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Absolutely dreadful
KMeister110 May 2005
As an African American male, I wanted to like the movie "Ride or Die" because it featured a black male lead character and a mostly black cast. But the movie was so bad...

I'ts about a James Bond-like private investigator trying to solve the murder of a childhood friend (I guess). Vivica A. Fox, who was one of the producers, brought a little charm to the vehicle playing a black female "Q," but the more I watched, the more I felt sorry for her being in such a turkey. Duane Martin, who wrote the script and starred in the picture, has about as much screen presence as a burnt out light bulb.

Don't waste your time on this bugger. Perhaps it has some potential at one of those late night "Real Bad Movie" college parties; you know, like those 1950's horror movies.
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If you get the chance to see this, don't.
notelmerfudd12 July 2006
I love Vivica Fox. I love Meagan Good. I love Gabrielle Union. I hate this film. The plot holes are so enormous, you're left wondering if the writer/star has escaped from a mental institution and is holding hostage the loved ones of Ms. Fox, Ms. Good, and Ms. Union. There is simply no other way to explain why they appeared in this mess. The ending is highly original - in a highly bad way. If you enjoy this film, seek a health care professional at once. You may be experiencing hallucinations that make you feel this is watchable.

Alternatively, you may want to simply hit the pause button whenever any of the three aforementioned women appear on screen. Staring at any of them is going to provide you with a far better time than you could ever have actually watching the film.

In fairness, Ms. Fox gives an entertaining performance. Also in fairness, the film is still revolting.
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avoid at all costs
eatsoap14 December 2003
It was windy day after two nights out on the town and little sleep when i rented "Ride or die" for a mate and I to watch in our ultimately hungover states. Being in that state, I wasn't in the mood for anything too heavy, so looked for nothing more than an action popcorn flick to enjoy. Which is not what we got. Ride or die feels like nothing more than someone who got hold of a camera and wrote an entire screenplay to make their mates look "cool" (which doesn't work anyway), which also says little for the acting, on a whole unconvincing altogether. The actions scenes were little more than painful to watch, one which has two guys with two guns each shooting at the main character down an empty hallway, none of whom hit anything. The plot was ridiculous to say the least. I am sorry, but there is nothing that i can say about this movie that could possibly sound good. There were several moments that you could tell the director was trying to get across as funny moments but all failed except for one, and even that only got a grunt from my mate and I.

On the whole, the movies feels as though it could be cut in two. The first half is terrible and taking itself seriously, and the backend must've been when the director realised it wasn't working and did his best to turn it into comedy, which was even worse [just wait for the demise of the last "villian"]

I want my money and my time back. Worst film I've personally seen in 2003.
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It was Very Entertaining
gqyall26 January 2004
I Found the movie to be perfect for T.V. and Video. It was very action packed and had every type of genre from Action to Comedy to Suspense. I am what you call a Black Critic and I focus on the feel of many different movies of all kinds, not just black movies. I am African-American with an eclectic taste from Classical Musicals to Straight Ghetto Independent Films.

Although Ride or die had many Blacks in the Movie, the feel of the movie was not focused mainly just for the black audience. There were many races that played their part in this movie and not just in their usual stereotypical roles, but what many would consider crossover roles.

With that being said.........

The reason I enjoyed this movie was because of the many genres that were fused in this movie. It makes it hard to tell what actual genre it should be under; by doing this, it avoids being labeled. The story did not go smoothly in transition at every point, but it did manage to keep my attention.

There was Gun Play, Sarcastic Comedy, Mind Teasing Humor, Drama and Romance, Good guy bad guy Quotas, Turns and Twists, and I would have never guessed that that person did it type of feel.

This is a movie I could watch over and again; at least 5 times for the year. My Usual limits for good movies would be 7 for the year, unless it just so happen made it to t.v. and there was nothing else better to watch.

Ride Or die gets 3.95 out of 5 of my votes.

You know who i be

I call it like I see it with no bias
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not a "Shame", but no shame in it
winner5525 November 2007
The first thing that has to be said is that this is a low-budget rapidly shot action film that doesn't feel low-budget rapidly shot. There's a car-motorcycle chase scene in the middle of this that was apparently shot in a day, but it is so crisply shot and edited, it easily outdistances a lot of similar chases in much more expensive films.

This is both a bit of a nod to "blaxploitation" and a comic remark on it. The weakness of the film is that it is on the same terrain as Keenan Wayan's "Low Down Dirty Shame" but lacks Wayan's ability to draw out the most from every little comic bit. Other's have remarked how silly some of the scenes are - well, they're supposed to be silly, they just aren't silly enough.

