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Don't believe the ratings here!
maxerix9 April 2012
Don't understand the low scores here, usually IMDb's ratings are fairly accurate though I was surprised the rating it received. This is a play not a movie and yes initially I was expecting a Tyler Perryesque Gospel show and had my finger on stop when I thought an outburst of gospel or a overloud preach of a 'Lord of mercy on your soul' would commence. Not at all, no preaching just a nice warm play about the role of power, love and commitment in relationships. Really nice and well scripted and acted. Well done, it'd be great to see this as a movie too. Ps I'm very critical so 5 is a good score from me so don't be dissuaded or disheartened by that. TC Max
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Actually quite decent.
eevuh6 May 2013
I thought it was another tacky movie, to find out it was an enjoyable play relating to relationships, love, commitment and life. I came across it because the leading actors are all professionals I have enjoyed watching in our great movies or TV shows.

I am not quite sure where the poor rating came from. This play is no where near the bottom 5 stars as it has something to truly offer to the audience. The actors are great. The script is funny and relative.

I actually registered to review on IMDb because I felt this play deserved more credit. Take a chance on this,I'm certain it will at least make you smile.
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