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Poll: Which Fictional Episodic Series Mayor Gets Your Vote?

There's a new TV mayor in town, as Ted Danson joins a long list of incumbent episodic mayors that compete for viewer's attention. Danson will be featured as the newly elected fictional mayor of Los Angeles, California. The upcoming NBC television comedy series co-stars Bobby Moynihan and Holly Hunter. Mr. Mayor (2021) is from the writer/producer team responsible for 30 Rock (2006), Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

Which of these fictional series mayors is most likely to get your vote in an episodic mayoral race? *television series, web series and streaming media series with multiple mayors have a single consolidated answer option

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    Kelsey Grammer in Boss (2011)

    Mayor Thomas 'Tom' Kane, Chicago, Illinois

    as portrayed by Kelsey Grammer

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    Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire (2010)

    Mayor Enoch Malachi 'Nucky' Thompson, Atlantic City, New Jersey

    as portrayed by Steve Buscemi

    *purportedly fictional character bears some resemblance to real-life Enoch Lewis "Nucky" Johnson

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    Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla in Once Upon a Time (2011)

    Mayor Regina Mills, Storybrooke, Maine or

    Mayor Mary Margaret Blanchard, Storybrooke, Maine

    as portrayed by Lana Parrilla and Ginnifer Goodwin

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    Barry Bostwick in Spin City (1996)

    Mayor Randall Winston, New York City, New York

    as portrayed by Barry Bostwick

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    Nicholas Campbell in Da Vinci's City Hall (2005)

    Mayor Dominic Da Vinci,, Vancouver, British Columbia

    as portrayed by Nicholas Campbell

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    Adam West and Seth MacFarlane in Family Guy (1999)

    Mayor Adam West, Quahog, Rhode Island or

    Mayor Peter Griffin, New Quahog, Rhode Island

    as portrayed by Adam West and Seth MacFarlane

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    Lea Michele and Brandon Micheal Hall in The Mayor (2017)

    Mayor Courtney Rose, Fort Grey, California

    as portrayed by Brandon Micheal Hall

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    Dan Castellaneta in The Simpsons (1989)

    Mayor Joseph 'Diamond Joe' Quimby, Springfield

    Mayor Robert 'Sideshow Bob' Underdunk Terwilliger, Springfield

    or Mayor Homer Simpson, New Springfield

    as portrayed by Dan Castellaneta and Kelsey Grammer

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    Kyle MacLachlan in Portlandia (2011)

    Mayor, Portland, Oregon

    as portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan

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    Eliza Schneider in South Park (1997)

    Mayor McDaniels, South Park, Colorado

    as portrayed by Elizia Schneider

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    Stephen Amell in Arrow (2012)

    Mayor Oliver 'Ollie' Queen, Star City

    as portrayed by Stephen Amell

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    Eric Wareheim in Tom Goes to the Mayor (2004)

    Mayor, Jefferton

    as portrayed by Eric Wareheim

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    Aidan Gillen in The Wire (2002)

    Mayor Thomas J. Carcetti, Baltimore, Maryland or

    Mayor Clarence V. Royce, Baltimore, Maryland

    as portrayed by Aidan Gillen and Glynn Turman

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    David Herman in Futurama (1999)

    Mayor Poopenmeyer, New New York

    as portrayed by David Herman

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    Fred Ewanuick in Dan for Mayor (2010)

    Mayor Dan Phillips, Wessex, Ontario

    as portrayed by Fred Ewanuick

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    Billy West in The Oblongs (2001)

    Mayor Jonathan 'Johnny' Bledsoe , Hill Valley

    as portrayed by Billy West

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    Michael Chiklis, Richard Kind, and Robin Lord Taylor in Gotham (2014)

    Mayor Oswald Cobblepot, Gotham City

    Mayor Aubrey James, Gotham City

    as portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor and Richard Kind

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    Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen in Pinky and the Brain (1995)

    Mayor Pinky, Shiny Pants

    as portrayed by Rob Paulsen

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    Julie Benz in Defiance (2013)

    Mayor Amanda Rosewater, city-state Defiance

    as portrayed by Julie Benz

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    Tom Kenny in The Powerpuff Girls (1998)

    Mayor, Townsville

    as portrayed by Tom Kenny

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    Bill Murray in Parks and Recreation (2009)

    Mayor Walter Gunderson, Pawnee, Indiana or

    Mayor Gerald “Garry” "Jerry" "Larry" "Terry" Gergich, Pawnee, Indiana (interim mayor)

    as portrayed by Bill Murray and Jim O'Heir

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    Alex Hirsch in Gravity Falls (2012)

    Mayor Eustace 'Huckabone' Befufftlefumpter , Gravity Falls or

    Mayor Tyler Cuebiker, Gravity Falls

    as portrayed by Alex Hirsch and Will Forte

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    John Slattery in Desperate Housewives (2004)

    Mayor Victor Lang, Fairview

    as portrayed by John Slattery

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    The Krofft Puppets in H.R. Pufnstuf (1969)

    Mayor H.R. Pufnstuf, Living Island

    as portrayed by The Krofft Puppets

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    Bryan Batt in Scream: The TV Series (2015)

    Mayor Quinn Maddox , Lakewood

    as portrayed by Bryan Batt

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    Paul Johansson in One Tree Hill (2003)

    Mayor Daniel 'Dan' Scott, Tree Hill, North Carolina

    as portrayed by Paul Johansson

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    John Cullum and Cynthia Geary in Northern Exposure (1990)

    Mayor Holling Vincoeur, Cicely, Alaska

    Mayor Edna Hancock, Cicely, Alaska

    as portrayed by John Cullum and Rita Taggart

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    Chris Elliott and Eugene Levy in Schitt's Creek (2015)

    Mayor Roland Schitt, Schitt's Creek

    as portrayed by Chris Elliott

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    Clive Rowe in Evermoor (2014)

    Mayor Chester Doyle, Evermoor, England

    as portrayed by Clive Rowe

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    Bryan Mosley in Coronation Street (1960)

    Mayor Alf Roberts, Weatherfield, England

    as portrayed by Bryan Mosley

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    Stefan Dennis in Neighbours (1985)

    Mayor Paul Robinson, Erinsborough, Australia

    Mayor Lou Carpenter, Erinsborough, Australia

    Mayor Sonya Rebecchi, Erinsborough, Australia

    as portrayed by Stefan Dennis, Tom Oliver and Eve Morey

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    Christian Rauth and Daniel Rialet in Père et maire (2002)

    Mayor Hugo Boski, "a French village"

    as portrayed by Christian Rauth

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    Ted Danson in Mr. Mayor (2021)

    Mayor Bremer, Los Angeles, California, USA

    as portrayed by Ted Danson

    added 26 December 2020

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