture. I don't understand how some one can say this is a good movie in any way: the music including the background score was mediocre, the photography was below par, the art direction was bad, everything in the movie from the streets to the garage looked like a set, the only realistic looking location was the Golden Temple, the actor has give out a performance with the same crap he has been giving out for his past 100s of movie, and most importantly the dialogs and the story were absolutely ridiculous. With the movie rating to be below par in all these categories how can one say this was a great movie. We are in 2009, and Bollywood has been making the same kind of crap since the dawn of Indian cinema. One can argue with me by saying if this movie was crap why did it do so well in the Box Office. Well I have 3 letters for you SRK. People will spend money to see SRK's appearance on screen not matter how crappy the story or the director is. Well getting back to the movie, I gave this a 1 out of 10 because of its impracticality and the redundant storyline over the years of Bollywood cinema.
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Seriously.....Is this movie for REAL?
lediscipledessocrates5 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A girl fails to recognise her husband when he is not wearing those moustaches. May be there's a deeper meaning attached with her incompetency. A guy changes in nature and spirit the moment he shaves of his moustaches and then back again when he sticks fake ones on his face. Carl Jung , Freud , Adler should re consider their theory on personality types for this guy is out to shove their faces in the mud.

There is a house which half the size of Fort Knox but has just one room worth naming on the ground floor.

A dying professor finds no one better than this guy with such a house for his daughter who is clearly not amused by all this.

The guy fights a sumo wrestler in India to win tourist tickets for this wench; He dances his way to hell to impress this wench . She on her part finally sees God in his face ( without the moustaches).

The uncool guy looks smarter than the clean shaven Punk and the wench really has to have a bad taste in guys if she finds the fake looking dude attractive.

There is a song which comes in from nowhere and we have around 10 damsels dancing with our guy dressed up in the various decades of our movie world.

The cool dude proposes to his girl by managing to light up the city as "I Love You" just because he is in the electricity department and that too in Punjab where electricity is a highly uncertain commodity. Goodness gracious had the electricity failed in some parts the letters could have read something highly objectionable and hardly romantic. Yes if he does work in the electricity department couldn't he have asked for some extra supply to allow himself to get a hot water geyser instead of taking bath on the terrace with tap water fresh from the Beas. (Seriously, is this the girl he wants for a wife? She doesn't even want to share the bathroom with him!)

Ah, yes Although Amritsar is in the plains of the north we have a highly elevated ground from where one can get a bird's eye view of the sprawling city and specially that of the motor workshop cum garage owned by Our man's buddy where the sole purpose of everyone's existence is to help the guy out to woo his lady.

A dancing competition whose theme is too deep for any mortal to understand.

A social setting where the following things can co-exist: Orthodoxy and girls wearing low cleavage dresses dancing with perfect strangers for an ultra modern dancing competition. Narrow lanes and 18th century shopping marts and state of the art Government offices and Dancing Halls.

When I had stepped in to the theater I was a bubbling. sane and reasonable sort of a fellow, when I stepped out I could have gagged any living thing in my presence just to relieve my frustration.

As I drove back from the theater I could catch a glimpse of the Billboard hosting The movie's poster in my rear view mirror I changed the angle and averted a sudden burst of inexplicable road rage cause by something as ridiculous as an Aditya Chopra movie.
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Love rulez !!!
vikrantjindal2127 December 2008
I know many people hated the movie. And their stand is correct. A SRK-Adi combo ought to provide a blockbuster. Instead the result is a gentle, sweet story... Its not about Raj/Rahul sweeping the maiden off her feet. But its the story of a common man "Surinder Sahni" who loves his wife a lot. And would go at great lengths just see a smile on her face. He does not fight 20 goons or jump into fire to save her love. He just makes her "Taaniji" happy. You would love the movie if you like mushy love stories. But beware, there is no over-the-top sparkle as is generally in YRF or Karan Johar movies. It does not show the couple dancing in Switzerland, but in SDIPA's dance classes. It does not have unbelievable dance moves like Hrithik's but a wonderful couple dance. The music will not make you wild, but would touch your heart. Especially the last sequence (instrumental) creates the required emotion and restlessness of the Taani.

The movie has some beautiful sequences. Suriji falling in love with the yellow tiffin, Raj's entry, the PROPOSAL (you certainly should not miss this one), and finally the climax. The starting and ending 30 minutes are awesome. But the intermediate portion is not up to the mark. It could have been improved or trimmed, but its kept to keep the film lighter.

The acting is superb. SRK has once again proved his mettle and is par excellence. Anushka does a great job. She has done a great work in-spite of being pitted against a top notch artist. Vinay Pathak is good. The songs are a big let down. Most of them seem to be stuffed forcefully. And in Choreography, Shiamak has done a wonderful job with the climax sequence. Also the picturization of "Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai" is mind-blowing...

