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Poll: Favorite "Mad Men" Character

Mad Men (2007) is on IMDb TV from July 15th, 2020.

Which of these characters is your favorite to watch?

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    Jon Hamm in Mad Men (2007)

    Don Draper
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    Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men (2007)

    Peggy Olson
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    Vincent Kartheiser in Mad Men (2007)

    Pete Campbell
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    January Jones in Mad Men (2007)

    Betty Draper
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    Christina Hendricks in Mad Men (2007)

    Joan Harris
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    John Slattery in Mad Men (2007)

    Roger Sterling
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    Robert Morse in Mad Men (2007)

    Bertram Cooper
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    Aaron Staton in Mad Men (2007)

    Ken Cosgrove
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    Rich Sommer in Mad Men (2007)

    Harry Crane
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    Kiernan Shipka in Mad Men (2007)

    Sally Draper
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    Alison Brie in Mad Men (2007)

    Trudy Campbell
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    Jessica Paré in Mad Men (2007)

    Megan Draper
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    Jared Harris in Mad Men (2007)

    Lane Pryce
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    Harry Hamlin in Mad Men (2007)

    Jim Cutler
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    Kevin Rahm in Mad Men (2007)

    Ted Chaough
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    Mark Moses in Mad Men (2007)

    Duck Phillips
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    Christopher Stanley in Mad Men (2007)

    Henry Francis
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    Jay R. Ferguson in Mad Men (2007)

    Stan Rizzo
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    Ben Feldman in Mad Men (2007)

    Michael Ginsberg
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    Michael Gladis in Mad Men (2007)

    Paul Kinsey
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    Joel Murray in Mad Men (2007)

    Fred Rumsen
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    Bryan Batt in Mad Men (2007)

    Salvatore Romano
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    Maggie Siff in Mad Men (2007)

    Rachel Menken
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    Anne Dudek in Mad Men (2007)

    Francine Hanson
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    Peyton List in Mad Men (2007)

    Jane Sterling
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    Talia Balsam, Vincent Kartheiser, and Aaron Staton in Mad Men (2007)

    Mona Sterling
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    Linda Cardellini in Mad Men (2007)

    Sylvia Rosen
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    Julia Ormond in Mad Men (2007)

    Marie Calvet
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    Teyonah Parris in Mad Men (2007)

    Dawn Chambers
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    Stephanie Drake in Mad Men (2007)

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    Randee Heller in Mad Men (2007)

    Mrs. Blankenship

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