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emotional eruption
SnoopyStyle10 September 2017
Sadik struggles to find help as his pregnant wife gives birth. There has been a military coup and no one comes. His wife dies in the streets. He is a leftist writer and the military tortures him. Years later in poor health due to the torture, he takes his son Deniz back to his rural family home. He has been estranged from his conservative father since leaving for school in Istanbul. Intending to leave Deniz with his parents, his mother forces him to stay. The father and son struggle to come to terms in their relationship.

This is digging into a deep family rift and finds a compelling movie. I would prefer Sadik to look more sickly when he arrives back at the village. It meanders as the plot lacks an obvious ticking clock. That's why Sadik's sickness should be played up to make his end more inevitable. It culminates with one oddly riveting emotional eruption by the father. It is breath-taking in its rawness. It helps that these actors are unknown to me which creates a realism despite the surreal emotional eruption.
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Kirpianuscus1 December 2015
touching. realistic. profound pledge for the values of family. one of films with status of mirror. because it use the soap opera tools for a simple story about relations, regrets, decisions and build of peace as result of hard wars against yourself. because it preserves and use the Turkish spirit for an universal story about a father and his son. because it propose not entertainment or answers. only a lot of not very comfortable questions. because it is a high useful film. about the courage to choice the right decision. because it has the flavor of old times and reminds the basic truth. a film who must see. for discover a chain of challenges. and theirs limits.
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"When a person grows up, do his dreams become smaller?"
classicsoncall3 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm gradually becoming less and less surprised when I see a foreign film that's every bit as good as those produced by Americans or the Brits. This was my first Turkish film, and for those of you struggling to find it, I would direct you to Youtube where you can find it in it's entirety with English subtitles. As the translated title suggests, the story is about a man struggling to come to terms with a father who disowned him, and his feelings of growing away from his own seven year old son. The back story of Sadik's (Fikret Kuskan) personal history does not fully come to light until well into the picture, when we learn that he became an anarchist journalist, much to the dismay of his father, who had designs for his son to take over the family farm upon attaining an agricultural degree. For viewers with a Turkish background, the conflict that resulted in Sadik's jail time and torture will probably be understood better within the context of that country's history, so for someone like myself, a lot of that perspective is lost. However that doesn't affect the impact of the story when it's finally revealed that Sadik's reconciliation with his father occurred because of his impending death due to a pulmonary edema condition. The man did a noble thing for his own son Deniz (Ege Tanman) by returning him to the village of Sadik's childhood to remain with family and friends. I would challenge the viewer to maintain a dry eye as the mystery of father/grandfather Huseyin's (Çetin Tekindor) 'secret room' reveals Sadim's happy and hopeful youth before he left his family. One comes away from the film with a serene sense of family bond that transcends nationality, as in the end, we are all humans subject to the same emotions of love and loyalty.
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Vincentiu8 October 2013
a family. trace of past. lines of present. and a touching end. Father and son is a collection of themes. and a splendid example to define each in a delicate and precise manner. it is touching and special film in contemporary Turkish filmography. it is special for the art of a young director to use old ingredients in a new manner. nothing spectacular, only old truth sides. but the result is a profound exploration of viewer universe - the relationship with the other, the family importance, the new chance, the error and its price, the miracle. sure, it is a Balkan movie. but its message is universal. its beauty is out of definitions. the inspired acting, the force of images, the music are only parts of an impressive story , a fairy tale with strong roots in reality.
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An Evocative Portrait Of Father-Son Bondings That's As Heartwarming As It Is Heartbreaking
CinemaClown19 June 2017
Crafted with tenderness, told with composure & sincerely brought to life by its cast, My Father and My Son (also known as Babum ve Oğlum) is a story of loss, grief & broken relationships that paints an evocative portrait of father-son bonding, and is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

My Father and My Son tells the story of Sadık, a Turkish man who returns to his hometown with his son to reunite with his estranged family. Although everyone at home is elated to have him back, his relationship with his father still needs mending, which he hopes to accomplish before it's too late.

Written & directed by Çağan Irmak, the film features a simple premise but packs a lot of emotions that's honestly captured. All the characters are embedded with meaty arcs but it's the sum of their relationship with each other & a sense of history between them that provides the necessary weight to it.

