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Poll: C'mon Vogue

Let your body move to the music, hey hey hey...

Who is your favourite of all the stars Madonna paid homage to?

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    Greta Garbo
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    c. 1953 Photo by Frank Powolny

    and (Marilyn) Monroe
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    "Desire" Marlene Dietrich. 1936/Paramount

    (Marlene) Dietrich
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    7793-1 JOE DIMAGGIO

    and (Joe) DiMaggio
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    Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris (1972)

    Marlon Brando
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    James Dean, c. 1955.

    (James) Jimmy Dean

    ...on the cover of a magazine

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    Grace Kelly c. 1954

    Grace Kelly
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    Jean Harlow circa 1933

    Harlow, Jean

    ...picture of a beauty queen

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    Gene Kelly c. 1944

    Gene Kelly
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    "Pleasure of His Company" Fred Astaire Paramount 1961. Image courtesy of

    Fred Astaire
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    Ginger Rogers, 1955.

    Ginger Rogers on air

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    Rita Hayworth

    They had style, they had grace

    Rita Hayworth

    gave good face

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    Lauren Bacall c. 1946

    Lauren (Bacall)
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    Katharine Hepburn

    Katharine (Hepburn)
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    Lana Turner circa 1943

    Lana (Turner)


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    "All About Eve" Bette Davis 1950 20th Century Fox

    Bette Davis

    we love you.

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