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Poll: Being Who?

For the film Being John Malkovich (1999), John Malkovich was approached several times and loved the script, but he and his production crew felt that another actor would fit the role better. Malkovich offered to help produce the film, and aid Spike Jonze in any way, but refused to star in it. Eventually after a couple of years Malkovich's will was worn down and he agreed to star in the film.

However, suppose Malkovich had continued to refuse the part. Who's head would you have liked to have gotten into (in their prime)?

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    Mel Brooks

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    Gary Busey

  3. Vote!

    Nicolas Cage

  4. Vote!

    Charles Chaplin

  5. Vote!

    Tom Cruise

  6. Vote!

    Johnny Depp

  7. Vote!

    Brad Dourif

  8. Vote!

    Errol Flynn

  9. Vote!

    Jodie Foster

  10. Vote!

    Woody Harrelson

  11. Vote!

    Dennis Hopper

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    Samuel L. Jackson

  13. Vote!

    Tommy Lee Jones

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    Klaus Kinski

  15. Vote!

    Juliette Lewis

  16. Vote!

    Lindsay Lohan

  17. Vote!

    Shirley MacLaine

  18. Vote!

    Steve Martin

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    Steve McQueen

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    Helen Mirren

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    Robert Mitchum

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    Marilyn Monroe

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    Jack Nicholson

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    Leonard Nimoy

  25. Vote!

    Joaquin Phoenix

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    Paul Robeson

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    William Shatner

  28. Vote!

    Charlie Sheen

  29. Vote!

    James Spader

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    Tilda Swinton

  31. Vote!

    Shirley Temple

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    Christopher Walken

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    John Wayne

  34. Vote!

    Robin Williams

  35. Vote!

    Edward D. Wood Jr.

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