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Brutal (2007) (V)
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What a Film !, 11 August 2009

This film had blood and gore I could not even look at the screen, which is very unusual for me, since I love the average blood and gore type of film, this takes the cake.

The story is about a young sexy sheriff's deputy (Sarah Thompson) Zoe Adams who works as the Sheriff's second in command and there are many reasons for such favors being given to Zoe.

One day Zoe tells the Sheriff, Jeffrey Combs she has a feeling there is a serial killer on the loose in their area because of the same way the butcher does his killing.

This is a constant film which shows more details of murder than I have ever seen and a plot that falls on its face.

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Missionery Faces Big Challenge, 9 August 2009

This is a film which will appeal to a very large group of people because of old customs of a man in China being able to choose a second wife after years of marriage.

The local Missionery has his hands full trying to find ways in order to keep the families from breaking up and at the same time keep himself from being tempted into a sexual relation which is very powerful.

There is plenty of romance and lots of explosions and you name it, this film will keep you interested right to the very end of the film.

Found the film rather long and not produced as well as I expected for a 2001 film. Give it a try.

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Entertaining 1958 Film, 27 July 2009

This film deals with a young gal who has bad dreams about a haunted house which have put her in a sanitarium and her husband is trying his best to help her with this problem.

The husband takes his wife to a house that looks exactly like the haunted house in her dreams and this is when the story becomes interesting with mysterious people making appearances who claim to be owners of the house and even the care taker of the house becomes a dark side to the story.

Good acting, with plenty of surprises and great for a 1958 film classic. Enjoy.

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What a Black Widow, 13 July 2009

Enjoyed the first few chapters in this film concerning a very beautiful sexy gal named Evelyn, (Tracy Scoggins) who wants to hire her former boyfriend from years back who was a hit man named Blake,(Cliff DeYoung). Evelyn lives with a very rich man who abuses her in every way possible and she wants to have Blake rub him out. However, Evelyn has many many men on the side who she has affairs with and uses whenever she can and yet she claims to love Blake and at the same time Blake still feels he loves her. There is a very dark side to this film and it starts falling apart as the film starts to go around like a Merry-Go-Round.

Truman (1995) (TV)
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A President with No Pension & Only Army Pay ! !, 7 June 2009

Until viewing this film, I never realized that a President like Harry S. Truman could leave office and go back home to Missouri without any pension for being President and just his Army Pay for being in the service.

Harry S. Truman had a very hard job trying to follow in FDR"s footsteps and at the same time served too many terms as President to begin with and was considered the King of America. Truman had to make some very serious decisions about using the A Bomb which cost millions of lives.

Gary Sinise gave an outstanding performance of this former President and captivated almost every scene in the picture along with local bands and local towns in Missouri.

This picture is rather long, but full of History, enjoy.

Gargantua (1998) (TV)
Entertaining & Funny, 8 May 2009

This was probably a great TV film in 1998, and was a horror or sci-fi feature which kept the audiences on the edge of their seats, but in 2009 it is more of a comedy.

The story revolves around a father who is a Marine Biologist and his son Brandon who are investigating various changes in the region around the Polynesian Island of Malau. There are also several killings of people in the waters, which also brings in the Marine Corp.

This film kept me laughing especially when it reminded me of a famous commercial we see on TV today a "Greco". Some of the actors tried their best to play their different roles, but this film you can really forget about and move on.

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Classic 1955 Film, 8 April 2009

This film held my interest from the very beginning to the very end. The cast was comprised of all great veteran actors of the silver screen. The story is about a small Western town with everyday living people who are having trouble with their marriages and at the same time some bandits decide to hold up the local bank and are busy at work making their plans. In many ways, the town people can be glad a bank was held up which changed the lives of many people who were having problems. An Amish family was depicted in this film and the bandits even broke them away from their customs of living. This is a very well written story and a top cast of actors who have made this a gem of a picture to watch and Enjoy.

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Nice Paul Newman Picture, 2 April 2009

Enjoyed this picture which takes place in upstate New York in the town of Bath, N.Y. The story is about a man (Paul Newman) who abandoned his family,and is now getting old and wants to find himself in life and at least create a relationship with his grandson. Of course there is always problems where a parent abandons their family and it causes mental problems for the entire family and their acceptance and confidence is not easy for them to give back. Paul Newman along with other veteran actors made this a rather bitter sweet film and at the same time a few comical scenes. There is a scene during a poker game and Newman is enjoying his long neck bottle of Bud and a girl sits next to him naked, he even gets flashed by another famous star. I know Newman enjoyed making this film.

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Great Acting, 28 March 2009

Enjoyed this film and the great acting by most of the cast which deals with a male model who is very successful and has just returned from his business trip to his wife and child. All the friends of the model are either jealous or just don't care and their are some who want to destroy his life and career. There is plenty of blood and gore, good and bad sex and scenes in a jail which shows what prison life actually is all about In this film black is fighting black and the black ladies have their hands full to keep them in line.

This really is not that bad of a film and it will keep you entertained if you have not seen it. Enjoy

Swimfan (2002)
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Very Entertaining, 24 March 2009

This film starts out with a young guy and gal who are very much in love and both of them feel they have found their Soul Mate in life. The young man is an excellent swimmer and is looking forward to perform for some swimming coaches for various colleges and he is encouraged by his own coach.

Another young gal who is very pretty and sexy seduces this young guy to have a one night stand with her and from then on the film becomes a fatal attraction situation.

You will have to view this film in order to find out if the one night stand was worth starting a complete web of suspense and murder.

Great entertaining film, enjoy.

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