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2 Oct. 2012
Toilet Paper Roll Owls
Karen (Tiffany Anne Price) and Jane (Lauren De Long) have done it! They have created a craft show to call their own. With the help of Phil (Jon Mc Phalen), they have set up a studio in Karen's garage and are ready to shoot. Their first episode will teach everyone how to make Toilet Paper Roll Owls. Hold on to your Pinot things are about to get crafty!
23 Oct. 2012
Karen (Tiffany Anne Price) and Jane (Lauren De Long) plan to make holiday curtains for the month of September. But things go awry and they need to call a crafting expert, Karen's mom. It's a classic case of crafting gone wrong. Typical Craft Ladies. Grab a glass of wine and get ready for SEWING!
13 Nov. 2012
Friendship Bracelets
Karen and Jane are making candles! Wait, no they're not. Karen and her husband got a little crafty the night before and used an important supply. Now Karen has to save the craft! WATCH to find out if Karen saves the day and if Jane will forgive her.
4 Dec. 2012
Vision Boards
Karen and Jane are making Vision Boards. The ladies use the Law of Attraction to bring what they desire into their lives.
22 Jan. 2013
Karen & Jane are on location and ready to make a splash with tie dye. They can't seem to agree over the best technique... do they go with Jane's knotty girl scout or Karen's strip method? Watch to find out if they get drunk enough to put on their wet shirts!
12 Feb. 2013
Here's another green project from Karen & Jane! As you know, they love their wine, which leaves them with a lot of corks. So why not Cork Up Nice Things! This episode catches Jane in preparation for a date with a potential soul mate and Karen a disaster from a proposed cork idea by Jane. Will the ladies finish corking what they started?
5 Mar. 2013
The Craft Ladies have been asked to bake the Bachelorette cake for their frenemy, Brittnay! But at the last minute it becomes a Bachelorette/Baby shower. Watch how Jane and Karen deal with the task of baking up something worthy of such an event.
26 Mar. 2013
Karen and Jane are opening a store on Etsy - the best part, it's real. Now you can own your own Craft Ladies merchandise.

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