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Poll: Scariest "Supernatural" Villain?

In fall of 2018, Supernatural (2005) began its record 14th season. It is the only TV show that has been on the CW since it began.

Every week the Winchester Brothers face off against the most villainous monsters in the world. Which of these recurring evils would you be most afraid to have to fight for your life?

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    Fredric Lehne in Supernatural (2005)

    Azazel - AKA the yellow-eyed demon and Lucifer's right-hand man, he killed Sam and Dean's mother Mary, which led to the boys and their dad becoming hunters
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    Rachel Miner in Supernatural (2005)

    Meg - One of the first demons Dan and Sam met, she may not be super-powerful but she has staying power
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    Jensen Ackles and Sterling K. Brown in Supernatural (2005)

    Gordon Walker - Started as just a vampire hunter, but then quickly turned against the brothers upon learning of Sam's "special powers"
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    Richard Speight Jr. in Supernatural (2005)

    Gabriel - Previously known as pagan god Loki and the Trickster, the archangel Gabriel used magic to mess with Sam and Dean's minds, but after being captured and tortured he is on their side...for now
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    Genevieve Padalecki in Supernatural (2005)

    Ruby - Sam's some-time demon lover always has something nasty in her bag of tricks
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    Rachel Pattee in Supernatural (2005)

    Lilith - the first demon Lucifer created as well as the final of the 66 seals needed to release him from his cage
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    Mitch Pileggi in Supernatural (2005)

    Samuel Campbell - The Winchester Boys' grandfather isn't who he seems
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    Misha Collins in Supernatural (2005)

    Castiel - While he has since become an ally, Castiel and his fellow angels sometimes get sick of being God's second favorite
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    Christopher Heyerdahl in Supernatural (2005)

    Alastair - A truly frightening demon who tortured Dean in Hell for 30 (Hell) years, before Dean became a torturer himself
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    Robert Wisdom in Supernatural (2005)

    Uriel - An angel who served under Anna and Castiel in their garrison, Uriel specialized in fun tricks like murdering the population of an entire town
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    Kurt Fuller in Supernatural (2005)

    Zachariah - Angel Zachariah loves humans so much he does things like striking them with advanced stomach cancer
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    Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural (2005)

    Lucifer - Tortured Sam, his vessel on earth, from the inside out, sending him to a mental hospital plus -oh yeah- he's LUCIFER
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    Mark Sheppard in Supernatural (2005)

    Crowley - Previously a lowly crossroads demon, Crowley managed to rise to the rank of King of Hell
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    Julia Maxwell in Supernatural (2005)

    Eve - aka Mother of All, Eve created the Alphas, who were the first monsters of their kind from whom their entire species derived
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    James Patrick Stuart in Supernatural (2005)

    Dick Roman - The leader of the Leviathan, a human-devouring unstoppable force of monsters, laced restaurant hamburgers with a chemical that turns humans into complacent, overweight drones, better for eating
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    Ty Olsson in Supernatural (2005)

    Benny - After escaping from Purgatory with Dean, vampire Benny tried to "be good," but vampires will be vampires
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    Alaina Huffman in Supernatural (2005)

    Abaddon - A Knight of Hell, she was single-handedly responsible for the extinction of the original Men of Letters
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    Curtis Armstrong in Supernatural (2005)

    Metatron - As the Scribe of God, Metatron expelled all the angels from heaven in a bid to take over
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    Emily Swallow in Supernatural (2005)

    Amara - aka The Darkness, (s)he is a primordial entity who predates God and Death and who created the Archangels
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    Ruth Connell in Supernatural (2005)

    Rowena MacLeod - Crowley's mother is a powerful witch with revenge on her mind
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    Jensen Ackles and Elizabeth Blackmore in Supernatural (2005)

    Lady Toni Bevell - A member of the British Men of Letters, she has a variety of cool gadgets, some of which she uses on any humans who get in her way
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    David Haydn-Jones in Supernatural (2005)

    Arthur Ketch - Another British Man of Letters, his loyalties can turn on a dime, and he is aligned at various times with Sam and Dean, Asmodeus, Mary, the other Brit Men of Letters and more
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    Alexander Calvert in Supernatural (2005)

    Jack - Lucifer's son, so far Jack has been the side of the Winchester boys, but a young kid with so much power may not always "be good"
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    Jeffrey Vincent Parise in Supernatural (2005)

    Asmodeus - The final surviving Prince of Hell, he became the King of Hell upon Crowley's death and captured and tortured Gabriel for years
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    Christian Keyes in Supernatural (2005)

    Michael - God's first angel and Lucifer's archenemy, he needs his true vessel, Dean, to let him take over so he can truly wreak havoc on Earth

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