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David Benioff strikes again
AmonStarrick3 October 2019
When I saw the trailer I thought "Yea, I already know exactly how the story goes, but the deaging effects look nice"

So I went into it expecting not much, but at least some average entertainment. But oh boy, the movie is kinda hard to enjoy. The characters have no depth, the story is totaly bland and the action in it's best moments is super average.

I was right on both my predictions. The trailer already tells you the whole story and it does feel like you've already seen it before. And also, the creation of a young Will Smith totaly worked.

The script is horrible and you can easily notice the flaws. There are some super obvious setups that are so randomly thrown in that you know it's gotta be important later, just to then be disappointed that the payoff is even worse. Speaking of "Bees".

Sometimes it feels like scenes are missing. Some actually important stuff just happens off-screen.

The finale is disappointing and unspectacular and also the special effects are super whacky. People jump and run so fast that it looks like an early 2000s movie.

Conclusion: Will Smith keeps picking mediocre movies, I can't recommend you watching this, I was really bored.
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Great lead, great director, brought down by the poor writing of Beinoff
elect-h-allen3 October 2019
I was excited to see a preview of this based off the trailers, it looked like it had such a promising premise, but that premise is wasted by poor writing and stilted dialogue. I didn't realize this was written by Beinoff until after I saw the movie but looking back on it it makes a lot of sense. This is exactly the kind of shlocky writing and stupid characters any fan of GOT has come to expect after season 8. I can feel the "Well, X character kind of forgot about Y." throughout the plot.
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Expected it to be a better film
gavril-movie-fan-1004 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The idea of clones is very interesting by itself, but not in this film. The story line isn't that good and is very predictable. I did not like the CGI. It looks like someone else is wearing Will Smith's face and not in a good way. Does not look real. Many action sequences look too digitalized. You get out of the movie thinking, OK, that's it? Where's the story? What's the point? Seems like both of them are missing.
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Nothing Special
ymyuseda10 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Rating 3.5/10 Three clone of Will Smith. That's all. If you want to go and see a really bad movie this is the one for you.
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Two words:
Gernot S.4 October 2019
David Benioff.

...useful when adapting material, not able to write anything entertaining on his own.

Will Smith is Will Smith. I like him, but there's only so much one can do with Benioff's "work".
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Fun action flick
chayes-3424011 October 2019
Listen, you saw the trailer, you know what this is. It's not winning any awards (maybe however they made Will Smith the fresh prince again)

If you take it for the campy action flick it is. You'll enjoy it. Decent fight scenes. Fun motorbike chase.

If you are looking for "high film" this isn't that. The plot has a few holes, but most action films do.
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Worth the Watch!
myanie_9912 October 2019
I understand wanting to come to imdb to get perspective on a film but when I steadily see low ratings on movies just for the fun of it with no real validity behind the rating, it's crazy! This was a good film that was entertaining and an original perspective. I'm also noticing that anytime Will Smith does anything immediately the haters come out the wood works on why his films aren't that great. But why sway, what's the real reason because it really was not that bad.
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Another Beniof fiasco.
juanpedropar19 October 2019
Dialogues are painful, CGI is horrible and the writing is lazy at best. The "twists" are extremely predictable unless you're 10 years old, which is the only way I could imagine someone enjoying this movie.
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Poor movie
kaschroe3 October 2019
I'm really disappointed. The script is awful. Boring dialogues paired with flat characters. At no time I felt connected to the story or any of the characters. Besides that I also couldn't get used to look of the movie. There were many scenes that had the look & feel of a soap opera.
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Feels like a 90s action movie ( in a good way)
g_cotterell11 October 2019
Pros . Great acting by Will Smith, excellent action , engaging story, and interesting premise with some interesting moral discussions . What's not to like. ( no where near as bad as reviews made out)
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It's not bad. But the plot is lackluster.
luckyallstar3 October 2019
Perhaps my expectations were too high. But I felt the whole clone subplot and main theme of this movie was wasted on this flick. It was too bland with absolutely nothing standing out and it could've been wholly replaced.

It's hard to pinpoint the problems in the story other than being mediocre and unimaginative. The whole clone aspect was definitely wasted here. And I kept questioning the motifs of the characters involved.

