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An okay TV movie ***SPOILERS AHEAD!*** Warning: Spoilers

When this movie starts out it seems like it will be a bad "Lethal Weapon" rip-off, even down to the haircuts of the two police officers, then the opening credits appear in that early 1980's sci-fi font (the one still used to write your bank account and routing number on the bottom of your checks) and you start to get an idea of what you're in for. The "Mel Gibson" character, Eddie Monroe, complains that "machines hate him" as he repeatedly tries to use vending machines and they fail to work properly, that's even his response when the captain is curious why he crashed his car through the front window of a Beverly Hills boutique chasing some robbers.

Soon enough, though, some ex-Government agents break into a research lab and steal a proto-type cybernetic dog hybrid, K-9000. K-9000 is a dog with a computer in its brain that can talk to humans with an implant in their heads. The dog is still in an incubator and won't be ready for another day or so. The ex-Government agents apparently working for some foreign power steal all of the equipment for this and kill all of the half dozen people in the building except the head scientist on this project, Aja Turner (an "80's hot" blonde), who manages to escape during the theft and happens to recognize the head of this band of mercenary thieves.

After being put on parking ticket duty for a day for the $280,000 in damages of smashing his car in the clothing store, Monroe and his partner are assigned the case. Monroe manages to find Dr. Turner, and she knows a good place for the bad guys to have set up shop. Luckily she's right. Turner calls his partner for back-up, then he and Dr. Turner proceed to break in. Turner's partner is overheard on the phone by the bad guys inside-man in the police station and is promptly shot on exiting the station. The bad guys are then alerted to the fact Monroe and Turner are in the building. They manage to lock themselves in the room with the dog just as it's hatching fully grown, while the bad guys begin breaking down the door. But wait! The dog needs it's "umbilical cord" to detach from the machine in a few minutes before it can leave. Monroe has Dr. Turner leave out another exit while he waits for the dog and destroys the machines for her (to keep them out of the bad guys hands). Monroe inadvertently causes the machine to put the implant in his. Now he unknowingly can hear K-9000 speak. Meanwhile the aforementioned bad guys are breaking down the door with axes and gain entry just in time to see Monroe writhing on the floor in pain. K-9000 (or "Niner") attacks the bad guys and whisks Monroe out the window into the ocean.

The rest of the movie involves Monroe and K-9000 rescuing Dr. Turner from the bad guys after the capture her and bringing them to justice/killing them. It's a decent made of TV movie was probably intended as pilot to set up a series that never happened. It's filled with plot holes and touches the fringes of camp, but all in all is worth watching if you catch it on TV some Sunday afternoon.

Three out of five face-huggers!
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Not Bad A Movie
ryon-224 April 2006
This is a movie about a cop by the name of Monroe and a talking dog. Just the premise alone is enough for a low rating, but I give this movie six stars out of ten because despite its flaws-- things like the ridiculous voice the dog "speaks" in and the cop shooting his gun at the bad guy about fifteen times without stopping to reload, and the sloppy editing where one minute the bad guy has inexplicably ran down a hallway but the next instant he's seen hovering over our hero-- this silly movie isn't too bad to watch. It's nice to see a movie where some of the usual cop clichés are turned upside down; in this case, the police captain makes rude remarks to Monroe, but instead of hating of him, it's because the captain actually likes Monroe instead. And there are funny moments like when Monroe makes a phone call, using equipment built into the dog to make the call.

I'm not saying this movie couldn't have been better, but as it is, this movie is a nice little comedy that works in spite of the minor flaws. It would have been nice if this was made for direct to video, or was out on DVD, but since it isn't you'll just have to look for it to be on TV or cable sometime. You'll enjoy it when you can find it.
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Okay idea marred by poor execution...
rixrex20 June 2009
Whoever came up with this rather derivative quasi sci-fi idea of a dog who is part computer and able to communicate via an implant is probably dismayed at the way it was all put together. It looks like a pilot for a series that wasn't picked up, and no wonder thanks to the lame direction and overall weak production work.

First, what 's the idea of introducing the dog halfway through the film, rather than earlier? That's pretty bad form, as the whole idea of the dog/cop team is what piques our interest here. And then, even though it's 1991, everything looks like leftover 1985 Miami Vice stuff, especially Chris Mulkey's mullet haircut. Also, there's no pacing, no suspense nor tension anywhere in the film, and very few laughs provided by the dog/cop interaction, where one would expect more than what's given here.