Still, I find the film very likable despite its failings. The characters are not very deep, but they are appealing. The pace I think is generally good, and the camera-work and editing are excellent.

Don't be mean-spirited about this film; it could have been better, but it is still very entertaining.
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Please give me this time of my life back
Zeelthor9 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I'm going as far as rating this with 1. I saw this movie at school because it was the only one the teachers had left and I honestly should have stayed at home, it would've been better for my health. The plot is basically about some detective dude who solves the stuff the police can't. My first issue with this movie is the acting. Most of the actors are or were artists and lack any basic acting skills. It makes Jessica Alba seem like a bloody prodigy. But not only that is strange.. What also amuses me is how when he shoots with two guns from what? 5 meters, he wastes two mags without hitting two guys. Then he empties another two mags or so when they stand in a narrow doorway.

Later, he shoots a guy from 50 meters distance, hitting him with a single bullet.

Had it been a parody and the sucking had been intended, I would have laughed, but I was closer to crying over the time I wasted when I could have been watching paint dry.
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I love this movie
mastuhoscg5 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie. It was worth my time viewing. If you wanna know how was this film good, I'll tell you. This film was good because it had nice rap music, the action was nice, I liked how the main character Conrad McRae was a badass through shooting bad people & beating them up real good & also this film looked cool. I'm glad that I was finally able to see this one. In my humble opinion, this was one of the greatest 2003 movies ever made by Sony Pictures but it's not like that to critics. But who cares what they think? They ain't my daddy, momma, preacher, doctor, teacher or of any importance to me.
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I loved the movie
sexyj30513 October 2005
I loved seeing Duane Martin star in Hustle and Heat. The movie was not only funny but was an action packed thriller.Duane did a very good job at writing this script. Whoever didn't enjoy the film is just a hater and I'm sure every one else will enjoy it.I rented it from the movie store at least five times. My father even enjoyed it and he doesn't like any of the movies my sister and I watch.This film is far from bad and I think it should be released in theaters because I know that many people will like it . I didn't know that Duane Martin was such a good writer he is extremely talented and versatile. Hustle and Heat only made me like Duane Martin more because he played the role as Rad very well.
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Ride or Die aka Hustle and Heat
danceability8 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ride or Die aka Hustle and Heat

Great action, Good Plot, Great Characters....Good movie, I liked this movie as well, Duane Martin is the ultra cool Private Investigator, Vivica Fox plays his "Inspector Gadget" cohort. The ending is trip!!! Get the movie and see for yourself! I am not a big Fan of Duane Martin Nor Ms. Vivica "GHETTO" Fox but I did really enjoy this movie and I am a tuff critic. It was very low budget and some of the stunts Mr. Martin performs are so not him the acting was just o.k. but the plot of the story was actually keeping me in my seat. I loved the ending and I would recommended this movie for the action, the plot and nothing else. I have to give a shot out to my girl Meagan Good for putting it down and doing her THING YOU GO GIRL.....
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Its very decent... not bad at all
destroyerwod6 September 2013
Hustle and Heat is like if you put martial arts, rap, gunfights, a thriller and a "cop buddy" element and mix it all up. Really the result is not that bad even if at some part you feel the main character(which is also the writer) try to overdo it.

The main character Rad is kind of like the cool guy that knows how to fight and work as a P.I. Try to mix up Chris Tucker in Rush Hour with a classic 90s martial art main character played by Don Wilson or Jeff Daniels and you got it. He is kinda likable really. His sidekick is played by Vivica A Fox which try to be some Q from James Bond mixed with a sexy chicks coming out of a rap video. Not bad again really... she could had stand out a bit more but she was OK.

The plot include some mysteries and let you guess til the end who is responsible and why.

In between mix some car chases with over the top explosions and gunfights black rapper style(seriously the way they hold there gun is ridiculous including the main character) just to fuel the action style and you got the movie.

All in all, sure some parts are bad clichés, the fights are nothing impressive but there not terrible either, the "action movies" elements are OK, even tough again not impressive. And the story yeah is kind of interesting even for a guy like me that don't listen to rap at all...

So all and all, a decent movie, much better than what i was expecting, and i found the main character likable, but of course this won't be a cult classic either if you know what i mean...

Its a decent thriller meet action movie featuring martial arts if i can say ...lol
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