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A fairly interesting ride to nowhere
franzaugustgraf9 November 2020
I have liked Fiona Shaw's work and thought that I would look at this picture as she was in it.

Atmospherically and acting wise, it sustained my interest. There seemed to be the elements of a good story and it kept me guessing right along as to what the final revelation might be.

When it got to the end, I just could not believe what a let down it was. The whole film led absolutely nowhere and to not have an adequate explanation to all that went before was quite devastating if not disappointing.
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hampersnow-289059 November 2020
This movie just becomes one more recent film , in which it ends, and I ask myself, "Why did someone think that was a good idea for a movie ?". I like Jack Lowden, I saw the trailer and thought I was going to be seeing a supernatural thriller. This movie is neither of those things and maybe it's trying to make some kind of social commentary, but there is barely a plot here. While the movie is well acted by the 3 leads, it is very poorly written and uses the new standard for bad films, of making characters act like idiots to advance the plot. There is a fair amount of nonsense and plenty that goes unexplained. The movie hints at sinister elements but never really goes anywhere. It also doesn't help that the lead character is the most poorly written, Fiona Shaw and Lowden both have scenes in which they shine, and poor Tamara Lawrance isn't called on to do much even though she is the whole film. So little happens in this ,I just don't understand who would look at this script and then produce it for an audience in 2020. It isn't a total bore but I just kept thinking, well now it's going to get going and it never really does. The only good thing I can say about it other then the performances is that the ending was a tiny bit of a surprise. Not worth it though, not at all.
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Good premise, slow dull ending...
RMS19497 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
When an entire movie goes about setting up the eventual confrontation between two people and you never get it, you just cheated and deflated. You don't watch thrillers just to get a weak walk off into the sunset type ending. For me, the two women should still be fighting as I type this. Sigh Good acting with a wasteful script.
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Very good acting
delores0526 November 2020
I liked the main character's spirit one minute, then wanted to slap her.was hoping for a better ending but it was,what is was.
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Ya might wanna give this one a wide berth...
paul_haakonsen16 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
When I was given the chance to sit down to watch "Kindred", I had no idea what the movie was about. But given the movie's poster, then I assumed it to be a horror movie of sorts. And with my lifelong fascination for all things horror, of course I needed no persuasion sitting down to watch writers Joe Marcantonio and Jason McColgan's 2020 movie "Kindred".

Well, I didn't even get halfway through it, then I gave up out of a sheer and total boredom. Director Joe Marcantonio managed to squeeze everything that even resembled a proper storyline and anything of any interest out of the story, leaving the audience sitting down to watch a very dry and pointless, not to mention arduously slow paced movie.

I was by no means caught up in the storyline, because it was so slow and mundane, and it didn't really help much that the character gallery was flaccid and essentially faceless.

The movie is labeled as a drama, horror and mystery here on IMDb, I suppose it may contain elements of all those genres, but regardless of it doing that or not, the movie just utterly and completely failed to catch my interest.

When I saw that Fiona Shaw was on the cast list, I thought that there might actually be some worth to the movie. But she was struggling, like everyone else in the movie, with a sinking script and no life preservers to cling on to.

I can in all honesty say that I am not ever going to return to try to watch the rest of the movie, because it just never sank its hooks into me.

My rating of "Kindred" lands on a generous three out of ten stars, based mostly on the production value and editing of the movie. If you were to ask me, then I would not recommend that you waste your time, money or effort on "Kindred"; some of us did, so you don't have to.
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long and hard
ansirahka13 November 2020
Which can be good with the right amount of girth, but unfortunately that is what the movie lacks. The suspense is enough to keep you curious throughout, but the pay-off is just so unsatisfying it left you feeling nothing. Thomas is a catch by the way.
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One more movie with no ending!
beezermike12 December 2020
Here's another movie that had a chance to be fairly good and instead it got to its end and... lo and behold. No Ending. An extremely weak anti-climactic end and the whole cast goes home with no explanation at all about what thrilling suspenseful horror story the whole last hour and a half was supposed to be telling us. Pregnant woman's husband dies and his family steals her baby. End of story. If making saleable movies is this easy, I'm definitely in the wrong line of work.
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Baby fever
ks-6050030 November 2020
I believe I watched somewhere else before. Just change the casts and modify the story a little bit and do the same. Zzzzzz
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Feels like 2020.
jflexmiller11 November 2020
It's an interesting, slow film. Good enough acting that I would probably try to punch Shaw or Lowden if I encountered them on the street. Unfortunately, the ending is just as miserable and disappointing as this year.
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bird dreams
ferguson-65 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. It's the first feature film for writer-director Joe Marcantonio and his co-writer Jason McColgan, which might explain why the film starts strong before faltering, mostly salvaged by three strong performances. Eighteen months into their relationship, veterinarian Ben (Edward Holcroft, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, 2014) and Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance) break the news to his mother that they are moving from England to Australia. Mum is none too pleased, as she expects her son to carry on the legacy of nine generations that have lived in the now dilapidated (and isolated) family estate.

Ben's overbearing mother is Margaret (Fiona Shaw, Petunia in the Harry Potter movies) and she lives in the drafty mansion with Ben's step-brother Thomas (Jack Lowden, TOMMY'S HONOUR, 2016), who seems more man-servant than son to Margaret. Charlotte soon discovers she's pregnant, and while Ben is thrilled, she is unsure whether she even wants to keep the baby. Her own mother's history plays a significant role in her uncertainty. A freak on-the-job accident kills Ben, and Charlotte soon finds herself ... um ... a guest of Margaret and Thomas. She's the type of guest that's not allowed to leave or make phone calls. Yep, she's being held captive under the guise of this being in the best interest of her baby.

