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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and pervasive strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is one brief implied sex scene between two villains, but is interrupted before anything graphic is shown. No nudity, although shirts are removed.
  • No sex or nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • There is an intense car chase scene in a tunnel. During this scene, McClane shoots two men point-blank, killing them.
  • There is an intense car chase scene on a freeway, in which McClane trades bullets with two bad guys. The bad guys' car crashes, resulting in the deaths of both men.
  • Simon shoots Zeus in the leg on the ferry.
  • There's a large subway crash when McClane attempts to get rid of a bomb, and he throws it out of the back of the subway car into the tunnel. There's a large explosion and the subway details and smashes through several walls and columns, and there's much destruction and property damage, though no one is seen being injured.
  • There's a very bloody and violent shootout in an elevator in which McClane shoots two men in the chest, bashes another man's head against a wall (blood is seen on his face as he falls over, and grabs a man and shoots him in the head at very close range (blood explodes all over the elevator and covers McClane and the walls. Very violent.
  • A man is sliced by a knife three times by a woman. There is no sight of any actual impacts but there are some very realistic sound effects. The first slash contains some blood spraying onto the wall nearby. There is also some blood seen on the man's neck and the woman's hands.
  • McClane slams a man's head in a door several times.
  • A man is sliced in half by a high-tension cable. Very, very brief. There is some blood spray but this is easy to miss.
  • Two men fight hand-to-hand, one is beaten with a length of chain for a few seconds. Not graphic, but pretty brutal.
  • Two men explode the handcuffs constricting them to a pole, and both scream in pain.
  • A building explodes in the beginning.
  • A man is stabbed with a piece of wood. Little blood.
  • A helicopter hits electric wires, crashes and explodes, killing everyone in it.
  • A large boat explodes, and McClane and Zeus jump off of it.
  • McClane is attacked by a mob; He's threatened with a knife, has a glass bottle smashed over his head, etc. Zeus is accidentally slashed with a knife. This is implied and not seen however. You do see blood on his shirt though. There is also some blood on McClane's head.
  • McClane is often partially covered in blood.


  • Approximately 93 uses of 'fuck', 65 uses of 'shit', 27 uses of 'hell', 29 uses of 'ass' (13 used as 'asshole'), 13 uses of 'damn', 3 uses of "son of a bitch", and 6 uses of 'piss'.
  • At least 4 derogatory terms for African-Americans (one written).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are a few scenes where smoking is shown.
  • John is seen taking aspirin several times during the movie.
  • The protagonist of the film is a borderline alcoholic; he has a hangover throughout the film.
  • The main antagonist and a lot of henchmen are seen drinking champagne briefly in one scene near the end of the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Much one on one violence, mainly with guns, otherwise, with fists & whatever people could grab to use as a weapon. A school is said to have a bomb in it and will explode. (Only very few children are frightened -- most don't know what is going on.)
  • A subway train blows up, causing it to turn sideways and slide across the train stop area, no one dies.
  • A woman stabs several security guards with knives. Pretty violent and intense.
  • Very suspenseful.
  • A lot of the deaths in this movie are violent, and that may be disturbing/upsetting to some younger viewers.
  • The tunnel scene is very intense.
  • The train crash scene is very intense.
  • The final shootout is intense.
  • The entire boat scene is pretty intense.
  • The car chase is very brutal and intense.
  • The fountain/bomb disarming scene is intense.
  • The bomb threat scenes are all very intense, particularly the school scene.

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