Some of the action scenes were good and I enjoyed them. But overall I'm fairly certain I'll pass on rewatching this.
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Flawed but fun action thriller
masonsaul12 October 2019
For the record, I didn't see Gemini Man in the high frame rate which critics said made the movie look cheap, which may affect why I liked it so much but Gemini Man is a flawed but fun action thriller. It's surprisingly funny in places and has some genuinely great action sequences and is more thought provoking than I expected. Will Smith gives two great performances. The supporting performances by Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong are all really good. Ang Lee's direction is fantastic and it's beautifully filmed. The music by Lorne Balfe is excellent. It's only brought down by a plot with subplots that are forgotten about and CG that dips in quality during the final 10 mins, despite being impressive up until that point.
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Decent action thriller
nl-313038 December 2019
Underrated, definitely flaws in script but overall far away from a disaster. I would say it's a 6.5-7, worth a see.
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Neither Ang Lee's innovative HFR technology or Will Smith's digital de-aging can save this lame, inert and frustratingly pointless thriller from being an utter high-concept mi
moviexclusive6 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not content for the high frame rate (HFR) stereoscopic technology which he first experimented with in 2016's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' to be a one-hit wonder, Ang Lee employs the same method in this science-fiction action thriller to give it the same pin-sharp clarity. The impact is plainly apparent right from the start if viewed in the HFR 3D format - not only are we led to observe an astonishing extent of visual minutiae in the opening scenes where Will Smith's special-forces assassin Henry Brogan positions himself atop a grassy knoll to assassinate his target on board an express train, the crispness and clarity of the images are startling to say the least, although some may not be quite so enamoured with the effect.

Regardless, there will probably be no argument that the most stunning technological achievement here is the digital de-aging of Smith, which allows the 51-year-old actor to play a character 25 years younger than he is. Junior, as that character is named here, is a clone created by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative Clay Varris (Clive Owen) under the ethically suspect 'Gemini project', which aims to manufacture biotech warriors to fight our wars for us. Specifically for Junior though, Clay has been raising him as his adopted son, in the hopes that he may equal Brogan at his own game one day - and that game so happens to be the business of sharpshooting, which Brogan has demonstrated his prowess in through 72 unblemished kills for the DIA and is now more than ready to retire from.

That, in essence, is the premise of 'Gemini Man', which has been languishing in development since the 1990s and passed through the likes of Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery before finding its lead in Smith. Thanks to the contributions of Weta Digital, Lee has accomplished what the late director Tony Scott never managed to, although we suspect that achievement will likely be lost on an audience who will wonder why all those years evolving the technology was not similarly spent on developing its undercooked script (credited to three distinguished Hollywood veterans no less, including 'Game of Thrones' creator David Benioff and 'The Hunger Games' co-writer Billy Ray).

As appealing as the idea of an aging hitman who is targeted by a younger clone of himself may sound, the very concept itself is flawed - indeed, it doesn't take a genius to realise that just because two individuals have the same DNA means they will possess the same abilities. That logic gap would have been easier to ignore if the movie itself were simply a popcorn blockbuster; unfortunately, it also figures itself to be a thinking-man's thriller about the age-old debate between Nature and Nurture. Indeed, rather than kill each other outright, Brogan decides to engage in a cat-and-mouse game with Junior, believing that Junior could very well be a different person if he knew the truth about his origins.

Why Brogan would hold a soft spot for his clone is never satisfactorily explained during the movie or even at the end, except to allow the storytelling to pit Smith against Smith and then to have two of them go up against Owen's resident villain. Yet because Owen is not an action star, the finale turns out underwhelming, leaving only the two set-pieces involving a battle of Wills to hold your attention. Thankfully, owing to Lee's deft staging, they are pretty amazing to watch - one of them takes place against the picturesque streets of Columbia, unfolding along its rooftops before culminating in a dizzying motorcycle chase; and the other happens in the underlit catacombs of Budapest, where both men engage in a furious exchange of kicks and punches before one of them almost drowns the other.

Even so, these sequences are not enough to compensate for the sheer inertness of the rest of the movie, which comprises of weak banter and plenty of thudding exposition. Despite roping in Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a fellow rogue DIA agent and Benedict Wong as a wise-cracking pilot sidekick, there is hardly any fun to be had in their team dynamics (unlike say that between Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg in 'Mission Impossible - Fallout'), no thanks to the leaden dialogue. Not only is the science highly suspect, the whole narrative itself is frustratingly thin, with the barest of excuses why they have to go from Columbia to Hungary before heading back to Georgia, or even how they can somehow borrow a Gulfstream jet to fly them from country to country.

