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Sex & Nudity

  • Art takes off his blood-drenched costume in a laundromat to wash it. His buttocks are briefly seen.
  • A man and his girlfriend start making out in a car. No nudity is shown and they are quickly stopped
  • Sienna takes a shower, her back, breasts (side view, no nipple) and stomach are all seen.
  • A woman's bare breasts are seen in a sketchbook.
  • Sexual innuendo with a text on a shirt saying "Just The Tip"
  • One of Art's victims is wearing a robe, which falls off and reveals her bra and panties.

Violence & Gore

  • During a dream sequence, Art gives Sienna a box filled with a beating heart and bugs. Black goo fills up the box, before Art pulls out a Tommy gun and fires at various people (quick glimpses of blood splatter and injury detail).
  • The face of a little girl is seen unrecognizably mutilated.
  • Art kills a laundromat worker offscreen. A wooden pole is seen coming out through his mouth, with blood oozing.
  • A woman is stabbed with a sword. We see blood spurting out of the wound and her mouth.
  • A woman is shown thrown around in a room and bonks into the walls and broken mirrors. She is shown with some injuries.
  • Some people are shown burning.
  • Scenes of people getting continuously whipped with chains. We can see the bloody aftermath and cuts.
  • A boy's leg is graphically bitten into by Art. Blood spills out of the wound.
  • Art violently whips a teenage boy with his scalpel-cat o' nine tails repeatedly. Some blood is seen from a distance.
  • Johnathan is slapped by his mother during an argument.
  • Art is seen eating a girl's leg.
  • A little girl is sitting on a chair in public and has a tar like liquid splatter all over the floor. Shown in closeup.
  • Art pulls out a tommy gun on a crowd of people, and he graphically mows them down with blood spatter everywhere. People's heads are shot so many times they split in half.
  • The violence in this movie is extremely graphic in nature. It may be upsetting to some viewers.
  • People are killed in many ways in this movie. Shot, stabbed, scalped, cut, beaten, among many other gruesome acts of violence.
  • One scene in the movie involves extremely graphic torture. It stays on this scene for a very long time and keeps coming back to it.
  • Far more bloody and graphic than the first film and includes practical effects which can seem very real at times.
  • The gore in this movie is very over the top but also realistic in some points and may be very upsetting to viewers. Not appropriate for younger viewers.
  • At an hour and eight minutes, a young woman's mother returns home to find Art on the bed with the woman propped up next to him still alive but completely covered in blood. Most of her right leg is gone with only bone remaining as he cuts into her left leg. Her arms are sporadically missing flesh and her breasts have been removed. Blood has covered the walls almost entirely. Very disturbing.
  • Most kills in the movie are not instant. The main character Art the Clown kills his victims very slowly; his goal is too make his victims feel pain.


  • Several uses of "fuck", "shit", and "bitch".
  • In a post-credit scene, several obscenities including, but not limited to, "cunt" and "whore" are written on a wall in blood.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters seen smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during a party.
  • The drug "Molly" is talked about and dropped into a character's drink without her knowledge.
  • We see two teenagers snort something. It's not told what it is and we don't see much due to it being so dark.
  • Art injects an unknown chemical into a victim to knock him unconscious.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The deaths in this movie are very graphic and sadistic, and some of them may disgust the viewers.
  • As with the first film, Art the Clown is a terrifying villain. His ways of expression contrasted by total silence, and the sheer way he kills people is some of the most horrific in recent memory.
  • Suicide is briefly mentioned in some points.
  • Very gory movie with lots of blood and guts shown. The second half of the movie contains lots of deaths and intensely suspenseful scenes
  • Not for the faint of heart, this is an extremely brutal movie featuring tons of blood and gore to the point where it may disturb it's viewing audience.
  • Some jumpscares, chase sequences, and moments of suspense are present.
  • EPILEPSY WARNING: Around the halfway mark, there are flashing party lights, and later on, flashing lights inside of a haunted attraction.
  • What's worth noting is that although the gore in Terrifier 2 is much more graphic than the original (which is an insane bar to begin with), it's not as grounded in reality as the original Terrifier, and has a more comical tone.
  • One of the most disturbing things about Art the Clown is that he takes great pleasure in his kills, sometimes performing clown like acts with body parts in an attempt to make his victims laugh. He frequently goes from funny to sadistic throughout the movie.
  • Would definitely be rated a very hard R for strong sadistic and disturbing horror violence including graphic bloody killings and torture throughout, pervasive terror, horrific grisly images, bizarre aberrant behavior, some sexuality, strong language, drug use and teen partying.
  • Labeled the goriest movie of all time
  • Incredibly grisly and disgusting.
  • Allie's infamous "bedroom death" is easily the most disturbing scene in the film