The father-son dimension between Sadık & his son as well as Sadık & his father is portrayed in an earnest manner, and all the actors play their part responsibly to make their interactions genuine & share a wonderful chemistry together. Camera-work is no slouch, pacing is steady, and music really complements the whole narrative.

On an overall scale, My Father and My Son is a skilfully directed & deftly scripted family drama that pays proper attention to its characters & their relationships, develops those bonds at a steady rate, and at times even indulges in a child's imagination to add more depth to its tale before finishing on an emotionally hefty note. Definitely one of Turkish cinema's finest works, My Father and My Son is absolutely worthy of a broader audience.
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Very Good
jack_o_hasanov_imdb14 August 2021
A lot of people cried after watching this movie. I never cried, but it is a beautiful and touching film. But the little boy in the lead role was always repulsive to me, maybe that's why I never got emotional while watching the movie.
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Good movie
8512225 September 2017
Greetings from Lithuania.

Even if sometimes "My Father and My Son" (2005) goes a bit to sentimental, and some actions at the end of some characters feels more like a funny then real, i never lost interest in it when watching this movie. Script here is great - it is involving movie and directing was also top notch. Acting was pretty good mostly by actor who played grandfather and the one who played brother was a bit over the top i think.

Overall, "My Father and My Son" is a good movie at the end despite some of its flaws. Its a touching story well made.
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Slices of life that don't add up to much
briancham199425 August 2021
This film has true-to-life feel that makes the viewer feel as if they are part of a great family reunion. I loved all the small moments with the child's imagination, the falling out and the happy memories. The acting felt naturalistic and joyous, without any melodrama. However, I don't think these moments truly cohered into a whole. While there was a compelling narrative arc that developed the characters and the family's backstory, it didn't amount to much for me by the end.
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May God Bless Turkish Cinema for delivering The BEST FAMILY-EMOTIONS FILM EVER !
My Father and My Son (2005) : Brief Review -

May God Bless Turkish Cinema for delivering The BEST FAMILY-EMOTIONS FILM EVER ! I love those moments when the film is over and i am sobbing & sniffing. I love it writing a film review with teary eyes and wrenched heart. After seeing more than Ten Top class Family dramas in Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian Cinema finally i found something which i can call 'The Best Family Drama Ever'. Family emotions were never so new and never so touching before. I know Emotional Family Drama is nothing new, it's the same old story but i don't know how this film managed to pull off the same old stuff with such a new and innovative way? My Father And My Son is story of Sadik who left his father and Mother years ago and now is blessed by a Child. He returns to his Father and Mother's house so that his Son can have a Home. See there is nothing new or outstanding in the plot but the storytelling is New and Outstanding. The way film is narrated by a Child who is living Real Life and Fantasy together, the way things are mixed up, the way memories from old days are used, the way Father and Son relationship is explored, everything is so Emotional and for a change so Clever. I don't remember watching such an intelligent narrative in this genre. All actors make this one look like a real family, they create thier place in your heart because every character is different in nature and you are forced to love them all. Background Music is so beautiful and mesmerizing, i could feel it in all those emotional moments. Direction is Top Notch. A rare case when i don't have any complaints to make. My Father and My Son is a story for everyone who love thier kids, fathers and thier family and that's why it is Universal subject. It would be shameful for you if you miss this MASTERPIECE..

RATING - 9/10*

By - #samthebestest
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Unabashed Melodrama with its Roots in Yeşilçam
l_rawjalaurence22 January 2016
A huge hit on its first release in 2005, BABAM VE OĞLUM (MY FATHER AND MY SON) is an unabashed melodrama with the emphasis on excess.

The story is a straightforward one: Sadık (Fikret Kuşkan) has to deliver his first child alone, when there is no one to take his wife Aysun (Tuba Büyüküstün) to the hospital. The wife dies, leaving Sadık a single parent on the first day of the military coup taking place in the Republic of Turkey on 12 September 1980.

Time passes: Sadık is imprisoned and tortured for his political views; but on his release, he leaves İstanbul with his son Deniz (Ege Tanman) to return to the family home near İzmir. He receives a frosty welcome from his father Hüseyin (Çetin Tekindor) who has never forgiven Sadık for quitting his studies in agriculture in İstanbul and turning to politics instead. The rest of the movie focuses on the way familial relationships change, as well as how people cope with an unexpected tragedy.

