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Sherlock Gnomes doesn’t quite have the originality and spark to make it a pop-culture phenomenon. Yet it’s still an enjoyable family adventure with a solid message.
It’s a speedy adventure with diverse action set pieces and a mystery that boasts at least one halfway decent twist.
Most of the movie’s star power has been harnessed without much obvious reason, right down to the movie’s seeming origins as a delivery system for the Elton John catalog.
Sherlock Gnomes offers more variety than its predecessor. Although still laced with glib pop culture references (wow, a skinny latte) and scored with Elton John tunes in a way that plays like a concession to adults, it has occasional fun ideas, such as rendering the inner workings of Holmes’s mind in hand-drawn black and white.
It's a fairly serviceable animated feature, with a few inspired elements, and more than enough gnome puns to go around.
Not as annoying as it looks, but hardly a stirring or imaginative entertainment, Sherlock Gnomes has a comfortable home right in the middle of the road.
With little wit to its name, Sherlock Gnomes becomes far more tedious than playful.
The actors give little life to the proceedings, since no one’s bothered to figure what this movie has to offer beyond terrifically tactile stone figures going through the motions of what might be called Generic Animated Action Rescue Plot.
Slant Magazine
Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary characters feel as if they've been air-dropped into a universe where they don't belong.
Simply put, Sherlock Gnomes is a dreadful bore.

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