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boblipton15 December 2012
Casper van Dien's sister is married to Rachel Wilson's brother and they are about to become an aunt and uncle for the second time. Of course they hate each other and of course they fall in love.

This Christmas-themed Hallmark has several issues that raise it above average. First, the problems in the center of this movie and that they encounter on the way are real problems. Their siblings have real issues: no job, credit running out and a baby on the way, medical issues and a lost dog: real problems solved by real people. The other is the obvious charm of the two leads and their ability to hold a quiet conversation and be utterly winning. All too often these Hallmark TV movies are held together by the supporting cast. It's very pleasant to see one where a good script and good central actors show how good these movies can be.
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Run away as fast as you can!
baqueen1 December 2014
These Christmas movies are all cheesy, that's true. I love them anyway. I will watch them no matter how stupid, because they're sweet at heart, even though silly.

Until this one! This is horrible! Two totally unlikeable people, who do nothing but harp at each other constantly. They turn on each other on a dime, with barely the slightest provocation. Constant bickering that's mean-spirited and screeching.

Combine that with plot lines that you could drive a truck through, they're so ridiculous. Absolutely nothing to make the movie worthwhile. I ended up turning it off for good with the last 15 minutes unwatched - I honestly couldn't have cared less about any of the characters, or cared if they got together. More than that, listening to this was tying my stomach up in knots with the unpleasantness. Hardly a feel-good movie.
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This baby has a smelly diaper
Christmas-Reviewer21 August 2016
In the first 4 minutes you know the complete story of this film and you know how it is going to end. Now I don't mind stories that are well made but this one isn't.

In this film Kyle Lockwood (Casper Van Dien) and Jenna Ford (Rachel Wilson), two lawyers at a prestigious law firm, could not be more different. Kyle, a designer-clad conservative and Jenna, his global warming concerned liberal counterpart are constantly butting heads. When Jenna and Kyle's siblings Trisha (Natalie Lisinska) and Jim (Noah Cappe) fall in love, it binds the two together by default. When Jenna and Kyle visit their siblings for Christmas, Jenna's sister goes into labor. In the midst of Chrismtas Eve chaos, romantic sparks fly, and they need a Christmas miracle to help their families to a new start.

The film is by the number in every way. This film took zero chances at surprising the audience. As Forgettable as last nights dinner
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Poorly Executed Christmas Movie
charcnc13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hands down, this is at the bottom of the Hallmark Movie list. The female lead was abrasive, so the male lead had little to work with. She was constantly mad at him about the world. She was supposed to be a lawyer, but I didn't see anything analytical or thoughtful about her. She'd spout off at the mouth with such negativity so quickly, it was extremely unattractive.

The attempt at romantic dialogue made no sense. The male lead asks her, "Why didn't we ever date?" Seriously? She's been screaming at you for hours. At one point, she yells at him that she thought he'd changed. Even if the problem was his fault, when would he have changed? The story is all taking place on Christmas Eve.

Even the serious emotional issues the male lead had with his father was handled poorly. The grandfather threw out insults even though he was responsible for the bad family history. Yet, we were supposed to believe that the male lead was the villain of the entire story. Totally don't understand why they still air this.
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Could've been enjoyable without Rachel Wilson's character
luticrist12 November 2014
The biggest problem with this film is there is no conceivable reason that Casper Van Dien's character would have any interest in Rachel Wilson. She is a horrendous t#at. She blames him for every problem in the world. Brother doesn't pay his bills so they're getting kicked out, Casper's fault. Snowing, Casper. She breaks a nail, Casper. She expects him to save the world, read her mind, and get her coffee. A little too realistic of a Liberal female which does not make for an enjoyable watch. Apparently she thinks nobody should have to pay their bills, get everything they want and please her in order for her to be happy. Just a horrendous character. The niece isn't much better when she inexplicably(most likely taking a cue from her aunt) blames Casper for the dog being lost. What's worse is he doesn't point out how ludicrous it is. I guess calling a kid a moron in a factual way is too mean. Surprised this even got a 5.5 rating.
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Too many miracles
Jack Vasen4 November 2017
We always expect to suspend some of our expectation of reality in these movies, but this one movie pushes that from start to finish. I have less trouble accepting a movie when Santa uses Christmas magic.

If you can overcome reality, this might be a tolerable movie for Christmas. There are some heartwarming moments, even if they are piled on a little high.

The movie is a bit preachy about believing in Christmas and miracles. There are enough real and serious problems for anyone. The family having the baby is in very deep debt and we find out that foreclosure on their house can't or at least won't be stopped. Add to that a myriad of other problems from small to large.

You might find some of the situations humorous, at least I think that was the intention.

But the biggest, most ridiculous miracles are the ones that involve deeply set personality traits and beliefs that are suddenly changed 180 degrees, not the least of which are in Kyle and Jenna. They even know at the start that peace between them is unlikely. For one thing, Kyle is a complete jerk for most of the movie. His one good trait early on appears to be his generosity, but we see that even that has a selfish bent to it.

Much of the acting is terrible but is it the acting or the script? Casper Van Dien leads the way with bad acting. Noah Cappe is close behind. Much of the rest of the cast is just mediocre. The one high point is Ella Ballentine who can almost make us believe in Christmas miracles even when she is trying to sell a script that is pie-in-the-sky.
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Horrible Acting, Just Horrible
psychassist31 October 2017
If these two are ever in any movie again, I will not watch it. Surely, there is a plethora of talent in LA. Wanna be actors would do a better job. I looked up Casper's resume because I thought he must be a newbie but nope. The guy actually works...a lot!

The plot is soooo predictable. Characters are unlikeable. I turned it off. With so many Christmas movie choices, I realized I could spend my time better elsewhere.

Move on to another movie, you will thank me.
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Cas was good but Rachel/Jenna is an embarrassment
saahrae229 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The story does have some good, "real" elements but the script fails because the characters are caricatures. Yes this is a Christmas movie but that doesn't excuse the lack of nuance. Too many clich├ęs in this holiday effort. With all of these limitations, the movie still would have been more effective but the final nail is the character Jenna, played by Rachel Wilson. Jenna is supposed to be a lawyer but she is so juvenile that any story illusion is thwarted. It's disruptive how she flip-flops between 'girl scout' and 'bitter harpy' with too little reason. For example, why does she instantly forgive Kyle singing a Christmas carol, joining him in song? Accordingly, how could Kyle fall in love with Jenna who she is seething with intense hate towards him for much of the movie? Perhaps the problems with Jenna are a combination of the script's shortcomings and Rachel Wilson's performance, portraying Jenna as literally screaming and petulant. It was embarrassing to watch, this caricature of an empowered female?
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