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Almost a clip-show!, 23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yet another temporal rift episode! We get treated to Chakotay encountering some anomaly and he is thrust into a Voyager that has several different areas of the ship in several different time frames. The rest of the show is spent trying to get things back to the normal (is theresuch a thing as the normal time?) again. They encounter a lot of previous episodes but not a 'clip show' exactly but unfortunately pretty close. Worst of all Seska shows up yet again! Truly awful stuff with no purpose. Not even the doctor is seen much although the Chaotica character shows up for some mild amusement. Naomi Wildman shows up again but as an adult with some ridiculous looking horns on her forehead.

Organics versus holonuts., 23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The silliness continues as the renegade holograms now have their own ship, and just want to be left alone to pursuit their future, whatever future holograms might want. So now these non-beings can go around space and perhaps do good things or just might kill actual living beings. Good idea.

Now they have the doctor on their side and he actually does a bit of treason by helping them escape temporarily. "I am one of you" is his quote which should make us sympathetic but I just cannot do it.

The holo-captain is apparently a victim of the God complex and slowly unravels as the doctor realizes too late. They even kidnap B'elanna so they can have her talent aboard their ship! Silliness plain and simple.

The doctor is fun to watch but cannot save this episode or the previous one.

Organics versus Holograms., 23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The hologram simulator that Janeway gave to the Hirogen a while ago so they could hone their hunting skills has apparently gone haywire. The Hirogen have reprogrammed their Alpha quadrant opponents to be more life-like, so much so that they have killed most of the Hirogen! Pity that.

What follows is Voyager and Hirogen trying to chase down the holograms who now have a vessel! They actually kidnap the doctor and try to get him to see their plight. They are suffering, etc.

Sorry but any ethical or whatever discussions about the cruelty to holograms is just plain silly. They are computer generated characters and I simply cannot feel sorry for them. It is a joy to watch the Doctor get more screen time as he is, arguably, the best one on the show.

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Silly and scary Janeway, 8 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To sum up: a hologram program gets out of control with the result that Harry and Tom are taken hostage and may get burned at the stake or some such. A ready solution is available by shutting power off to the holodeck as B'Elanna suggests. Janeway and Neelix warn that the town of Fairhaven and all it's characters will be destroyed. B'elanna points out that they can be reprogrammed but if they kill Tom and Harry then no such luck.

Janeway says they should try to rescue them and they will try it that way first! If there was ANY chance of the rescue going badly then it should not be done...delete the program is the only solution! Not that I wouldn't mind seeing Harry go away but...

One reviewer points out that these episodes are nice for the crew who need their own diversions even if it is not that interesting to us. Seriously??????

Arguably the silliest episode yet.

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Better than I feared, 25 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A young Sergeant Jack Driscoll returns from his posting in Dublin to his small town home. Soon a body is discovered in a caravan and it turns out to be a young lady immigrant who was in town doing some work at the local inn. Also turns out the local men were taking advantage of the fact that she was not documented or had her passport so she was essentially stuck there.

She at first appears to have suffered an accidental death due to carbon monoxide poisoning from the 30+ year old furnace. Jack discovers the flue had been stuffed full with rags which points to murder! I won't spoil too much but it would appear to be his father and one other man who are most likely responsible for the 'murder.'

Luckily that is not the case although the father certainly does come off looking rather poorly...much like the stereotypical small town ex-police chief. All in all a decent beginning...

The end of a great show!, 28 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not being around when this show first ended (and not knowing much about it's history) I was not sure when I watched this episode if the writers knew this was the last episode...obviously they did!

It starts off with buyers coming for Felsham estate, which can most likely mean that Lovejoy's abode will be unavailable to him soon. Also we find out Tink is retiring! A small montage of old (perhaps not all old) footage is started and I think it might be the dreaded 'clip show' episode, which it turns out not to be although now I think that wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

Next we learn that Charlotte will most likely be leaving for New York City with a new job and Beth is looking for a different job also. Then Jane Felsham shows up! I will not spoil the rest but let me just say it is a bittersweet reunion/ending to a great show.

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Wooden acting throughout, 20 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As one reviewer note, it has all been done previously. Scott goes to see his brother in a town only to find when he asks about him, the eyes gloss over followed by a pause and then a scripted type response follows. He searches for answers but the robots give no good ones.

Acting is awful throughout one reviewer refers to Sweeney as obnoxious, mean, etc. not sure what show midge56 was watching but that is not correct. When Scott finally does get upset, I wondered why it took him so long! If people were obviously hiding facts about my brothers death you can expect me to get a lot more than just belligerent!

Not a bad premise just been done a lot.

Somewhat silly., 12 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this episode was for the most part decent. The side plot with Lieutenant Reed was a bit silly but good for character development which is always necessary if a show is to become truly good in my opinion.

The 'silent enemy' plot was quite intriguing at first as they showed up twice and just seemed to be observing the Enterprise. Archer tried talking to them both times but received no response. The third time they showed up they basically beat up on the Enterprise quite easily and then boarded it. Apparently two crewmen were knocked out and were being scanned 'quite invasively' when they were interrupted by security teams.

Next we get the plot development of the vaunted Phase Cannons and they end up getting used in the final battle scene. The silly part referenced above by me has to do with why the aliens did not simply fire a few times to disable Enterprise instead of letting them fire the phase cannons not once but twice! Somewhat baffling to me. Overall a decent episode, though, and if one wants to pick at a show most of the time they will be able to do so!

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Oscar reading bedtime stories!, 10 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Felix has insomnia and is increasingly becoming unhinged. Unfortunately, his roommate Oscar, is doing the same as he tries to help him get back to sleep. This episode is a hoot, if only for the scene where Oscar is in Felix's room with his plastic encased stuffed toys from his childhood. Oscar almost reads to him to put him to sleep...classic Odd Couple fun!

A notable aside is Molinaro singing as they try to put Felix to bed. They finish their song and it looks like Felix will sleep...then he goes 'one more time!'.

Good stuff all around.

Elaborate ruse unfolding?, 7 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Episode opens with DI Tarrant telling Mark that if he wants to establish an alibi (he told the DI that he blacked out for 12 hours) he had better talk to the girl he was with (who turns out to be an ex-girlfriend). She tells him that he left her house around midnight but after that she doesn't know what he did. She is also quite peeved that he doesn't remember any of their evening!

Next he goes to Clare's newspaper to see if he can find any answers. They inform him that she handed in her column that morning and then said she was quitting her job. Mark notes that her column was printed on an electric typewriter which is not her usual method. It is also noted that no one can seem to actually recall seeing Clare!

Let's just say that it is starting to look like some elaborate kidnapping/murder of Clare and a cover-up being orchestrated. Doctor Brown also suggests to DI Tarrant that Mark is possibly delusional, so the police seem to be leaning towards Mark as a killer. Another possibility being suggested by Mark's ex and by others is that Clare ran off with another man.

Episode ends with Mark and Annabelle (the ex-girlfriend who for some reason is still hanging around Mark) sneaking onto the grounds of Meadowbank again, this time in search of Clare's missing car. They are caught snooping around and the episode ends...

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