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Borderline life
Waddah7421 July 2008
Borderline life

An exceptional piece of art and a very emotional movie it takes you to a very sad story about a young woman who becomes an emotional cripple due to her mentally ill mother,she is raised by her grandmother.

Her life before 30 is a far from fairy-tale. Sex and alcohol are her only outlets and her daily reality , so much emotions , tears , laughs and nudity .

An outstanding performance by the very attractive and a pleasure to watch Isabelle Blais (Kiki ) the main Character in the movie . The music was so nice and sad.

The film was well done and thoughtful.

It is a must see.
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Kiki's life
bob9988 June 2010
Lyne Charlebois has given us an absorbing study of a young woman who feels the wrongs done her by her mother, and society in general, very intensely. Kiki's like a live wire: touch her and you'll get a nasty shock. She keeps a middle-aged man captive to her emotional extremes. Tcheky is married but can't get enough of Kiki's wildness. Mikael (played very winningly by Pierre-Luc Brilliant) is a healthy alternative to Tcheky, but Kiki has difficulty understanding this. This is one of the few recent films that deals convincingly with psychosis--in this case, borderline disorder.

Isabelle Blais has what it takes to establish herself on the international film scene. I thought of Marie-Josee Croze as I watched her, she has the same skill of inhabiting her character. Angele Coutu as the grandmother had some effective scenes as the stable member of the family.
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Highly recommended
keenast29 March 2016
It's really rare to find a good movie, mais voilà, that's one! Excellent acting and great story telling. The time line has a lot of back and forth which might be a bit confusing at the beginning but one gets the hang of it quickly.

There's some reviewers who call this a sad movie, but there's nothing sad about it. Quite the opposite, our lead goes through stations in her life we all go through, trying to make sense out of something that's hard to make sense of - and sex for sure is something that takes a while to figure, make that quite a long while. Our lead actress does a magnificent job leading us through her world.

A very sensible and sensitive film, hats off to all involved.
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