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Old school budget sci fi
martincarter9119 July 2019
The only modern characteristic of this film is the opening scene which is a preview of part of the films climax. I wish this trend would go away. I'm sick of films that begin with a spoiler scene from the ending. That gripe aside, I did enjoy this low budget sci fi movie that had you actually thinking.
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Warning! This movie is awful.
mgl-9203712 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Because of the other, very positive reviews, I felt I should put down something more accurate. This movie features aliens who are on their way to earth, which their hive has detected by some sort of transmission. The aliens are played by human actors without any augmentation or makeup. Almost nothing happens for the entire movie. The two leads struggle to make something out of the laughable plot and horrible dialogue, but do not succeed.

Some critics have mistaken confused and nothing happening with cerebral. I watched until the end only to see if the end would in any way make the rest of the movie worth watching. It did not. Stay away.
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Distant life
TheLittleSongbird24 October 2018
'Native' had a good deal going for it. A great idea, one of the best concepts for a lot of films seen recently. An attention grabbing cover. High appreciation for sci-fi, and there are good modestly-or-less-budget ones around. And an actor of high calibre in Rupert Graves. Wasn't so sure about the title though, seemed a bit misleading and mismatched.

Unfortunately, 'Native' disappointed on most levels, with thankfully a few things that stopped it from being worse or unwatchable. Another victim of good ideas but poorly executed (have seen a lot of these recently and it's getting frustrating and something of a peeve now). Really dislike it when potential is wasted and 'Native' is a very good example, if not one of or the worst, of this.

Starting with what was not so bad, 'Native' did have some slickness and atmosphere in the way it was shot.

Its best assets and worth one star each were the committed performances of Ellie Kendrick and especially Graves, showing himself to be a professional and giving his all even when the material is not good.

On the other hand, 'Native', photography aside, looks under-budgeted, especially in the cheap-looking sets that looked sparse and simplistic. The music was neither memorable or fitting and the quality of the sound tended to be intrusive. The direction meanders all over the place and the characters are underdeveloped severely.

Whereas the script and story has garnered some praise by a few, for me they were the sore spots of 'Native'. The script is even more flabby and flimsier than the characters while the story is dull from not having enough content and stretching what was there, structured in a meandering way and confused with an end twist that's neither interesting or surprising and too much left vague.

Summing up, a weak film but not unwatchable. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Avoid this boring piece of tripe
nowego12 June 2018
It is rare that I sit through such a boring and totally bland movie just to write an honest review after reading 3 totally dishonest reviews.

Cheap sets, absolute rubbish graphics, and very little plot. I have no idea why an actor of the caliber of Rupert Graves would take on this project. I had almost fallen asleep by the 10 minute mark, but forced myself to stay awake and keep watching in the hope that something interesting might happen. By the 30 minute mark nothing of significant had happened, but I was committed to see it through to the end.

It took me until about the 60 minute mark for the penny to drop, but I blame the boredom for it taking me so long to work out what the end result of this movie was going to be.

The acting gets this movie 2 stars, both actors, Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick do an OK job with what they had.

I highly recommend that if you are going to pay to see this movie, do your self a favour and find a nice cup of coffee or two to waste your money on instead.
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So bad!
brenzbrenz10 February 2020
I don't understand how people were able to give this a 10 out of 10. I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes! I went to 20 then I fast forwarded it to the end to see that I should not waste my time watching this!! Spaceship looked like something from the caveman days, tho one review said it was a low budget movie, so suppose that's understandable. But the storyline was just way too slow and boring to keep my interest and keep watching.
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Experimental theatre on film (and it doesn't work)
Ross_A_Hall12 December 2019
This is a slow paced, trying-to-be-clever dire mess of a film.

The plot (for what it's worth) involves a couple of people heading to a planet to commit genocide. While they're on their travels they do a lot of talking (via voice-over because telepathy) and not a lot else. Graves' character Cane loses his connection to his home world, and falls apart with much spewing of quasi-philosophical mumblings. There's a female character who spends a lot of time doing yoga. That's about it.

