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A spiritual road trip.
pg-tsinc14 November 2017
Y'est où le paradis? A Paradise too far. Life is in fact so mysterious that 'logically', there could be something as much mysterious after death. Maybe the Paradise exist somewhere... it's probably inside our mind but, is it possible to find it in a special place, out there in the sky? Simple details and words are magnified in this film: At their mother's funeral when the priest say that she is now in Paradise, the siblings, with mental disabilities take it literally, as they will do about the comment of a bum depicting the stars as dead humans. It triggers their quest to reach this place, but they will have to embark into a dangerous journey, to see again their mother. Unable to accept the reality that she is gone forever they reconstruct their experiences accordingly, as everybody does at different degrees, even genius when facing what cannot be changed, like death and the presence of evil (depicted here as fuel by drugs & guns). They embark into a very special quest inspire by the stars and slaloming through the winter cold, trolls, wolves and American Indian mythology. The film is support by a beautiful cinematography, sound track and psychological subtleness of the makers.
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