Director Çağan Irmak looks at the oppressive influence of the past on the present; not only does it affect relationships between Sadık and Hüseyin, but it significantly dictated Sadık's love-life too. Returning to his home-town, Sadık is at once attracted and repelled by its familiarity; those who have never left - even for a short time - remain blinkered in their world-views. On the other hand BABAM VE OĞLUM shows how families stick together in times of crisis, and can resolve their own problems so long as they are prepared to acknowledge them in the first place.

The narrative contrasts Sadık's story with Deniz's imaginative fantasies, in which the little boy positions himself as the hero. In the first part of the film they can be read as a retreat from reality, as Deniz tries to cope with the trauma of moving to a new town and coping with a new life. By the end, however, he has discovered that such fantasies might change, once he grows up. They will remain fantasies, but they will fulfill a different function in his life.

The film is full of major scenes of confrontation and reconciliation, with Irmak's camera-work designed to achieve maximum dramatic effect through the use of close-ups, panning shots, dissolves, and two- shots, complemented by a florid musical score (by Evanthia Reboutsika). Although the narrative celebrates excess - of emotion, of feeling and of reconciliation - it does not seem in any way forced. In fact, it is as convincing and emotion-provoking as the best Yeşilçam melodramas of the past. Clearly Irmak planned BABAM VE OĞLUM as an homage to the genre, and he accomplishes his task with élan. Definitely worth more than one viewing.
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About the meaning of home
Vartiainen4 December 2019
Babam ve Oglum, or My Father and My Son, takes place at the start and in the aftermath of the 1980 Turkish coup, where the existing government was overthrown and a military junta took power. This took place on September 12th, and on that same night a left-wing journalist, Sadik (Fikret Kuskan), lost his wife in childbirth. We jump some years into the future as Sadik returns back to his childhood home in the countryside with his son Deniz (Ege Tanman).

What I appreciate the most about this movie is how layered it is. How it tells so many stories at once. First of all, it's a great story about returning back home after having left it years ago. I too grew up in the countryside, and this movie tells it just like it is. About how it feels so alien, like the place has been frozen in time, but at the same time there's immediacy to it, certain purity even. It feels like home in a way city never can.

It's also a story about three different generations trying to build and rebuild bridges. About grandparents finding a connection with a grandson they've never met. About a son trying to reason with his father, both Deniz with Sadik and Sadik with Hüseyin (Çetin Tekindor), Deniz's grandfather. And as a sidenote, can I just state how much I loved the character of Salim (Yetkin Dikinciler), Sadik's brother, who stayed when he left. What a kindhearted, honest and utterly likable character.

And yes, it's also a story about a certain period in Turkish history. But that stuff is not at the foreground. It plays a part in the narrative, but more as a source of causality. It's the reason why things happen, but not the focus. And I think that was the right call to make, in order for these other stories to have enough room to grow and shine.

This movie isn't widely known as of writing this review. And that's a shame. It has the depth, the expertise and the purity of message to be a true classic. I hope more people find it in years to come, because it surely deserved to be watched and appreciated.
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Very soap operish.
Kdosda_Hegen17 February 2021
This film while not bad, but was just cringe soap opera alike. Yes it has some good morals, but the cheesyness ruins it.
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alansabljakovic-390444 September 2018
Emotional but i find nothing special about it. Good story but I think it is very average movie so its a 7/10 from me.
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Awesome drama movie about relationships.
Takethispunch18 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In order to study journalism at Istanbul University, Sadık leaves his village on the Aegean coast. This angers his father, Hüseyin, who wants him to study Agricultural Engineering so he can manage the family farm. During his years at university Sadık becomes a militant in left wing politics. Upon learning about Sadık's behavior, Hüseyin disowns him.

However worse days are ahead for Sadık. In the early hours of the morning on September 12, 1980 Sadık's pregnant wife starts having contractions. The couple runs outside, but they can't find anyone to take them to the hospital, due to a curfew. The country has been taken over in a military coup. Sadık's wife gives birth in a park and dies, but their son, Deniz, possibly named after leftist youth icon Deniz Gezmiş, survives.

