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20 Jul. 1999
Episode #4.1
Jeremy has a day out with a Wildlife Inspector in Miami, USA, and meets some dangerous animals. He also visits a company in Britain that makes many of the props required for feature films & television programmes. Lisa has a go at Sumo wrestling for women, in Japan. Isla gets some tips on how to get into the movies & short cuts to fame, in Hollywood.
27 Jul. 1999
Episode #4.2
Isla meets Japan's answer to the Chuckle Brothers and learns how to laugh Japanese style. Jeremy uncovers the secrets of Universal Studio's amazing new Spiderman ride. And Lisa visits an owl sanctuary that nurses wounded owls back to health, and braves the rapids at Nottingham's Water Sports Centre, with top slalom canoeist, Heather Corrie.
3 Aug. 1999
Episode #4.3
Lisa visits the famous set of another drama - Coronation Street - to meet the archivist who knows every last detail of the soap since it began 30 years ago. Isla trains with Japan's top Ninja stunt fighters to become the world's first ginger ninja. Jeremy travels to Miami to play Jai Alai, the oldest and fastest ball game in the world; and Isla swings her hop as she cuts a rug with the latest dance craze to sweep the States.
10 Aug. 1999
Episode #4.4
Jeremy visits a top secret elephant sanctuary to see how an American circus is saving the Asian elephant. Isla finds out about the history of windsurfing and meets the man who started it all and uncovers the mysteries of Japan's most precious dolls. Lisa hits the streets to help ace magician Dominic Wood perform some amazing street magic.
17 Aug. 1999
Episode #4.5
Jeremy tries the new sport of mountain boarding, and meets horse whisperer Kelly Marks. Isla learns about music for the movies in Hollywood. Lisa meets an origami expert in Japan.
24 Aug. 1999
Episode #4.6
Isla visits a top secret Japanese research lab to meet the pet of the future - the intelligent, purring, robo-cat! Lisa experiences the rough and tumble sport of "muni-cycling" - a kind of cross between uni-cycling and mountain biking! And in Japan she discovers the strange story of "bonsai" - the art of creating perfect miniature trees and landscapes. Jeremy gets dressed for the part in the largest movie costume store in the world - Angels in London. He models famous outfits from films including Titanic, Velvet Goldmine and Shakespeare In Love.
24 Aug. 1999
Episode #4.7
It's puppet glove for Isla today when she meets icon Flat Eric who gives her a tour round Jim Henson's Creature Workshop in London. Then in Japan, Isla has a go at the dance karaoke craze that's sweeping the video arcades. Jeremy's scoop is at a bell foundry and he says: "Believe it or not, this was my most interesting assignment. There were two tons of molten metal, and all that liquid and the power of the furnace was so cool!" Meanwhile Lisa risks her neck, as well as her stomach, when she tries the extreme sport of "zorbing" - where basically you roll down a steep ...
7 Sep. 1999
Episode #4.8
Isla meets the Hollywood actors who work for peanuts - the animals who are trained to work in movies. She meets Louie the orangutan, Benjie the dog and Crystal the leopard, who attacked the sound boom thinking it was a rabbit on a stick, and decided to kill it! Jeremy plays a live duet with a long dead pianist, using amazing new technology that re-creates playing styles from old recordings. Then in Japan, Lisa spends a day with the world famous Kodo drummers, and gets a lesson in rhythm from their senior percussionist.
14 Sep. 1999
Episode #4.9
Isla goes behind-the-scenes of the brand new James Bond movie, to find out how they create larger than life special effects from tiny models. In Florida Jeremy braves alligator infested swamps to get some tips on wildlife photography from expert Oscar Thompson. Then back in the torrential rain of Grantham in England, he takes a go-kart for a spin (literally) at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour! And, in her last report from Japan, Lisa tries her hand at "Naginata" - a violent Japanese martial art that's practiced exclusively by women. Lisa said: "I'm not a very sporty...

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