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John Oliver Mocks Alex Jones For Using Fear to Upsell 'Taint Wipes'

John Oliver Mocks Alex Jones For Using Fear to Upsell 'Taint Wipes'
On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver lambasted Infowars' Alex Jones, whom he called "the Walter Cronkite of shrieking batshit gorilla clowns." Interestingly, Oliver looked at the Infowars products Jones implicitly hawks to his viewers through his outrageous theatrics and conspiracy theories. 

Oliver points out that about six million people consume Jones' weekly four-hour radio show, where topics revolve around conspiracy theories both disturbing (the government staging the Sandy Hook massacre) and ludicrous (chemicals in the water supply turning frogs gay). 

Most troubling is that one of Jones' listeners is,
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Malaysia Delivers Large Scale Action With J.Revolusi

Heads up, fans of Asian action films because upcoming Malaysian effort looks to be one you'll want to keep an eye out for. Zul Azhar directs Zul Ariffin, Izara Aishah, Fazura, Farid Kamil, Azad Jazmin, Iedil Putra, Peter Davis and Omar Abdullah in this police thriller that seems to jam a bit of everything into the just released teaser. Tactical assault, hand to hand combat, a high speed gun battle on motorcycles ... there's a whole lot in here and it certainly appears as though they've done it all rather well. This is just a first teaser leading up to a 2017 release but Malaysia has proven to have a strong audience for action films in recent years, leading to a rapid rise in production...

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A real-life Iron Man – coming to a neighbourhood near you?

The Us military is testing an Iron Man prototype, the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit – perfect if you're about to be sprayed with bullets in the street

Name: Iron Man.

Appearance: Invincible combatant, more machine than man.

Age: 50, dating from his inaugural outing in the Marvel comic Tales of Suspense #39 back in March 1963. But in another sense, ageless.

In the sense that he's fictional? Yes, but perhaps not for long.

How's that? The Us military is currently preparing to test an Iron Man prototype.

Get out of here. It's no joke. Preliminary testing for the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit could begin as early as the summer.

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit? Also known as the Talos.

What will it be like? Remarkably like the Iron Man suit, with a "powered exoskeleton" and "situational awareness displays". It will eventually make use of "liquid armour" that could turn solid in
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The U.S. Army Commissioned a Real-Life 'Iron Man' Suit

In the latest example of life imitating art, the U.S. military has commissioned an "Iron Man"-like suit that would provide its wearer with added strength and protection, along with abilities like night vision and heat sensors.

The Verge reports that the suit, designed to protect its wearer in war scenarios under and heavy gunfire, would feature a built-in computer that could instantly read and respond to its environment, potentially using liquid armor technology that's currently in development at MIT. The Verge writes:

The goal is full-body ballistic protection, theoretically allowing the wearer to literally walk through a stream of bullets. A panel that rests against the skin would be able to detect and respond to the body's core temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, and hydration levels. The suit would also provide basic life support such as heat, air, and oxygen.

The suit has been commissioned by the United States Army,
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5 Awesome Games You Should Play (But Probably Already Have)

Step right up folks for the magical tour through space and time, transcending common sense and console exclusivity. Without further ado, here are 5 awesome games you really should have played but you probably already have.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

Before Skyrim, Oblivion, Dishonored, and Rage, Bethesda Softworks published all kinds of crazy games (and still do: remember Star Trek: Tactical Assault anyone). Pick of the bunch from me, recent Aaa releases aside, is the 2003 spiritual successor to Sea Dogs: Pirates of the Caribbean, for PC, Xbox, and mobile. Forget mobile here. The Russian developed game sounds like Oblivion from a distance: explore dense forests, realistic towns, and capture forts… What!? That’s right, as you play as the dashing Nathaniel Hawk (see what they did there) you have the freedom of the Caribbean archipelago to follow intrigue, capture forts and other ships if you so choose, and swashbuckle with best of them.

Check Out This $24,000 Zombie Survival Kit

We’ve seen a number of zombie survival kits before. They are usually in the $100 range and are more or less a novelty item, so they probably aren’t going to help you during a zombie outbreak. For those of you who want to prepare for the real thing, you have to check out this Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations Kit.

Sold by OpticsPlanet, the Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations Kit or Z.E.R.O. Kit will set you back $23,999, but it’s currently on sale from the original $31,375 price tag. The kit includes weapon accessories, knives, night vision goggles, and even laboratory equipment. Of course, you’ll still need to supply the weapons and ammunition, but this looks like a pretty good start. We’ve included the full list of items, photos, and a video below.

Weapon Accessories

Gg&G Extreme Heavy Duty Swivel Bipod Ggg-1245 Eotech Gear
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$24,000 Zombie Survival Kit

Not since Y2K, has there been any other creature, character, or event (fictional or otherwise) that people have more thoroughly prepared for than geeks have for a zombie apocalypse. Sure, you may have started out just joking around with your friends about how you would go about taking a zombie out. But that has now led to you keeping baseball bats near your bed, and an extra pair of running shoes in your car... juuuuuuust in case. If someone asks you about the sudden appearance of zombie-preparedness paraphernalia floating about your person, you laugh it off, but then look at your friend for suspicious bite marks.

If you think you're obsession with the impending battle between the living and the undead has reached it's peak, think again. If you're really serious about gearing up, put your money where your mouth is. I present you with the Z.E.R.
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New Iron Man 2 Minimates Reveal the Hammer Industries’ Hammer Drone

As almost everyone knows, even though movie studios love to keep all the secrets close to the vest for their big budget movies, when toys are being produced, almost everything will be revealed before the release date. Saying that, thanks to Diamond Select Toys, we’ve got our first look at the Hammer Industries’ Hammer Drone. Also, according to the press release:

Iron Man and War Machine will apparently square off against an entire squad of them at some point during the film

While this isn’t exactly a surprise as we caught a glimpse of this action scene in the trailer, if you’d like a better look at the drones and the Iron Man 2 Minimates, hit the jump:

Here’s the info from Diamond Select Toys:

Iron Man 2 Minimates - The Reveal!

Fans all over the world are gearing up for Marvel Studios’ next sure-fire blockbuster
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