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Dead to Rights II (2005) (VG)
Better then the first, 6 May 2008

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The storyline begins with Jack investigating the kidnapping of a judge after finding the judge he's killed and you and your sidekick Ruby follow leads and crack a safe containing the judge's files on the mafia. After you get passed the level where you get the judge's files the storyline switches and you try to kill the mafia after they kidnap and kill your sidekick. The graphics are better then the first the controls can be tricky to master at first because you have to push multiple buttons at once, but after awhile it gets easier they take the mini games out of this game and you just kill people and advance through out various levels and good selection of weapons however if you're looking for a game that's more challenging this is not for you, but hat's just my opinion.

Imhotep returns, 4 May 2007

this movie is a sequel to the mummy the story goes as follows: imhotep is resurrected and he wants to revive the unstoppable army of the of Anubis but he has to kill the scorpion king first in order to successfully use the army scorpion king so he can rule mankind mean while Rick Eva and Alex travel across the world to stop imhotep and send the scorpion king's army back to he underworld but can either stop the scorpion king or will he resurrect Anubis's army himself and rule mankind like in the last movie the mummy returns takes you back to Egypt to bring you up to speed on the history of Egypt and then lets you see the movie

Daredevil (2003)
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Marvel Comics continue to Amaze, 4 May 2007

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May contain spoilers ever since 2002 marvel comics has been turning its popular old TV shows into films the story goes as follows: Matt Murdock is a respected criminal attorney trying his best to put criminals away by day by night changes into his alter ego daredevil a vigilante who helps those that others wouldn't who seeks injustice through out the movie however people question Matt Murdock's intentions to serve injustice meanwhile the crime lord of New York City and his assassin bullseye push to make hells kitchen their own territory can daredevil fight back the evil of new york or has he met his match you get to see in this movie how the devil came to be and how he moves on

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the most electrifying man in sports entertainment goes Hollywood!, 10 April 2007

This is a remake of the 1973 walking tall anyway the story goes as follows The rock stars as Chris Vaughn who has returned home after being in the military for years but things have changed Neal McDonough stars as Jay Hamilton who owns a casino and owns the town populating it with drugs and adult movie stores but after almost being killed Vaughn takes a stand for what he believes in and is ready to fight back against corrupted Jay Hamilton the movie has a lot of action weapons and strippers in my opinion this movie is very popular because former WWE Superstar The Rock is in it I rented this in 2003 and couldn't stop watching it so I got at Christmas 2004 this is his 4th of seven movies that have him the others are The Mummy Returns The Scorpion King The Rundown Be Cool Doom and Grid Iron Gang most of which I recommend

the trilogy continues, 10 April 2007

the story is as follows two years after the events of spider-man everyone has moved on with their lives everyone that is except Peter his duties as Spider-man has taken a toll on his normal life meanwhile Doctor Otto Octavius reveals his life's work at a demonstration using four mechanical arms only to have it backfire and turn him into a criminal and Peter reaches his breaking point and gives up being Spider-man and he becomes an ordinary citizen for awhile but when Octavius resurfaces he once again becomes Spider-man to protect the people of New York this movie is more action packed then the first one and you see how Peter tries to juggle being normal and being spider-man at the same-time and his personal issues with MJ and Harry I hope Spider-man 3 is just as actioned pack

Spider-Man (2002)
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Great debut!, 9 April 2007

the story goes as follows Peter Parker is just a regular school nerd who gets picked on one day he gets bit by a spider and has all their amazing abilities he at first uses them for fun and money but after seeing Uncle Ben get killed he makes a commitment to use his powers for good meanwhile Norman Osborn does an experiment in Oscorp laboratories which turns him into his psychotic alter ego Green Goblin now he must protect everyone he loves and battle the green goblin before he kills them this I find is a good action movie I got it for Christmas in 2003 and I liked it so a little over three years and three months later in 2006 I got Spider-man 2 anyway this its good that Marvel is turning most of its comics into movies they've been doing it since 2002

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Kane Rocks!, 9 April 2007

the story is as follows Eight juvenile delinquents are escorted to a roted hotel for community service little do they know that psychopathic killer Jacob Goodnight is waiting to kill this movie I find is the least gory but is okay the graphics are amazing and you get to see how Jacob Goodknight became a serial killer with flash backs of his past and you get to see just how Sadistic Kane can be and if you liked this movie I recommend you see the saw movies and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the beginning and if you're a big Kane fan I recommend that you see The Marina and GridIron Gang neither star Kane but you'll like what else WWE films has to offer and

Eraser (1996)
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Another good Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, 8 April 2007

the story goes as follows Lee Cullen a worker for Cyrez Corporation which develops top secret weapons stumbles upon illegal arms deals and acquires the information and barley escapes with help from the F.B.I and is then placed under the protection of U.S Marshell John Kruger who erases the past of witnesses under Witness Protection to give them a future Lee however has been targeted by terrorists to cover up the scam and John Kruger is being targeted by some of his fellow US Marshells and is framed for murder now he has to protect Lee prove his innocence and exposes the illegal arms deal before it happens. I give Eraser seven out of ten because its one of Arnolds best movies of the late 1990's just see it for yourself to believe it.

better then Terminator, 5 April 2007

The story line is as follows psychopathic killer Simon phoenix claims LA as his own territory in 1996 he is finally brought down by a cop named Sargent John Spartan who has been after him for quite some time only to find out that 30 citizens die because of his actions to bring down phoenix and is sentenced to serve time in cryo stasis thirty-six years later in 2032 Phoenix escapes cryo stasis and kills the warden and because of lack of training in law enforcement from 1990's SAPD bring back John Spartan to recapture Simon Phoenix in this DVD you get to see how criminals are incarcerated in the future and weapons that are invented and how police are not as violent in the future as they are in the past.

Good Example of how important education is, 5 April 2007

Coach Carter in my opinion is more of a Documentary on how school important having an education is then a sports movie Ken Carter returns to his home town of Richmond CA to be the basketball coach of his old team but times have changed since he last played the boys are undisciplined and don't know how to play well so he makes them sign a contract to meet certain academic standards and in return he'll turn them into winners for a little while it seems to work and the team goes undefeated but he finds out that his players are not keeping up their end of the Begin in the contract he cancels basketball then the town goes into a riot and convinces the school board to let them play and as coach Carter steps down as basketball coach he sees that he has changed the boys lives and it convinces him to stay and help the boys meet their end of the contract and get on the court

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