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Sex & Nudity

  • Full man back in the minute 51:00.
  • A man strips in front of one of his colleagues when having a private chat with her. Nudity seen from the side and back. Genitals not seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A dead rabbit shows up arownd minute 39.
  • A man gets stabbed through the back with a machete, killing him instantly. Sudden but not bloody.
  • A man is pushed into an invisible sharp wire, presumably killing him but the camera cuts away. Later, a character accidentally runs into it and has part of his scalp sliced into, although he survives.
  • A chainsaw comes through a door and cut a man's ear, blood is shown; he is then beaten to death by being punched repeatedly in the head, this is pretty bloody.
  • A woman is struck in the head with a hand sickle. Blood is seen streaming down where she was stabbed. She walks off with the sickle sticking out the top of her head.
  • A woman is attacked. She is attached to a flag pole and raised until she is hanged still alive in front of her colleagues.
  • A woman is beaten to death with a frying pan, nothing is shown on screen.
  • A man is sawed to death with a garden saw, his bloody throat is briefly shown; no gore aside from that but moderate amounts of blood.
  • A woman's head is smashed repeatedly with a giant mallet but everything is off-screen.
  • Two characters are sent careening on a zipline into a spiked plank, one sacrifices themselves and is impaled and killed.
  • A character is beheaded with a shovel but this is fully off-screen, nothing is shown.
  • A woman tears into a man's head and rips off his previously severed scalp.


  • 44 uses of the f-word.
  • 5 uses of profanity (God/Jesus)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters smoke.
  • The team are welcomed to the holiday centre with a glass on wine on a tray held by the cook. None is taken and he accidentally tips the tray and the drinks fall off the tray.
  • One woman smokes in nearly every scene she's in.
  • Beer and champagne are drunk by several members of the team in a hot tub.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several Death With Weapons.

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