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Where the camera speaks...
sunson-register5 July 2006
Veedu (translates to "House") is a highly artful film that depicts the reality involved in a buying a house. Given that the director balu mahendra prefers to do all of script writing, manning the camera _and_ editing, the movie is a set of paintings that can talk. Maestro Ilayaraaja's background score. The music by itself needs several hundred lines of writing to convey the beauty. The score is from his top seller album "How to Name it?". The music fuses the Harmony oriented Chamber Orchestra with the Melody oriented South Indian Classical music form called 'Carnatic' music.

The joy of achieving and the difficulties one will have to go through in building a house is beautifully portrayed.

This is a movie that shouldn't just be watched, it needs to be experienced!
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One of the best tamil movies
prasy_10018 June 2011
First this movie has a soul in it. The way of life of people struggling for a house within their limited incomes are beautifully explained... Every character is well explained and are played well by every single artist. Pasi sathyas role even short it explains the confident of working women... Chokkalinga bahavadhar made us cry in last ten minutes. the enjoyment of touchin his own house cant be well explained anymore. Archanas roll weightage is never let down anywher in the movie.the carelessness of government is placed exactly wher needed and made us feel the pain of the characters. An excellent plot with a handful characters need a lot confidence and the director succeeded in it.This movie is sure a milestone in tamil industry. hats off to balu mahendra sir.
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Refreshing treatment of middle-class theme
chembai6 January 2002
One of the few films that Balu Mahendra can be proud of. Archana won a national award for best actress (deservedly so) for playing a middle-class working woman in this songless movie (BGM is Ilayaraja's How to Name It). Well-made and realistic, worth watching. Don't expect any song-and-dance routines.
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A masterpiece artwork
lk-kishore614 June 2016
I desperately wanted to watch this movie as soon as I can because I saw in one of the very last interviews of Director Balu Mahendra sir's after the release of his "Thalaimuraigaal", he said and I quote - " In my entire career, I only made 3 movies completely according to my desire. There were Sandhya Ragam, Veedu and Thalaimuraigal. The rest all had compromises that I had to make for Kodambakkam (referring to the commercial aspects)"

So, as soon as I watched the movie I write this review.

This movie spells Balu Mahendra in every aspects and in every single emotion of its. Watching this film is like knowing who Balu Mahendra is.

1) If you tell him how well he captures images in the available 'Natural Light', he would immediately stop you and say - "You call it Natural Light, I call it The God's Light. What better light am I going to make than what the almighty throws on us in abundance ?" This movie has entirely been captured with the God's Light itself in a manner which the God himself might be astonished to know can create.

2) The story as he always says, is the simplest one ever. There isn't even the slightest of complications in narrative to elaborate. It is just about a middle class woman who has set out to build a house for herself.

3) Realism. This movie could feel very much like something that could have happened to you.

4) Ilayaraja sir's music. I must agree, after being a born A.R.Rahman fan, I finally begin to understand and develop a liking towards Raja Sir's music.

A lot can be told. But it is better you watch and know for yourself.
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wow.. awesome film
vijay-j28 October 2009
I got an opportunity again to watch the film again..amazing..normally director balu mahendra will picture his films is his favorite hill station OOTY.but, this film deals in madras city and madras people will come to know how lower middle class people survived and lived in 1980s.. and the rainy season was pictured by balu mahendra was beautiful.mind blowing re recording by illyaraja..his album HOW TO NAME IT has played a vital role for background score..illyraja is the best..after the film gets over, you will not forget the three characters,i.e Sudha,Murugesan and Gopi, played by Archana,M.A. Chokkalinga Bhagavathar and Bhanuchander.if you are a film buff, don't miss this master piece.
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