In fact, we'd dare say you'll be bored stiff during the two-hour duration, because other than the action, there is little momentum to the storytelling at all. Lee's attempt at fleshing out Brogan and Junior's respective reckoning falls embarrassingly flat, not so much because Smith doesn't try his best to emote both ways (and we mean both here because he plays both characters), but rather because the character development here is so blunt it hardly even matters. Whether deliberate or otherwise, the fact that the movie pretty much revolves around these five roles (Smith, Smith Jr, Winstead, Wong and Owen) is even less excuse for the sheer laziness in the scripting, both in terms of plot and character.

Much as we'd love to embrace Lee's techniques here, 'Gemini Man' is ultimately a high-concept misfire. Like we said, the very premise itself is flawed, and the rest of the movie does itself no favours by thinking itself smarter and more intelligent than it really is; worse still, it doesn't even much try to be credible, which neither Smith's charisma or Lee's filmmaking ingenuity can compensate for. Oh yes, the HFR realism and digital fakery are novel probably for the first 10 minutes, but soon wears off and reveals instead the artificiality and superficiality of the whole enterprise. It may sound appealing to have two Smiths in the same movie, but you'd wish they'd went right back to the genesis of this project and change up the whole DNA of this dull, almost lifeless, big-budget failure.
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Save yourself $10. Go see Joker again.
vkikherii12 October 2019
Watch the trailer and that summed up everything. Nothing new, Special effect that we have seen in other movies. Will is so going under.
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Don't listen to the reviews- I don't think they saw the same movie
canoodle_movies10 October 2019
I was so close to not seeing this movie because of the reviews on here, but decided to go nonetheless and I'm so glad I did. It definitely wasn't a slow movie like some indicated and I enjoyed it. It had the right amount of action and drama. Some scenes you noticed the CGI, I think it was done really well and a great action packed movie to see. Ignore the haters and see it for yourself.
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It's an OK movie.
AliensReservoir18 November 2019
This is not the kind of movie you will recall in 5 years, but it's very watchable, it is not boring, it's good for 2 hours to kill.

I regret the lack of getting deeper in Junior's character, it's a bit thrown in a face, but that's okey.

Over all i will not claim back my 2 hours watching it, the story is keeping you up, and if someone ask me about the movie, I'll just say, it's OK, don't expect the super movie, but that's okey.
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So that's it huh? I'm some kind of Gemini Man?
nickjo19981 October 2019
I was lucky enough to be invited to a premiere screening of the film, in 60fps and in 3D (been a while since I've seen a film in 3D, and the framerate was distracting in very few scenes).

It's a technical feat. Young Will Smith is probably the best looking CGI de-aging effect I've seen in a film (until the last scene). The cinematography was also really well-done, there are some interesting shots, especially one panoramic shot of a train whizzing by. And shots hold for much longer than the typical action film, often showing impressive long-take shots. The action is tense, with hard-hitting fight choregoraphy, as opposed to the "cut away" style many modern action films go with.

Will Smith, both young and old, delivers a very good performance as assassins struggling with their identity & place in the world, albeit in very different circumstances. The plot takes a bit to kick in to full gear, but once it gets rolling, it's a thrilling ride some minor speed bumps.

All in all, a solid Hollywood action film, it's no masterpiece, but very enjoyable.
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Entertaining movie, awesome visuality
matanavishai3 October 2019
It's not perfect, and the plot could be deeper and better, but I had good two hours watching this movie. Good action and beautiful scenes - both thanks to the locations and the tech. Plus, young Will Smith is just insane.
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You made a person out of another person, then you sent me to kill him. You made a choice to do this to me.
hitchcockthelegend10 July 2020
Gemini Man is directed by Ang Lee and co-written by David Benioff and Darren Lemke. It stars Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong. Music is by Lorne Balfe and cinematography by Dione Beebe.

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an aging but elite assassin who's ready to call it quits. However, his plans are put on hold when he suddenly becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. The assassin who stalks him has a very familiar feel to him...

Lets not beat around the bush, Smith and Winstead deserve a better screenplay than this. The writing is weak and lazy, Lee is clearly the wrong director for such a high concept action film, while the action scenes are shoddy in effects. In fact the storyline, as trite as it is, is unfairly in a constant battle against the CGI on show.

However, film never sits still and refuses to let boredom take a hold. The lead actors are engaging enough to hold attention throughout, and even as the sugary coatings fill out the final throes, we at least can acknowledge there were earnest intentions to make an existential clone thriller here. But with Jerry Bruckheimer on production you can see there's a popcorn action film trying to break free of the literary treacle.

