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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, some sexual content and nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Some male buttocks nudity in a non-graphic manner.
  • It is implied that people are having sex during a celebration, with kissing, thrusting. No nudity and brief.
  • Naked male corpse. Penis shown but difficult to see.
  • Two men fight each other naked. No genitals shown in this scene as there are heavy shadows, but some buttocks are visible.
  • At a distance at night, protagonist and an adult woman have sex in a forest with thrusting briefly shown as well as the man's buttocks.
  • An adult woman's butt is shown after having sex.
  • An adult woman steps in a hot springs nude to join a man. We see her bottom half quite close to the screen with full rear nudity visible.
  • Early in the film, a young son bursts into his mother's room as she is dressing and her dress falls over her bare buttocks and legs, viewed from the side at a distance. She chastises her son. Blink and you miss it.

Violence & Gore

  • Several graphic fight scenes with throat-slicing, heads getting cut off, noses getting sliced off, corpses with hearts carved out and people are showed with spilled intestines.
  • A man's nose is cut off with blood gushing out from the remaining hole. The man is later seen from the front, bleeding from the wound. The character is later seen with his healed-up stump.
  • A man is seen falling to the ground with organs spilling from an open wound.
  • A brief glimpse of two mutilated bodies pinned to a hut is shown.
  • There are scenes in which children are killed. (All offscreen except for one)
  • The killing of a dog is implied. Later several dead dogs are seen at a distance in a pile.
  • A horse is decapitated in a ritual. A man and his son are then sprinkled with its blood as part of the ritual.
  • A man slowly drives a sword into another mans face, killing him.
  • A scene involves men competing in a ball game where violence against the opposing team is part of the game. Several players are beaten into pulps through out the game which culminates with one of them being beaten to death.
  • A young woman is seen strangled and stabbed as part of a human sacrifice.
  • A man that was drugged repeatedly stabs himself in the throat while hallucinating.
  • A man is found hanged upside-down in a temple with his guts handing out. There is a bloody wound were the man's genitals were.
  • A man bites and takes off a man's skin from the face, though this doesn't show explicit, it's implicit and still brutal
  • A village is attacked as people are killed and dead bodies lay on the ground.


  • Infrequent uses of "bitch" and "whore"
  • 'Wh*re' is said at least twice.
  • 'H*ll' is said as a profanity.
  • 'B*stard' is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People take psychotropic drugs as part of rituals.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Intense, eerie, nightmarish rituals.
  • Animals are brutally killed.
  • A group of men are seen pinned onto a roof of a house with body parts broken.
  • The many instances of explicit and brutal violence are intense.
  • Several instances of people grieving the murders of their loved ones.
  • Poor treatment of enslaved people.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman sexually kisses her adult son.
  • A man makes sexual advances on a woman but she lifts the front of her skirt to show him that she is on her period, so he leaves her alone. We see her pubic hair with blood running down her legs and smeared it on his face with her hands.

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets headbutted to death. The man headbutts the other man a total of eight times until we hear what is implied to be his head breaking open. Each headbutt is very violent and savage.
  • A man is killed, then his body is seen having been graphically sliced up into parts.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A viking band forces all their captives determined too weak to walk into a barn which is then sealed up and set on fire. The "weak" captives are mostly the elderly and young boys while the girls and young women are taken as slaves. Their screams are heard as the barn is set on fire while the vikings laugh and cheer.

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