While Margaret is straight-forward vile and ignoble towards Charlotte, Thomas is more difficult to read ... albeit no less off-center. Clearly both have a vision for where this is all headed. Margaret spills hers in a terrific scene where she lets her guard down with Charlotte, while Thomas is perfectly creepy and overuses the "making a quiche" punchline. For her part, Charlotte frequently passes out and has recurring dreams featuring birds/ravens/crows ... and as fans of horror can tell you, that's never a good sign. Has Charlotte been drugged or is she being gaslighted by Margaret and Thomas?

Director Marcantonio has delivered a psychological thriller that's more frustrating than haunting. It has vibes of the classic ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968) sans Satan, but of course, is not at that level - although we do get the chilling doctor played here by Anton Lesser. Charlotte is the proverbial trapped damsel, but the film falls into a pattern of 'escape-capture-repeat'. It also attempts to use music, but the combination of Debussy's "Claire de Lune", Bach's Cello Suite No. 1, and the long-time standard "Dream a Little Dream of Me", reaches overload. The Production Design from Derek Wallace and Set Decoration by John Neligan are top notch, but in the end, the frustration we feel overrides any creep factor or strong performance. It's a near miss.
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Tamara Lawrance was so good in this Solid suspense film
roger_20206 November 2020
Kindred is the best horror movie in 2020 It has a very spooky feeling and you can watch this movie over and over again and never gets boring. Tamara Lawrance roll was this film Overall this movie really shows what a horror movie looks like and I give it a big thumbs up and I would love to see it again.

if you love real horror movie then you must watch Kindred 10/10
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An undulating thriller
joker-411 November 2020
The success of a slow-moving thriller depends on the progression of the threat and the characters' belief in their peril. Else, the true disaster arrives as a resolution and - even worse, compadre? - an explosion of wasted time. Kindred might move at a zombie pace (the Romero type, eh) but is a triumph in turning a regular brew into a tasty pumpkin spice latte.

Both suspenseful and dramatic, Kindred is an undulating thriller full of second-guesses and betrayal under the tight enclosure of a manipulative family while remaining ohso perfectly British, quiches and all.

Kindred marks the full-feature debut for director Joe Marcantonio, and in any other year, this would have been a word-of-mouth hit at indie theaters. Marcantonio masters the slow burn. The setting is a properly-stuffy English manor that is foreboding and beautiful... until one notices the inner decay eating away at the wallpaper; hidden mold breaking through the cracks. Similarly, the movie starts out sunny and hopeful only to end in gloom and despair. Marcantonio is never flashy - until he needs to be - and often quiet, until the noise screams through.

Following the accidental death of her boyfriend, mother-to-be Charlotte is taken in by his estranged mother, Margaret, and her adult step-son, Thomas. At first their help and care is welcome until Charlotte becomes aware that they truly only want her unborn child to carry on the family name. Dread brings the realization that once the child is born, what need is there of the mother? Like Jonathan Harker in Castle Dracula, Charlotte's role transforms from guest to that of prisoner.

Charlotte's paranoia escalates as the narrative pushes forward. Her damaged phone is never returned. And what is being mixed in with her tea? Or is all this confusion an onset of rushing hormones? Even attempts at escape merely result in tighter restrictions. Charlotte wants the child but she desires her freedom all the more.

Running at 101 minutes, Kindred feels double that. Yet that distortion in time allows Marcantonio to fill this cinematic world with real and full moments: the sorrow at the death of Ben, Charlotte's paramour; the comfort of a cuppa divorced by the revolting poison within; the overwhelming joy over the possibility of freedom; questioning the duty of family and the role of motherhood. Kindred might be frustratingly slow, yet it is also thoroughly entertaining.
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Twisted but gripping
chocolatepopcorn25 November 2020
I always go into movies like this with no expectation & try to see it for what it is rather than what the trailer depicts it as. I would say, for the most part, the trailer didn't disappoint. This movie was incredibly slow as far as build up goes, but the things that happen along the way leave you saying "what? How could this happen?"... because the situations and dialogue feel realistic... like it could happen! That's what I like about this film, it feels like a deep rooted horror film that we might see back when the genre started. Something like an Alfred Hitchcock film & possible(?) influence of Edgar Allen Poe seemed prevalent here... maybe I'm just saying that because of the birds in this film(lolz). But still, I think even if those two hadn't influenced the film in a direct sense, there's still nods to those artists in this film. There's nothing to unrealistic about this, it's pretty cut and dry and convincing, and that's what makes horrific. In a more thrilling sense, it has it's moments, and the trailer makes it seem more thrilling I feel but you can only tell so much from a trailer when looking back. This did exceed my expectations & halfway through the film I was like "damn, this is good". I don't wanna include any spoilers but I feel there could have been some things done different, but then again, I'm not the director or writer of this film haha. This is definitely worth a watch and it's a shame that this movie hasn't been seeing the numbers it should have. By no means is this a perfect film, but it's one of the better horror films I've seen for sure. Hopefully, at least, more people will watch this movie over time as it is relatively new.
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Well Acted Drama/Thriller
oaklep18 November 2020
This wasn't half as bad as other reviewers are making out. This was well acted by all and made for a compelling watch. This movie was somewhat reminiscent of Rosemary's Baby in it's make up (to my mind, anyway). I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Recommended.
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lcherresse7 November 2020
Pretty good movie. The acting was very good, especially with the lead character. I did feel it was very predictable though.
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