Skip it.
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One word: Cyber-dog!
mrw823 April 2006
Take the most washed out James Bond plot of world domination and arch criminals and sloppy dialog, add a talking cybernetic canine, and you have K-9000. If you don't laugh when the dog is wearing sunglasses, then you must have no sense of humor. This is like Knight Rider meets Turner and Hooch. If that isn't a winning combination I don't know what is. The actors are so washed up they had to take a taxi to the shooting location, which definitely belonged to one of the producers. In the final scene the criminal mastermind is thrown off a raised platform. You can see the foam coming out of the dummy. My favorite is the sunglasses on the dog. classic.
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OK Movie for an afternoon view
watchtiger13 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Though this movie rips off some better movies (Lethal Weapon for one), mediocre acting. This movie uses the typical unknown TV actors, the ones you've seen them before in many TV shows usually for one episode.

Here you have the bad cop that does everything wrong and then ends up being the one implanted with the K-9000 communication device and he then can talk to a nice German Shepard. This takes a long time to happen so the plot is a bit slow in that regard.

This movie was made in the late 80's but the vehicles they use are much older then that, which is good because many get wrecked and/or shot up. Such as a Chevrolet Nova used as a police vehicle.

A reviewer stated that his was too fake to watch and enjoy. I disagree it's OK to watch if you suspend your belief ALL MUST be real to enjoy it. Which is why most people watch movies in the first place.

If you don't mind violence kids 10 and up can watch it. Tends to drag in a few places but OK for a TV movie.
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This movie has everything
christinepruitt198018 October 2007
This...is...the.....GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!! This movie has everything. Acid washed shorty-shorts, a dog with a microchip in his head, a meat-head, brick-like, mullet-ed, sassy, take-no-guff renegade cop, also with a microchip in his head, and a woman with a wool sweater that says "Mean Streets" on the back. I'm contemplating suicide because there is no way life can better than this! From here on out, it's only gonna be downhill. I tried to think of something that could make this movie better, but you know what? I couldn't think of anything. If you also enjoy this movie, you may want to check out the Elmore Leonard novel, The Switch, on which this film is loosely based.
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Back to the 80's
lanative4 May 2008
This film is just plain weird, but then again most TV movies of the 80's were (for the record, this was done in 1989, not 1991). It's almost like Lethal Weapon meets Miami Vice.

From the opening shootout/chase sequence in Hollywood (gotta love how they run over a Beverly Hills sign in the hood), you know you're going to see something strange. The two cops look EXACTLY like Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon! Add to it the Jan Hammer soundtrack (he did Miami Vice too) and a script by writer/producer Steven de Souza (Commando, Running Man, Die Hard) and you have the quintessential 80's crime flick.

There are some elements of comedy, but those tend to be overshadowed by the somewhat violent content (for TV standards 20yrs ago). For the most part, this is almost a cult film.

While out of print on VHS and DVD, you can catch it on TV or Pay Cable (it was on Encore the other day) and worth a watch, just for nostalgia purposes.
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Great Film.
janey-robson5 June 2008
I absolutely adored this film. I rented it years and years ago and loved it. Have been looking to buy it since then and when I did finally purchase and re-watched it, I loved as much that time. I am a total animal lover and will watch any film with animals, especially German Shepherd's. This is one of my all time faves. Yes it is cheesy, yes it is a totally silly plot, but it is one that kids will love. And it is a great original idea for a film, wouldn't it be great if we could have a dog like that so you could find out what is going on in their heads?! Loved the cheesiness of it, totally great. If you liked K-9, TURNER AND HOOCH, K-911, you will love it.
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A decent enough movie...
Ironman-721 April 2002
Saw it on TV today, the premise was interesting, and the situations in the movie, while far fetched, were good enough to keep my interests. If theres nothing else on, its something I'd watch again. 6.5 out of 10
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I just don't get it
chrismulkeyisgod8 July 2003
This movie is highly unrealistic. I turned on the television to watch some television and this was on...and my children were in the room!! I found it highly disturbing that they had a dog that could talk. that just won't ever happen IRL folks! SORRY! but i like movies with a plot I can relate to! SORRY!
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