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Poll: Tin Foil Thespians

The Alcoa Theatre (1957) was one of the first to try and bring short, high production value, movie type stories to the small screen. Many big named Movies stars would be on this short lived series, as well as future TV Stars. Who is your favorite star? After voting, please discuss here.

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    David Niven

    6 Episodes
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    Jack Lemmon

    5 Eps.
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    Charles Boyer

    3 Eps.
  4. Vote!

    Robert Ryan

    4 Eps.
  5. Vote!

    Jane Powell

    3 Eps.
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    Lew Ayres

    2 Eps.
  7. Vote!

    Edward Binns

    2 Eps. From (12 Angry Men 1957)
  8. Vote!

    DeForest Kelley

    2 Eps. Star Trek Alum.
  9. Vote!

    David Janssen

    2 Eps. (The Fugitive)
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    Harold J. Stone

    2 Eps. Star Trek Alum.
  11. Vote!

    Cliff Robertson

    2 Eps. JFK in (PT 109)
  12. Vote!

    Barbara Stanwyck

  13. Vote!

    James Whitmore

  14. Vote!

    Cornel Wilde

  15. Vote!

    Howard Duff

  16. Vote!

    Gary Merrill

  17. Vote!

    Agnes Moorehead

  18. Vote!

    Henry Silva

  19. Vote!

    Steve Forrest

  20. Vote!

    Angie Dickinson

  21. Vote!

    John Cassavetes

  22. Vote!

    James Daly

    Star Trek Alum.
  23. Vote!

    Michael Landon

  24. Vote!

    Patrick Macnee

  25. Vote!

    Brandon De Wilde

  26. Vote!

    Whit Bissell

  27. Vote!

    Stuart Whitman

  28. Vote!

    Robert Vaughn

  29. Vote!

    Keye Luke

    Number 1 Son
  30. Vote!

    Barbara Bain

    Mission Impossible 1966
  31. Vote!

    Alan Hale Jr.

  32. Vote!

    Gavin MacLeod

    As a Nazi SS Major!
  33. Vote!

    Howard McNear

    Oh Andy!
  34. Vote!

    Irene Ryan

    Not yet a "Granny"
  35. Vote!

    Mickey Rooney

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