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A mortician is killed by Art the Clown via hammer to the head. Art then gouges out the mortician's eye and mockingly puts it in his own empty eye socket. He then opens the man's head with his bare hands, with blood squirting graphically, and grabs his brain. Very graphic.
  • Art smashes a glass bottle over a man's head. He then takes the handle of the bottle and stabs the man in the eye with it. Then Art takes a meat cleaver and chops at his head until he's entirely decapitated. Very gory and realistic.
  • Sienna hacks into Art's neck several times with a sword, eventually chopping his head off. Gory, but not nearly as graphic as other scenes.
  • A woman's head is blown apart with a shotgun. Later on, her body is seen propped up at a dinner table, with blood and gore all over her. Art then proceeds to stuff mashed potatoes into her mangled head. This may be intense for some viewers.
  • A dead possum is shown, with a large tear in its stomach and its guts spilling out with maggots crawling in them. Later on, Art and The Little Pale Girl are seen disemboweling the possum and eating the organs. This may be sickening to some viewers.
  • Towards the end of the film, several demonic people can be seen bloodied and with their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads.
  • The decapitated, split open head of a woman (killed offscreen) is used as a trick-or-treat bucket. Nobody notices, as they believe it to be fake.
  • Sienna is trapped inside of a water tank by Art. She comes super close to drowning, but just barely escapes.
  • Art throws acid on a woman's face (bloody bubbles and peeling skin is shown), and he uses a stair banister column with knives jammed into it to smash one of her knees in. He then smashes into her chest repeatedly and begins to tear out her organs to look for the heart. Once be finds the heart, he takes a big bite. Very disturbing. Second most graphic part.
  • Sienna fights back against Art by punching, kicking, stabbing, and attacking him with his own weapons. This includes a stair banister with blades attached to the ends that is jammed into his head, and a cat o' nine tails whip with scalpels tied to the ends that he is whipped with repeatedly, eventually stabbing him in the face all at the same time.
  • A girl's eye is slashed, and she is then scalped with scissors. Her arm is subsequently ripped off whilst her other hand is torn in half. She is then repeatedly slashed with a knife. Art leaves and returns with salt and bleach which he throws on and rubs into her wounds. We later she her on her bed with Art continuing to torture her by cutting one of her legs into pieces while the other leg is skinned to the bone. At this point she is still alive. Extremely graphic and disturbing.
  • A very young boy is shown in a dream sequence eating a box of cereal containing glass and razorblades. He is shown again later dead with blood pouring from his mouth.
  • In part of a dream sequence, the main character puts her hand into a cereal box containing razorblades. She screams and pulls out her hand showing she now has cuts in it.
  • Johnathan is shown towards the end of the movie being slashed in the face and back with a scalpel.
  • During a dream sequence, Art uses a flame thrower on a woman and then mocks her. She continues dancing while completely engulfed in flames.
  • Art, on numerous occasions, plays with body parts and attempts to make gags out of all of the acts of violence he is committing.
  • Cannibalism is shown a few times in the movie as Art eats a characters heart, and later is eating parts of a boy while he's still alive screaming in pain.
  • Nearly all of the kills in this movie are shown in graphic detail with no cut away of the camera, including human torture.
  • At the end of the movie a character is shown in graphic detail giving birth to the head of the main antagonist.
  • In the end of the movie, the girl clown is shown picking up Art's decapitated head and talking with it before holding it like a baby and carrying it away offscreen.
  • Art is shown holding the head of one of his victims posing as a decoration to a kid peeking inside of the Halloween store. He then tosses the head to the side.
  • Sienna's father was revealed to have died of complications from a brain tumor prior to the events of the film. While his death happened offscreen and is never seen, Brooke goes into very explicit detail about how he died, saying that Sienna's father drove drunk, crashed his car into an electrical transformer, and burned to death.
  • In the post-credits scene, Victoria is seen vomiting in the toilet in her room at the mental hospital.
  • Jonathan walks in the school hallway and sees Art and the little pale girl playing with a dead animal and eating its insides. When they notice Jonathan is there, they throw the dead animal at him.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Brooke while explaining to her boyfriend about how Sienna's father died, states that he drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey and drove drunk into an electrical transformer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In a dream sequence, Art mass shoots a crowd of people with an automatic weapon. This could trigger some viewers.
  • In a post-credit scene, a woman births Art the Clown's entire head. Very disturbing to watch.
  • Boys are shown picking at a dead animal with a stick. It is very gory with a lot of blood and guts. Later, Art and the little girl clown are shown playing with the same dead animal, which they throw at Jonathan. Very gory.
  • Art the clown is shown carrying a bin bag, a woman looks inside and sees many weapons.

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