I'm pretty sure as a 45 minute special in an anthology the story could've worked. Spread over twice that length it plods along at a pedestrian pace so glacial it hurts. Graves does his best and I couldn't work out if Kendrick is wooden or was trying to portray some otherworldly uber-rational being. Either way, both characters lacked any redeeming qualities.

At the end of the film there's a whole 30 seconds of excitement to break the monotony, before it lumbers back into "oh, aren't we clever" angst about the gravity of destroying an entire species.

If you like experimental theatre you might enjoy it. If you don't, let reading this review be the most time you waste on it.
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Quite possilby the worst Sci Fi I've seen on Netflix...
stegasaurob7 December 2019
...and that's really saying something.

This is the sort of film that gives the British film industry a bad name. It looks like it was made on an abandoned 1970s Dr Who set by a bunch of film studies students (and we're talking GCSE, not degree level).

The script is pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Whoever wrote it seems to think it's deep and intellectual but it really, really, really, really isn't. The actors seem to be taking it all very seriously, I can't for the life of me imagine why. The whole film is long, boring, pointless, stupid and just effing terrible.
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A cure for insomnia!
billy_m-435828 July 2019
I have suffered with insomnia for most of my life, however, after watching 30 minutes of this I found myself falling asleep earlier than ever.

You will have no idea on what's going on, you will be shown the same 5 scenes over and over with a slight variance to dialog each time, you will quite literally be wasting your life away.

If you are thinking about actually watching this trash, I would instead recommend to go watch random YouTube videos instead, I guarantee it will be more entertaining.
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Understated thoughtful sci-fi - on a budget
esuriens16 July 2019
This is a great movie for people who aren't expecting to be spoonfed a plot, and don't demand splashy CGI and space battles in their sci-fi. If you like the genre for space operas and explosions, you will be bored and probably confused.

Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick star as Cane and Eva, alien colonists on a singular mission. Their culture is based on utilitarian uniformity, enforced by their telepathic connections - which are all the stronger in rare "twins" - and motivated by working for the good of the Hive. But, as they near Earth, the messily unique individualism of human life and its strange products, together with internal tragedy, cause the colonists' resolve to unravel.

So far, so simplistic... and this is in many ways a very simple, very pared back movie with few truly original turns. The "humans are chaotic but beautiful" trope has been played out plenty of times before - but that's not truly what Native rests on. The austere sets, mood lighting, and telepathy sequences replete with arthouse shots and sound design create a claustrophobic atmosphere that has more in common with small production theatre than most sci fi movies, and makes for a wholly character driven journey that explores concepts of individualism, identity, self-reliance and the aching need to connect - in any way possible.

There are a few mis-steps and the movie does waver a little into cliche and over-explanation, but more with the feeling of invoking familiar iconography than truly being a boring retread. With great performances and prickly chemistry from the two leads, and a deftness of world-building that leaves lots to the viewer's imagination - plus a neatly uncompromising ending - I would recommend this a million times over any recent big budget laser battle fiasco.

After all, science fiction at its best dissects what it means to be human, and explores how we engage with the possibilities of our nature, our future, and our identity... and those are exactly the issues at Native's heart.
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Complete and utter rubbish
Netjer-y-khet14 June 2018
There are three reviews rating this absolute trash at 9/10, 10/10 and 10/10. Either the reviewers reviewed the wrong video or, well, I'll leave that to you to decide. Seriously, at ten minutes in you'll be scratching your head wondering what the movie is actually about. if you're still trying to figure out what this movie is about at the one hour mark, you can rest assured that you're not alone.

The set, if it can be called that, is woeful. Some of the CGI isn't bad but if you watch closely what the actors are doing with their hands while the CGI is played then, like me, you might be at a loss to make sense of it all. In fact, nothing in this movie, even the ending, made any sense. The entire plot was hidden for a full hour, and when it's revealed, you'll wonder how it got there.

