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Excellent movie - new found respect for both lead actors
4 September 2011
I really enjoyed this movie! It was totally not what i was expecting at all. Jake Gyllnehall was not his typical A character he usually plays and was impressed by his performance. I am not a fan of Hathaway either but she gave a great performance.

The film manage to marry other issues such as the business of illness and health-care in America, which as a Brit never really understand, so it was nice to get an insight. I liked the transition Jake's character made from being a jerk to a loving person.

His relationship with his brother in the film is absolutely hilarious and definitely gave it the comedic element to balance out the seriousness of the illness situation.

Throughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend and watch again.
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Zodiac (2007)
Good film, would recommend for and evening in with popcorn
4 September 2011
I watched this film on recommendation from a friend. I didn't know what to expect as I chose not to read review beforehand.

Given that is was based on a true case, I can imagine some of the elements were sensationalised to keep the suspense going but i guess without the film would be rather flat.

Jake is always hit and miss for me as always seems such a docile character in films, in this film it was no different.

The ending was slightly disappointing, although if this is what actually happened then i can't really complain.

Overall, a good movie with some suspense and physchological drama to it.
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Very Refreshing and positive movie, which lifted my spirits!
4 September 2011
I really enjoyed this movie as it portrayed black people finally in a positive light. Although the idea of getting married in six months to a guy you hardly know, and never have met his family is to me somewhat realistic. The movie did focus on issues which are prevalent within the black community which sometimes divides them.

It was also nice to see well dressed cast as well, there were a few outfits I would have loved to wear. One quarm would be Paula Patton, she did portray the character as rather ditzy typical 'Blonde' character if the cast were all 'white', but otherwise she managed to keep the character somewhat realistic to American standards (I am British) In summary, it's a good movie which made me laugh and I would recommend to others and would definitely watch again.
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