Because of his political activities, Sadık is arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for three years during which time he loses his health. A few years after being released, he finds out that he will die. Having no other choice, he takes Deniz back to his family farm on the Aegean into the care of his mother and his father, who still does not speak to him. For Deniz, who is absorbed in the magical world of comic books, meeting his relatives on the farm is a new experience. There is his grandmother (Hümeyra Akbay) who drives a tractor and speaks on a short wave radio, his aunt Hanife (Binnur Kaya) who wears bracelets from her wrist all the way to her shoulder, and his uncle (Yetkin Dikinciler) who is a little naive.

There is trouble in store, however, for Sadık and Hüseyin who must come to terms with their past and each other. Sadık also needs to face his first love, now married with two children, and the question of old friends. However his sickness takes over and Sadık passes away. His parents take over the responsibility of Deniz who comes into term with his father's loss.
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The State as a Tool of Terror...
Xstal31 October 2020
The profound consequences that a state, in fear of its people, can have on those people. Achingly sad and sincere, riven with sorrow and emotion, the tragic effects on a rural family in Turkey in the1980s as a result of tyranny, despotism and control. Be prepared to bleed tears into a bucket as your outrage, sorrows and disbelief take hold, in a wholly believable story that could be retold in far too many places around the world, still is unfortunately and, most sadly, still will be while true democracy is ignored - although it is particular poignant the way it's performed here.
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Movie Review Profits
rachelrose-873565 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Play Babam ve Oglum! It is fast and easy to view! A good way to spend your time. Be the best!
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An emotional drama that never hits hard
JakeBrinkman25 January 2019
This is an emotional drama that, after the opening scene, was never quite able to hit my heartstrings. The story has two, or arguably three, main characters. Some movies are able to pull this off, but this one never seems to provide quite enough background or personality behind the characters to make me feel emotionally attached to any of them.

The acting also played a role in my failure to connect. Many scenes were acted convincingly or adequately, but others seemed either unrealistic or overacted. In my opinion, the only consistent actor played the brother Salim, who was quite funny in several scenes (even if one of those scenes abruptly killed an emotional scene).

A final comment is that the composer and director quite obviously did not cooperate for this film. Whenever background music is playing, the end transition never failed to be jarring. The music would stop or change in such a way that never failed to break any immersion I had in the film. It was very apparent that the director, composer, editor, etc. did not have any idea how to make a musical transition.
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The two loves between father and son deeply moved me
zzhhhqing24 May 2020
The two loves between father and son deeply moved me, especially when the old man finally opened his arms to make a hug gesture. Through the gaps and contradictions between father and son in an ordinary family, let us experience the warmth of the family, no matter how far away from home, I believe that people who wander outside, whether they have their own new home or not, The inherent sense of belonging can only be truly felt at home. The gap between children and parents is also easy to eliminate, because no matter which side, they are deeply in love with each other.
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Nice family movie.
h-2865817 May 2020
A very emotional film about a man who returns back to his village home with his kid. The father son relationship is beautifully captured.
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Crying mess
zeekwunlau4 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
At first I looked at it a little

Sadik came back from drinking, and his wife reminded him that she could always give birth to the clumsy appearance of the scholar holding the child, and then laughed together, and then the moment of tension came in the middle of the night. The wife was awake and knew that she was going to give birth to Sadik. I could n't get a car on the road, and I could n't see a wife who was in labor and could n't move anymore. On the roadside, ssadik delivered his own baby until the next day when a soldier came to the truck and saw Mu Ran sitting on his face and The child is covered with blood

The reason why I said that it was mulan because I only saw a man who was simply accompanied by his wife because the child was not on him, so he would go to drink in the middle of the night and wake up to rely on the hospital. It was just that he ran into a war and left him overnight Growing up facing an unacceptable situation of raising children independently and facing bereavement

Immediately after the three-three-three-two people in the movie came in and kissed and left the child, the front teeth were open. I think it should be when the teeth were changed at the age of seven or eight. Then, Sadik took denniz and his parents' home on the road to let the child repeat the precautions he taught him. Do n't make grandpa grandpa happy when you 're unhappy. Then you can see the uncle. Do n't ask questions. Do n't fight with nearby children.

When I arrived at my parents 'house, I was harvesting wheat. It seemed that a bunch of bundled wheat straws fell in the field and waited in the yard for a while. The family came back. My mother wept with joy. Thank God, my father turned away and went cold and ruthless.