If you can afford to pay to watch this then I urge you to skip it entirely and donate the money to a worthy charity. The movie really is that bad, despite the three top reviews dishonestly attempting to talk this trash up.
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Loved it, really I did.
paniestera27 April 2023
I'm not surprised, reading the reviews, how many people hated this movie. I'd put it down to most people being idiots, completely unable to look beyond the superficiality of their own expectations re: plot, awaiting EVENTS. Eyeroll. Truly brilliant movie. Devolution of the species. Psychology. Spirituality. Love. (In)human connection. Passion.

Philosophical. Existential. Slowwww - which allows time for deep reflection.

Oh and kudos to Baltic Fleet, wicked soundtrack.

One of the coolest most original thought-provoking movies I've seen in recent times. I definitely recommend to anybody with a brain, a bit of compassion and interest in humanity.
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Actually quite good but not an action sci fi
lopezpatricia-061391 August 2019
A reasonable guess into alien psychology. Granted it's a bit slow but I really enjoyed it. Good for a Brit flick.
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Beethoven saves the world slowly, boringly, cryptically, with a nice score.
zbeezrhapy22 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Here is what is good. Rupert and Ellie did a nice job of acting. The set was clean, albeit a little bit boring, the lighting was nice The score was good. The computer graphics were cryptic and sparse but good. Here is the hard news for all you film critics and would be film critics. When there is no story that means there is no story, it does not mean the film is cerebral. The concepts in this script would fit in an 8 and a 1/2 minute short. The writers and directors stretched it into an 85 minute supposedly feature film. Lack of plot does not make you think, it simply makes you bored. The actor and actress did their best to make it interesting. But there's only so much you can do with a one dimensional cryptic script. The conflict is that the aliens want to wipe out all the life on Earth. The hive mind aliens have to realize that the orders they are being given are wrong. They do this by listening to Beethoven's 5th Symphony. If you like long films that have very few concepts and one overarching conflict this movie is for you if not, maybe you can skip it.
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Simply put
itchyme16 June 2018
Marxist trash. It's clear as daylight. Sick. Terrible acting. Terrible story. Pure propaganda.
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Revealing reviews
kef-0688222 June 2023
Having read all of the reviews it seems to me they fall into two 'camps:' The ones who hate it find it boring, slow, confusing, obscure ... In general it seems that the lack of explosions, fights, CGI and so on leave them uninterested. And having to try to think about the story seems to be of little interest to them. I suspect tat they are for the most part, MAGA republicans. Those who like it have the intellectual capability of thinking about something completely different rather than rejecting it out of hand because it doesn't fit with their preconceptions.

More like liberal Democrats. All in all a rather revealing exposure of the current state of mind (and lack thereof) in this Country and World.

A Great movie, but I must confess I do not undeerstand the final scene -- why is the abandoned shopping seen to be so big and from so low a view point? Why did the (presumably human) inhabitants of the target planet fail to notice the landing of the Hive ship?
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Nice premise for a 15 min. Short!
fischnet-9794726 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Wayyyy, wAAAYYYY too long and overall silly script, if you want to call mostly silence and grunts a script, and very borring .. until the last 10 mins... when it then passes as just relief. And yes we DO enjoy decent SciFi!!

It has a great premise ... for a intergalactic conquest that is hellbent on annihilating all humans on earth to make the globe more easily habitable when the hive arrives. But an intergalactic space vessel that looks like partially finished hammered sheets of aluminum and/or lead, designed by a 5 year old. I had better ships made of cardboard boxes in my garage when I wasa kid!! Anyway .. as stated a very good premise that was never fleshed out. Don't waste your time on this one.
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Slow paced
Jackbv12317 January 2024
There is a wide range of opinions on this movie and most of them have at least something right. It is slow. And yes, despite being clever, it plays out as boring. Just because a movie is cerebral doesn't mean it needs to take 90 minutes to get the message across. I'm not sure 8-1/2 minutes (as per one reviewer) would be enough, but a little under 90 is too much, especially for impatient Americans. And for all the time spent building up to the climax, I don't think enough was given to explaining choices at the end.

The idea is for the viewer to put the pieces together. There are hints of the hive's endgame, but they aren't confirmed for a while into the movie.

