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Poll: What kind of mutants will appear in future?

Mutation is a natural process that changes a DNA sequence. To some level Human race is mutating. What kind of mutants do you think will appear in future?

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    X-Men (2000)

    Super powered mutants
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    Wrong Turn (2003)

    Cannibal mutants
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    Mutant Chronicles (2008)

    Underworld monstrous mutants
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    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012)

    Bald headed criminal mutants
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    The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

    Radiation caused mutants
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    Splice (2009)

    Hybrid lab generated mutants
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    The Sixth Finger (1963)

    Scientifically self enhanced mutants
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    Rise of the Cybermen (2006)

    Cybernetically augmented humanoid mutants
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    Transcendence (2014)

    Next generation hybrid cybernetic mutants

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