Sadik saw that his father would n't see him. Although he was prepared, he could n't help but turn around and would leave. Son 's sentence, dad, where are you going, stopped him, stood there, turned to look at his son

Come back for dinner in the evening. The family tweeted. The relatives came one by one. The elder brother and his family of four. The aunts dressed up by the nobles made a table. The only one who filled the table was eating. Only Dad went to the cafe to hide.

The next morning, the curious little denniz walked to the stable under the guidance of grandma and heard that the horseshoes are all good I was restrained and turned to leave. At this time, I saw that Grandpa did n't hold back and said that the kid who was wearing was happy when he got an answer. Why did n't I see Grandpa saying that you were too far away? Ma is wearing iron shoes and the child asks the horse to have a name. If you know that the child likes to read comic books, the translation shown at this time is the uncle. The old father said how do you call me uncle, I am your grandfather and hug the child. I got up and went away. The old mother and sadik on the balcony saw a hearty smile and felt sent a breath of relief. Then I turned to the comic store on the street. It was originally to buy a book for my grandson. This old man pretends to be very caring and indifferent. I was thinking that Turkey and China have similar aspects .... I met Sadik and his brother who wanted to meet the original acquaintances

sadik thanked him and told him why he came back

In the evening, the drunk sadik came back and asked his mother to take his son to stay with his brother for one night. He had important things to tell his father. He did n't want his son to see them quarreling.

This time is the climax of the story. All the emotions are revealed here. Sadik said why he was given this name. The translation is faithful. His brother's name is safe. Are you afraid of not being arranged for a life back? Not begging for forgiveness, not admitting mistakes But he has been between the home and freedom for many years. He has a home that cannot be returned to, and he has been thinking of violating his father's arrangements. In the past, he said that he was back to give his son a room, a home, and a free home. Did you know that you can't do it?

At this moment, I could n't cry, watching their conversation, tears,

Behind is that the old father finally can't hold back, and seeing the fallen son shouting at his son, as if he were the only one in his life

The reason why this movie is good is that it expresses the relationship between father and son. It has a deep and heavy responsibility. Love through the relationship between sandik and his father and the relationship with his son. Every delicate emotional treatment makes people move. Can't own

It 's really a good movie, but there are also bad things in it. When I was convicted and went to jail, the part was very vague. Finally, my lungs were sick and I died abruptly, and I was awkward. Little danniz was very dependent on his father, but he did n't have any memories or memories of his mother

This is a film focusing on expressing fatherly love
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my father and my son
ssssgelojun29 June 2020
I thought I would never forgive my father, and when I came out of jail in October, he came to see me. We met at Liuliqiao. His hair was white and his eyes were cloudy. The man full of power had disappeared. At that moment, I forgave him.
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Did we have to wait that long to make a decent movie on our "coup d'etats"?
elsinefilo16 July 2006
Kenan Evren,the the leader of the coup d'etat on 12 September 1980 and the 7th president of Turkey let the cat out of the bag before a press member a couple of months ago:"Under the same circumstances I would lead the same coup d'etat without hesitation." Naturally the DA opened an investigation but the gory leader of the 80s saved himself based on recently made constitutional changes related to "freedom of speech". What's ironical is that he was saved by some concept he repressed for years.I am not necessarily a member of Generation Y which could understand the sufferings of the period better but I know what a coup d'etat is and what it did to the people of this country.Kenan Evren and his troupe(!) of force commanders which were named "our boys" in the CIA headquarters after the coup led just another 'stumbling block" which caused Turkey's democracy to lag behind for another fifteen years.Evren seemed to have great admiration for the founder of Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, but he shut down some institutions founded by Atatürk and is often accused of deforming the country's legal system against Atatürk's principles. Thousands of people who were remanded in custody were killed or heavily injured in the prisons. I wonder why the Turkish movie makers have waited for more than twenty years to make a movie out of this calamity. You see it's not more than five years since the USA invaded Iraq but there have been lots of TV series,movies,plays which have a little of that theme in it. They just know how to stand up for the actual course of things.An example: There is still a Guantanamo prison and there are still many prisoners there who have no right to appear before a court-martial but Michael Winterbottom-the British film-maker made a 2006 docu-drama named "The Road to Guantanamo". He did not really wait for US officials to shut down this prison to make his movie. I know a lot of people have already seen "Babam ve Oglum" and most people know what it's all about but I just wanted tell something on the plot too.Sadik is sort of a free-spirited person. In a period where people find every opportunity to fight with each other on capitalism-communism conflict he gets into continuous clashes with his father. This is what we learn during the course of voice-over in the movie.His family as a village family sends him to Istanbul to study agriculture. He loses his wife on the night of coup d'etat just because he cannot find any taxi to take her to the nearest hospital.Probably nobody was outside because of the general curfew,he was a bit tipsy at the time and he did not hear of anything.He helps his wife to give birth.His wife dies but his son survives the birth. In a coup d'etat period where people have been charged based on their political beliefs he is tortured in custodial prisons.After his release he develops a chronic lung disorder.After losing his job and when his health deteriorates heavily he decides to go back to his village, to his father's home. Actually this is a plot developed by flashbacks and some kinda voice-over because the whole 2 hours nearly is set in the village specifically on the father-son relationship. Sadik feels like he could never leave the village neither could he stay there. He feels to be trapped in a limbo.He does not seem to understand his father neither does his father attempt get his son under the skin.By way a voice-over for example we hear their discussion on "serfs." The son accuses his father of being kinda capitalistic power the father defends himself by telling "Have we ever treated them different? Have we ever prevented them from sitting at our dinner table and eat?" He has a point.In Anatolian culture field workers have not been seen as indentured servants mostly.So the son does not get his father's point but the father has not offered him some "latitude" either so that his son could have made his life on his free-will. Two hours cinematic feast flows on this father-son relationship,their final efforts to understand each other in the final days of Sadik before his death.
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Me and my father.
krational667 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
In fact, until Sadik died, Sadik's father did not understand why his son rebelled, why he left home without hesitation. To close the gap between father and son with Sadik's death is another form of tragedy. This scenario is still played out in this world, because in the face of death, any form of ethical conflict has to give way, and any form of competition is meaningless. Death is the most powerful force and the most powerless.

