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Thoroughly engrossing ... The way the directors are able to provide a portrait of empathy on all sides is astounding.
By telling their stories, entertainingly and persuasively, Bognar and Reichert make the case that they all deserve better.
The movie never lacks for insights into the nature of the disconnect.
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Both intimate and epic, American Factory offers a remarkably candid, fly-on-the-wall account ... It’s a deceptively lighthearted look at one of the most significant cultural and economic conflicts of our times.
American Factory is anything but a dry documentary, and will likely be a prime contender in awards season.
There are toe-curling culture clash moments.
The filmmakers’ probing analysis reveals the basic principles of freedom and dignity within the political essence of labor issues.
American Factory sets out to chart what’s supposed to be a test run for the future of the auto industry and an example of positive international relations. It ends up capturing a cross-cultural car wreck in slow motion.
The real world is not a just or simple place, this thorough, compelling documentary points out, no matter how deeply we may wish it were.
That nobody becomes a realized character with an emotional arc is just a place American Factory falls a little flat.

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