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Sex & Nudity

  • In one of the episodes, there are several female characters in body paint. All nudity is obscured by paint and cannot be seen.
  • There is a brief mention of necrophilia, nothing overly explicit.
  • Male buttocks nudity is briefly shown.
  • A woman walks into a bathroom and pulls out concealed cigarettes and a lighter from her vagina. No nudity is shown.
  • An older man whispers in the ear of a younger man (presumably for a sexual favor) to which the younger man starts following him until they are halted. Nothing is shown.
  • A man and woman have sex in a bathroom stall. The scene lasts around a minute with few seconds of frontal female nudity
  • A woman insults a man by saying "your d*ck is small!"
  • VIP people in their room, there is a lot of nude men and women with paintings on their bodies. No nudity as it is covered up.
  • There is a sex scene about 2 mins long.
  • Episode-specific details have been deleted. Only provide series or season details. Episode specific items should be added to the episode.
  • Someone mentions about how he wants player number 69 to win because of the number's sexual meaning.
  • Man and women have sex in the bathroom. No nudity shown.
  • A pink soldier walks in the bathroom with two players and a player refers to sexual harassment.

Violence & Gore

  • A man and woman are thrown out of a vehicle .
  • A man struggles with another man for an envelope. As they struggle, the other man shoves him and the man grabs on a machine, the machine then crushes his fingers and blood can be spurting out everywhere. Shown extremely quickly.
  • Bodies are shown hanging for all the contenders to see.
  • Organs are removed from some dead bodies. Shots showing eyeballs, a heart and other organs are clearly visible, though only for a few seconds.
  • Every episode contains bloody shooting, sometimes at a point blank range. Frequent fighting, sometimes with weapons such as small knives or metal bars. The characters cannot clean themselves up after these fights or games, so any blood on their faces or clothing remains there.
  • A man is stabbed to death on a bridge, blood is seen and the scene goes on for quite some time. The man's killer then jumps off of the bridge into the water below.
  • A character's leg is bitten and has a chunk of flesh torn off. The bloody flesh is then spat back out.
  • A character is impaled through the hand with a knife. He pulls it out, causing him to scream and bleed.
  • There is very intense violence, gore and bloodshed throughout the series. People are shot in the head, stabbed and killed. You can see blood on the ground spilling, dead bodies etc.
  • Most of the violence in this show is just people being shot with some blood shown.
  • 4 dead bodies (3 are masked) are shown hanging as a warning to the players.


  • A lot of salty language (including the f-word) like "s**t," "b**ch," "d**khead," "hell," "damn," "ass**le," and more.
  • Based off English subtitles with the original Korean audio, profanity also includes countless religious exclamations, usually god damn, except when one character prays to God a lot.
  • Korean profanities toned down in the English subtitle

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Man smoking outside gas station. Other scenes depict smoking and drinking in various locations.
  • Player 212 smuggles in some cigarettes and smokes in a bathroom stall.
  • In the VIP lounge watching a game, the 6 masked VIPs dressed in luxurious robe with nothing underneath all are smoking cigars and drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This show can be frightening and intense for some viewers. It shows people being killed as well as screaming/pleading for their lives.
  • Many people are brutally shot.
  • Killings in some games are done by a point blank execution, can get a bit bloody and disturbing.
  • A man gets his hand crushed in an open piece of machinery. He screams in pain and blood is seen coming out of his hand stump. Very graphic but only shown for a second.
  • It becomes very clear that you have to be selfish in order to win the games, which leads to some very shocking and heartbreaking moments which can deeply affect the audience.
  • In an episode a fight breaks out, blood and severe flashing lights.
  • Innocent kids games become a suspenseful life or death situation
  • The general theme in this show depicts the dark reality of financial distress and the fact that people would do anything for money.
  • (Deleted. Personal opinions about what kids should or shouldn't be exposed to are not appropriate for the Parents Guide.)
  • The mask worn by the front man may be creepy.
  • Many characters die bloody and gruesome deaths. Very disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A VIP asks a worker to pleasure him. The VIP takes his clothes off and you can see him nude, but back only, no frontal nudity. He then grabs the worker's head and makes him do oral, but the worker stops it by squeezing him in the nuts.

Violence & Gore

  • The first episode towards the end the first game is played. People are shot in the head and body, accompanied by brief blood spurts. There aren't any limbs lost.
  • A mass riot breaks out during the night, many people are brutally killed with sharp objects, strangled, suffocated or murdered with metal bars. (Very Brief)
  • A scene plays with a man carrying an eyeball of a deceased body. The deceased's intestinal organs are shown briefly.
  • A character has a large shard of glass stuck from her abdomen. Lots of blood shown on hands, sink and surroundings as she attempts to remove it and clean herself up.
  • There is a player who is a trained doctor, and performs surgery. He can be seen covered in blood during these scenes, with a bloody apron on, blood on his face and blood and guts covering his hands.
  • One of the games involves falling from a great height. Players that die during this challenge can be seen dead on the floor afterwards. Lots of blood on the floor surrounding their bodies, along with brief shots of split skulls leaking brains, and otherwise bloody and crushed bodies.
  • Organ harvesting is practiced by several characters.
  • A man loses his wife in marbles and hangs himself. It is shown briefly, very sad
  • Following an episode regarding a deadly game of tug of war, a shot of someone's hand reveals it to be blistered from the rope.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the games played is tug of war, the losing teams fall to their death.
  • Participants agree to play games without realising they will be deadly.
  • Players are lured unknowingly into killing people they like and have bonded with.
  • A winning player commits suicide by hanging.
  • People die falling from height.
  • In one of the episodes, players kill each other on a dark, enclosed stage with strobe lights.
  • Jang Deok-Su is basically a stereotypical tough gangster type dude, who stops at nothing to get his way. He beats many people dead.
  • Sympathetic characters die tragically.
  • Oh Il-Nam (old man) is at first a sweet old man who is implied to die at the end of an episode, but he is later revealed to have not actually been shot and is revealed to be the creator and main antagonist of Squid Game. Very distressing to see and will upset people who liked him as a character.
  • When Ali died its extremely sad.

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