My son and I

Sadik's affection for his son is reflected in many details and, of course, sometimes more of an expectation. In a sleeping next to their favorite cartoon books, the son of son seriously answer various questions, put out your cigarette before son came to the bedroom and to disperse the smoke, aware of their own will and his father the son off, while fighting repeatedly told his father to give his son a space, and so on, believe that these details are not deliberately. Sadik knows that the conflict between him and his father is difficult to resolve, so he has reflected his personal thoughts in his son's education: more independence and freedom, and try not to let his likes and dislikes have any influence on his son. Because Sadik understood: the maintenance of family ties, in addition to blood and love, more important also need their own independent space. The premise of this space should be mutual understanding and non-interference.

About the movie itself

It's a film that impresses a lot of people, but it won few awards at the festival, with only three small prizes at local festivals. (one is for public opinion and the other two are for sound), which I think may be the reason for the unclear theme. From the title, the theme should be the family, the love between two pairs of father and son, grandpa's love for his grandson. The subject is clear and full of ink. Another theme is freedom, the choice of values, the conflict of values between father and son. The third theme is country and nation. At the beginning of the film, he fails to call an ambulance and dies the night his wife is due to give birth, all because of a coup that has crippled the entire medical system. So, Sadik later told his friend, "I thought I was fighting for my country, but the country didn't care." Reflection on the government is also one of the important themes. Because the theme is a bit too much, just dilute the film most want to express things.
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Emotional and very heartbreaking movie
Ahmad_pilehvar29 September 2020
It was a real emotional and heartbreaking movie about a father and a son relation,through the watching movie in couple of scenes I couldn't control myself and it made me weep. sometimes as father you should make right decision but you can't push your child very hard cause it could have an opposite effect. this movie has a great story and almost with good ending. the actors and actress were acting just perfect like it was part of a family real life.
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An intense emotional drama
princebansal198222 May 2011
At its core "My Father and My Son" is another old man - young kid story done just right. While it is not as amazing or as stunning as many reviews proclaim it is still a very good movie. It is prone to sentimentality sometimes, but that is more of a cultural thing. While acting wasn't spot on in a couple of places, mostly everybody has done a very good job and though it may appear that the actors are overacting you have to keep in mind that different cultures have different norms and different ways of expressing emotions.

"My Father and My Son" is not groundbreaking, but It is both touching and humorous without falling in too many clichés. A very good movie and a treat for foreign movie lovers.
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