Hardly the worst clone sci-fier that some have called it, but it's not memorable either. Think of it more as a time filler for the curious about the subject to hand. 6/10
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A solid action flick with new shooting techniques
sepetcenk2 December 2019
An extremely underrated action flick. Yes it is not well written but it well directed. Also it flows and surprises you with the very unique and new shooting methods. 5.7 star is brutal. Come on. Why you get crazy when you don't like a script of action film? It's fun. Get over it.
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Not so bad
marcussteyn20003 December 2019
This movie isn't going to break barriers but it is for the most part an enjoyable watch, the script and story is mediocre but it is uplifted with swift direction and some exciting action.
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Clashing matches
TheLittleSongbird19 December 2019
Despite its negative critical reception, that didn't stop me from seeing 'Gemini Man'. The idea was really interesting and with the right execution could have been thrilling, inventive, thoughtful and emotional. Ang Lee has done some great work, 'Brokeback Mountain', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', 'The Ice Storm' and 'Sense and Sensibility' being favourites ('Life of Pi' needs a re-watch but remember liking that too). Also don't consider Will Smith a bad actor, quite a likeable one in the right roles.

As much as it pains me to say it, 'Gemini Man' is as severely disappointing as has been said. Don't think it is that awful and there are far worse films out there, but it is a sad waste of a good idea and neither Lee or Smith are well served. Smith comes off better and compared to almost everything else he comes off reasonably well, he has been in and done worse than 'Gemini Man' ('After Earth' anyone?) but is a much better performer than this. This is a very strong contender for a career worst for Lee, actually found it more disappointing than 'Hulk' which left me in shock after watching that he was the one responsible for the four great (more than great actually) films cited.

'Gemini Man' is beautifully and atmospherically photographed and similarly boasts production and set design that had more imagination than what was everywhere else. While not much may unforgettably stand out in the music score, it at least fitted with the atmosphere, didn't over-bear that it swamped everything and sounded appealing on the ears.

Smith is a commanding and amiable presence and actually the cast did quite well with what they were given and considering what they were given, which would be beneath anybody. The ossuary brawl is spectacular.

Lee however is completely out of his depth, he fails to bring any energy or freshness to material that was in dire need of both and material too that his directing style, which has too much of a heavy hand here, is not particularly well suited for. There is an overuse of special effects and it is sad to say that it is agreed that the effects are not very good. Actually thought that they looked like they were made in a rush and on the too cheap side, like they were going for quantity and not quality. So much so that they looked fake amongst everything else, Junior was very cheap looking, and it is such a shame because the rest of the production values looked great.

David Benioff's script really sinks 'Gemini Man'. There is absolutely no substance to it, non-stop blandness more like, and quite a lot of it is very difficult to take seriously, so unnatural sounding and cheesy to the point of being juvenile. Instead of being deep in thought one is likely perhaps to be trying not to laugh, plus it can sound quite old-fashioned. The story had a cool idea but does nothing really new or imaginative with it, with some obvious and shoehorned in plot turns, only sporadically thrilling but mostly workmanlike at best (mostly lacking lustre) action (the ossuary brawl excepted) and the execution of an idea that sounded inventive on paper is too ordinary and familiar. The characters, despite the best efforts of the cast, are very sketchy in development and basically genre ciphers and not much more.

In conclusion, great potential but misses it by a mile. 3/10
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Gemini Man, Oh Man, Oh Man...
wasabiteabag3 October 2019
Unlike Ang Lee's hometown masterpiece Yin shi nan nu (1994), I had little to no expectations of this film bringing any substance to the table. The trailer did not sell it well. The clone concept has been done multiple times over (pun intended). Even Arnie's The 6th Day (2000) had a plot more original than this.

There is some good to take out of this film though, we get to experience amazing Next Level use of 3D Technology featuring HFR (High Frame Rate). There are honest moments of "Whoa" and "That was cool". However, this wasn't enough of a distraction from the awful script. It was as if the technical crew just wanted to play with their toys as soon as an opportunity presented itself (cough, Jerry Bruckheimer, cough).

On that note, I can see this technology being used in a more balance collaboration that will surely pay off down the track. Until then, maybe check this film out if you are looking for a preview of what could be.
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Style over Substance.
swordsnare16 September 2020
This film will be most notable for it's innovative achievements in the effects realm. Although, the scriptwriting/story in contrast to the effects were a little lacklustre.

I appreciate the effort with the involvement of Ang Lee and, of course Will Smith, but I was left wanting.
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