Watch it if you believe in Love...
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Rab Ne Bana de Jodi - Scripted to perfection
raghavramaiah-112 December 2008
Rab ne Bana De Jodi is a movie which definitely brings back the old touch of YRF movies. And who else could it be apart from the king himself,who would bring the magical touch with such a impeccable performance. A performance that will be definitely remembered for years to come. Shahrukh Khan plays Surinder Sahwni a pale-typical-middle-class-man working with Punjab Power marries Tanni a-beautiful-bold-fun-loving girl played by the débutant Anushka Sharma because of some uncalled circumstances and how life takes them from then on is something to watch out for. How well Surinder Sahwni transforms to Raj just to impress his own wife Tanni becomes her partner in a Dance Show in which she wishes to participate changing his looks completely into a Fun-loving-jovial- cheerful guy. The character of Raj adds the right humor in the right ratio with emotions and romance. The icing on the cake is Vinay Pathak who plays Bobby-a close friend of Surinder adding on that extra flavor making the movie look even better. Anushka Sharma steals the show with a performance that every other actress should watch out for. Very Impressive in her very first movie. Overall a great package that us as an audience would love to watch.

Aditya Chopra has directed another gem of a movie after his previous wonders DDLJ and Mohabbatein. Though still thought the Music could've been a lot better. "Haule Haule" being the most catchy of the lot makes you humm the tune till you reach your house from the theater's.

The movie is all about 1. Shahrukh's amazing act as always. 2. Anushka Sharma's refreshing performance. & 3. Aditya Chopra's directorial brilliance.

I would really suggest you to just pull any of your loved one and go watch this movie and you will be more than pleased after watching it. Entertainment Guaranteed.

And do stay till the credits roll. You've something more to enjoy.
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waste of money!!!
gauri-w14 December 2008
One of the worst Shahrukh Khan movies.There was a little humor at the beginning and then it was like a chewing gum being chewed for a long time.The director tried to add all possible scenes to make it a masala movie.but that made it even worst.

There was no logic in the story.

To add to the pain....at the end shahrukh khan was narrating his honeymoon trip in his irritating voice that he thought, would be very comic.

scenes were so slow..i wished i cud have a remote control to fast forward it.the movie is a complete waste of money.actress is also dumb.
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A cheap trick bereft of the Adi Chopra magic
tareque-laskar13 December 2008
There are numerous times in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' when Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) keeps saying that it's God who is scripting this love story. Well, if that's the case then the almighty happens to be a rather lousy scriptwriter. Aditya Chopra's anticipated directorial return is lukewarm; there may be an extraordinary love story behind every ordinary jodi according to the tag-line but the film is firmly ordinary. Chopra, unlike his other films doesn't cast the canvas wide this time, delving only into a marriage arranged by fate between Surinder and Taani (debutante Anushka Sharma somehow never rises above your average soap performance). But he keeps the length of the film the same, which stretches the story far too thin for it to be even remotely plausible.

SRK fits decently well into 'ordinary-man-trying-to-be-awkwardly romantic' garb as Surinder hitting the ji-spot with his humble Punjabi demeanor but his alter ego, Raj (the guise he assumes to attend dance classes with his wife!) is old SRK in a new bottle and not one bit refreshing. As if to emphasize the lunacy going on in the name of a story, Taani falls for Raj never realizing for one instant that it has been her husband all the time! Raj's over the top performance looks so cooked up that sometimes even you, let alone Taani, will wonder if it's two different people.

The film takes too long to build up, and about as pacy as a turtle on a morning walk. The repetitive moments (the whole dance gig outlasts its welcome), self referential gags (once again YRF's Dhoom gets a mention) and ungainly plot twists pretty much kill off any salvage value left in the film. This one won't warm the cockles of your heart, unless you are an SRK worshiper or Anuskha's college mate, a bunch of whom were right behind me screaming up a racket right all through.
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Awful Movie
v-3-gupta13 December 2008

Well generally I don't go to cinema to watch Hindi movie but I don't know why I really wanted to watch this one... may be because of SRK's new look..

I would say first half an hour of the movie is good... few sweet moments... few jokes here and there... plot building... all nice...

but then SRk becomes Raj... and from this point onward the movie becomes pathetic...

I don't know if they were trying to show a love story or something about split personality...

Something to be interesting have to be convincing... SRk takes his glasses and mustache off and he is Raj and with it he is Surinder...

How stupid they think viewers are?...

Very week storyline and too much emotional gibberish...

In my opinion... don't spend your time on it..
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