And yes this movie didn't require a large budget. With the exception of brief appearances by three people, there were four principle actors. The sets were extremely limited.

I found the names interesting. Awan, Eva, Cane and Seth. Did I miss Abel? I suspect not and that these names sounded coincidentally similar to the original people of the Bible but not intentionally.
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Nothing happens!
jchm-2114321 April 2023
Yep... You sit through the entire movie just to see if there is actually any point to it.

There are actually only about 3 events in this film which might contribute to anything resembling a narrative. The slight twist is the only thing which justifies 3, as opposed to fewer stars. But those 3 events could probably be condensed into about 30 mins tops. This means the entire plot really is only strong enough to be the opening premise of a far better movie. Consequently, the conclusion is weak and unresolved.

As for the rest of the film, this is filled by simply stretching out these few themes and long interludes of self reflection.

Pretty pointless and dull really.
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A good Sci-Fi Flick
rene-0889614 June 2018
The rating for this film is cruel. It's slow at times but it does draw you in, and then the twist at the end. It's a very small budget movie that has the strength in its' story and script. There are no George Lucas tireless explosions and sword fights, CGI etc, just mystery and thoughts of what could be.

I would give it a solid 6.5. The actors do a great job and the script is fair. It is the first time director who fails to deliver as the construction of the movie is heaving and meandering. His direction lacks focus. It simply does not flow too well. Perhaps better next time? Enjoy.
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For Fans of Thoughtful Scifi
enhaxed17 June 2018
Really enjoyed this movie, the acting was excellent and the story engaging. Definitely for true fans of the scifi genre. If you're looking for a superficial CGI driven western in space this isn't it.
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Loved It
coolcole-3646216 February 2019
While it was very slow, I loved how Rupert portrayed Canes struggles. I like to believe the characters had a happy ending. It was slow, but in the end when all the little details gathered I really did enjoy Native.
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If you liked the original Solaris, you'll like this film
paola-4113 July 2019
Very atmospheric, novel idea and well performed.

Slow pace with interesting visuals and music, like the original Solaris film.
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Classy Sci-Fi!
pdensham2 March 2018
As a lifelong fan and creator of the genre, I consider 'Native' to be a Sci-Fi film of the highest calibre. Beautifully crafted, tense, atmospheric and original"

John Watson, Executive Producer of 'The Outer Limits' & 'The Twilght Zone'.
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Enjoyable slow burner
Snootz2 June 2023
Two hive-mind human-form aliens head to Earth to colonize the planet by releasing a genocidal virus. But unforeseen problems along the way affect the mission. Cerebral and slow-moving, but well-directed and acted. It has an interesting and unique premise that carries all the way through the film. This is NOT a film for adrenaline addicts.

Most of the negative reviews are because they are "bored" (sob sob). Honestly, not every movie is an adrenaline-pumping action-adventure flick. Some movies are intended to be thought-provoking and insightful.

We might question reviews where someone watches 10 minutes, turns it off, then considers themselves informed enough to post a review here. Sometimes that can be the case (yes, some movies are that bad *cough* Asylum *cough*)... but this isn't one of them.

While this isn't what I would call a "great" movie, it was interesting and at least offered a very realistic (if anticlimactic) ending. I enjoyed it more the second time than the first, as it permitted paying attention to small details and acting / directing skills. I'd consider this a good movie for film students on how to make a low-budget, minimal-set movie and still tell an interesting story.
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Cerebral, visually elegant low-budget indy SF
nigel-rudyard1 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
What "Native" lacks in budget, it makes up for in imagination, and good performances from Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick. This is a visually minimal, but well thought out low budget science fiction thriller that pre-supposes a collective advanced humanoid society bent on expanding its hive into the cosmos. But Independence Day it is not. Native concentrates on the telepathic link between the two pilots on board the expeditionary spacecraft and two linked siblings at Mission Control on their home planet. There are not much in the way of special effects or action, but there is much to commend a film that asks an important question: "is a native civilisation expendable?"
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