Comic-Con: Who, Thrones, Soa & More TV

More than ever, this year's San Diego Comic Con saw the big movie launches scaled back while television and video games moved to the fore. Dozens of panels took place for various and much loved TV shows, here's a breakdown of the key news, trailers and revelations from several of them:

Doctor Who

The upcoming season will shake up the formula, dropping the heavy arc elements in favour of a wider variety of episodes including ones set in the Old West (but shot in Spain), a visit with Nefertiti, and even dinosaurs in space.

Showrunner Steven Moffat says the big question left by last year's finale will be answered - “It's been there from the start. Other Time Lords have had names — he never gives his. Obviously the question is tremendously important and only I know why. We'll find out the truth." Moffat added that this season there'll be more
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