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Poll: Batman After Affleck

Many people consider Ben Affleck to be the definitive actor to play Batman. Which of these actors would best continue Ben Affleck's legacy as Batman?

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    Scott Eastwood

    would be great in combination with a flash forward with Klint as his future self
  2. Vote!

    Robert Pattinson

    rumored considered
  3. Vote!

    Justin Bruening

    known from Knight Rider 2008, has the muscle to fit in the suit
  4. Vote!

    Taylor Kinney

    he can certainly fit in the tights
  5. Vote!

    Matt Lanter

    is he ok, or should we leave him for next Superman?
  6. Vote!

    Charlie Hunnam

    he can act, he could be good
  7. Vote!

    Tyler Hoechlin

    he would fit better than in blue
  8. Vote!

    Theo James

    the next Chris Evans, expects the right costume
  9. Vote!

    Nicholas Hoult

    can Marvel let him?
  10. Vote!

    Ben Barnes

    Interesting look, can be dark
  11. Vote!

    Henry Golding

    another alternative
  12. Vote!

    David Mazouz

    suggested by Nikolay Yeriomin
  13. Vote!

    Eme Ikwuakor

  14. Vote!

    Stephen Amell

    can he wear other than green? he is ready
  15. Vote!

    Robbie Amell

    he has the style, can his cousin let him?
  16. Vote!

    Richard Madden

    Current top as 007 choice. Could he choose Wayne's costume instead? Suggested of Ibrahim Akhtar.
  17. Vote!

    Liam Hemsworth

    can Thor and Batman be brothers?
  18. Vote!

    Alex Pettyfer

    he has the physique, can he act it?
  19. Vote!

    Patrick Schwarzenegger

  20. Vote!

    Kellan Lutz

    he has the physique, can he act it?
  21. Vote!

    Dacre Montgomery

    suggested by Ibrahim Akhtar
  22. Vote!

    Oscar Isaac

    suggested by Horst
  23. Vote!

    Simon Quarterman

    suggested by Ibrahim Akhtar
  24. Vote!

    Aidan Turner

  25. Vote!

    Dylan O'Brien

    suggested by Ibrahim Akhtar
  26. Vote!

    Brenton Thwaites

    suggested by Ibrahim Akhtar. Could Robin be Batman ?
  27. Vote!

    Chris Pratt

    can he guard Gotham ?
  28. Vote!

    Taron Egerton

    could Bruce distribute wealth to the poor ?
  29. Vote!

    Caleb Landry Jones

    suggested by Ibrahim Akhtar
  30. Vote!

    Jonathan Groff

    suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  31. Vote!

    Jake McDorman

    suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  32. Vote!

    Stephan James

    suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  33. Vote!

    Josh Segarra

    suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  34. Vote!

    David Gallagher

    suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  35. Vote!

    Alden Ehrenreich

    suggested by Horst

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